Thurles Municipal District Councillors Condemn Their Own Electorate.

Thurles.Info would like to correct statements made today, by Municipal District Councillors Mr Seamus Hanafin and Mr Jim Ryan, latter who falsely accused the public of littering Liberty Square in Thurles, over last weekend.

The images taken on the above video were photographed on Sunday morning, May 15th, at between 8:00am and 9.30am, before being uploaded around mid-day. View the attempt to cover-up HERE.

Mr Hanafin, the truth is that this administrator observed that all bins within Liberty Square were overflowing on Saturday night, May 14th, last. Early on Sunday morning I checked again, in the vain hope that those we elected at local election time, would arrange to undertake proper administration on our behalf, as indeed you as highly paid councillors are wont to undertake on behalf of the Thurles community, who elected you.

Alas, with no correct action taken by either you or Cllr. Ryan on Saturday evening, people acting totally responsibly, attempted to compact the contents of each bin, with little success. [Cllrs. Pizza Boxes are oversized].
Recyclable items therefore became dislodged, first by a south-westerly breeze and again at first light by crows, latter anxious to glean from the remains of take-away bags and pizza boxes.
Councillor Mr Hanafin you owe TippFM Radio an apology and also an apology to your electorate, for attempting to mislead them.

Mr Jim Ryan, you owe the publicans of this town an apology. I covered every inch of Liberty Square on Sunday morning as the video, herewith, shows. Not one piece of broken glass was to be seen on Liberty Square and only three disposable plastic glasses were located. You, sir, should also apologise to TippFM Radio; together with the publicans in Thurles, and your own electorate which each year appear to get less.

The video above shows quite clearly the truth of the matter and confirms that these inferior bins are not fit for purpose in any public setting.

Oh, and bye the way; both of you councillors should stay off TippFM, until you can learn to speak the truth. We now reside; directly because of your failures, in a town long forgotten.

In the meantime these bins need to be emptied last thing on Saturday evening, at least during the Summer months. May I suggest double time off, in lieu, during the week for those who undertake this work. After all, what are we paying Property Tax for or is it just to pay for your inflated salaries, while your tiny workforce work for a pittance.

In the meanwhile, tomorrow would be a good time for you gentlemen to publicaly apologise, before taking back control from your municipal district officials.


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  • Chris

    The brand new grey street lights on Liberty Square were cut down yesterday by SSE airtricity and replaced with white street light that don’t match the colour of the poles.

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