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Covid-19 Update: Sun. 17th Jan. 2021 – 13 Deaths – 2944 New Cases

56 new killer Covid-19 virus cases in past 24 hours, as confirmed cases continue to rise in Co. Tipperary.

Thurles native and naive Co. Tipperary Fianna Fail TD, Mr Jackie Cahill, deservedly, suffered severe and strong disapproval to the very point of censure yesterday; on his social media accounts, following his vote catching tweet relating to the failure by the HSE to vaccinate Nenagh Hospital front-line staff. These same comments can be fully viewed HERE.

Amongst the many comments displaying anger and using irony to mock or convey contempt, in relation to Mr Cahill’s canvasing, were the following: –

Do any TD’s in Tipperary know a billionaire who could open a private hospital in Nenagh for ye?
(Referring of course to Mr Cahill’s premature ‘secret’ Holycross Museum announcement, and no doubt also referring to the many known associates of Mr Michael Lowry TD)

Well done Jackie, next time you’re canvassing in Carrick, we can have a chat about St. Brigids hospital.” (St. Bridget’s Hospital is currently marked for closure by the present administration.)

He’s deluded or he’s on an early canvas.”

Your post seems a bit misleading, and to be honest it’s not the first time you’ve made false statements about healthcare provision in Tipperary.” (Referring again to the now expected closure of St. Brigid’s hospital, Carrick-On-Suir, Tipperary.)

The staff had to shame the government to get access to the vaccine. He’s playing spin doctor along with them.”

Ask ur friend @MichealMartin TD how private hospitals (Beacon Private Hospital staff vaccinated) got it before public & where is the €14m given for useless ventilators.

Nothing to do with the hospital staff having to beg for the vaccine, you lemon.”

Disgraceful that nurses/caterers had to go on national news to look for the vaccine. Local rollout appears to be very disorganised ; vaccines not given to the most vulnerable staff members first; very disappointing.”

Ah, getting the old vote catcher ‘tweet’ in, you should have been on top of this from the beginning, but as usual its reaction from you and the big, look what I done for you, tweet.

So now we’re playing party politics with the vaccine! What’s next. FF members to be bumped to top of vaccine list, u should be ashamed to post such a tweet.

“Why would ANYONE have to make representations”.

Jackie the bluffer Cahill, absolute joke of a man, a liar like the rest of our politicians.”

Note Please: The above comments can NOT in any way be associated with website Thurles.Info. One comment posted by me, personally, was removed, latter which conveyed the truth of this Nenagh situation, conveyed by Mr Micheál Martin, for whom I hold the greatest respect.

It was also lamentable that some FF councillors shamefully encouraged Mr Cahill, in what is observed by many as deliberate deception, at the expense of his county’s medical workforce.

It is widely expected that Mr Cahill TD will now apologise for his selfish and unsubstantiated communications on social media; to the front-line staff of Nenagh Hospital on TippFM radio, tomorrow morning.

Hereunder, our readers can view the full video of Nenagh Hospital front-line staff in Co. Tipperary, pleading for what is rightly their entitlement, as a staff required to deal daily, and head-on with the deadly Covid-19 virus, since last March 2020.

Back now to the real facts, the truth and today’s reality.

The Department of Health have confirmed this evening that sadly there have been 13 further deaths caused by the Covid-19 pandemic; leaving the overall death toll, here in the Republic of Ireland, remaining at 2,608.

With our Irish hospital system already operating at surge capacity, there were 2,944 new additional virus cases reported today. This leaves the current total number of confirmed cases, since conception in the Irish Republic, at 172,726.

Of today’s cases nationally; 1,065 are in Dublin, 306 in Cork, 181 in Galway, 180 in Kildare, 160 in Limerick, with the remaining 1,052 cases located across all other counties.

There are 1,923 people with Covid-19 in hospital, and of that number, 195 people are in ICU, according to Ireland’s Covid Data Hub.

According to Ireland’s COVID-19 Data Hub, to date there have now been 3,582 recorded cases of the killer Covid-19 Virus within the borders of Co. Tipperary, per data relevant up to midnight on January 15th, 2021. Fifty six (56) cases are relevant in the 24 hours to midnight on Saturday, January 16th, 2021, or 1,529 over the past 14 day period, up to the same stated date (January 16th, 2021).

The Government have requested early deliveries of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine so that it can arrange to be ready for same to be administered in GP clinics, local pharmacies and appointed vaccination centres, as soon as it is approved at the end of this month.

In Northern Ireland, a further 25 coronavirus deaths have been recorded taking their death toll to 1,606. A further 822 new cases have been confirmed, taking their total number of positive virus tests to 95,361.

Total global cases up to 5.30pm this evening, now stands at over 94.7 million confirmed cases, with global deaths well over 2.02 million and rising.

Only YOU can stop the current chain of transmission.

Please Stay Safe – Stay Home.


40 Doses Of Covid-19 Vaccine Only, For 300 Front-Line Workers At Nenagh Hospital.

Mr Jackie Cahill TD

As was previously expected a small amount of Covid-19 vaccine arrived at Nenagh Hospital today. This was fast-tracked after front-line staff voiced their sheer frustration and anger yesterday, regarding delays with the current rollout to some 300 of their frontline contact workforce.

Some 40 doses will now be administered to chosen workers within the hospital, leaving some 240 front-line workers, without being vaccinated. (Note: We understand some 20 staff who share work with Limerick University hospital had received the vaccine earlier.)
This compares unfairly with some one thousand staff at the private Beacon Hospital, who were vaccinated last week, according to HSE chief executive Mr Paul Reid.

Meanwhile, Nenagh hospital has not been given any clarification as to when these other 240 front-line staff will receive their badly needed vaccine doses.

What has been even more disrespectful of Nenagh Hospital staff, was a claim made yesterday on social media, by Tipperary TD Jackie Cahill, who stated, quote, “The Taoiseach has informed me that an initial delivery of vaccinations will be sent to Nenagh hospital tomorrow morning, for front facing staff, following representations I made to him on this matter.
I have been back in contact with the Taoiseach’s Chief of Staff, late this evening, to state that a full delivery is needed as a matter of priority and I have requested certainty on a date for this.
I am very please (I think he means ‘pleased’) to welcome this news and I thank all of those who contacted me in relation to this.”

It would appear that the Taoiseach, Mr Micheál Martin was misleading Mr Jackie Cahill, during their contact, (which hopefully was 2 metres apart). However, having heard the Taoiseach Mr Martin on Virgin Media News, it appears more likely that it was Mr Cahill who was attempting, not for the first time, to mislead his now dwindling Tipperary electorate.


Driving Licence Exemption For Over 70’s During Covid-19.

Ms Hildegarde Naughton TD

The Minister of State at the Department of Transport, Ms Hildegarde Naughton, (FG Teachta Dála for the Galway West constituency since 2016), has announced an extension in the exemption that allows for those aged over 70 years old, to apply for a driving licence, without the need to provide a medical report.

Her decision comes following the current surge of Covid-19 cases and in order to ease the burden on Irish medical services.

This decision means that persons of 70 years of age, or over, can apply for to renew their current driving licence without the need to submit a medical report. Same is based on the condition that they do not have an identified or specified illness and are not applying for a licence to drive a truck or a passenger carrier, e.g. a bus or similar category.

This measure will now eliminate the need for drivers over the age of 70 years from having to make an unnecessary journey to their local GP or congregate at their National Driver Licence Service centre.

Those over 70 years old, can view the 4b category on their current driving licence, to check the licence expiry date.


Helpful Resources For Return to Remote Learning.

RTÉ’s Home School Hub: A Resource that requires no Broadband.

One of the biggest challenges to remote schooling, faced by teachers and pupils alike, is poor access to broadband or lack of affordability.

Schools have received funding for IT equipment and digital platforms, but without adequate broadband, pupils and teachers can do nothing online and very little with their digital devices.

Minister for Education (Irish: An tAire Oideachais) Ms Norma Foley has repeatedly praised her department’s guidance and funding for IT and remote learning, but many teachers would argue that she is ignoring the blatantly obvious, namely, that remote teaching amounts to little, if you cannot access fast and reliable broadband.

Remote teaching has indeed highlighted how much remains to be done to improve broadband infrastructure in this country. It is, to say the least, regrettable that since lockdown and school closure became the new norm, that little has been done to improve the provision of broadband and internet access for our children, young people and their teachers.

If you are a family or teacher with limited access to the internet, then RTÉ’s Home School Hub is the resource you need. Home School Hub aims to help keep everyone busy and engaged with learning over this current lockdown.

It will air every weekday, for two hours from 10:00am on RTÉ2, starting tomorrow morning, Monday January 11th.

For those with adequate broadband; to help teachers, parents and pupils plan ahead, visit HERE to view resources and outline topics being covered this week.

Please note also that the Irish Sign Language Version airs at 1:00pm with a daily show on RTÉjr. Also, in the afternoon there will be more from After School Hub on RTÉ2 from 3.20pm.

Keep an eye on RTÉ.ie/learn, for more over the coming weeks.


Helpful Resources For A Return To Remote Learning.

Free Access to Textbooks Online

As part of efforts to suppress this wave of Covid-19, the government has confirmed that all schools are returning to remote learning from Monday 11th January for a period of least three weeks.

Unfortunately, because this closure was not fully anticipated, many pupils are at home without their textbooks. Thankfully, many Irish education publishers are giving free online access to primary school and secondary school textbooks.

For more information, simply follow the links below:

For books by CJ Fallon click HERE.
For books by EDCO click HERE.
For books by Folens click HERE.
For Primary Books by Gill Education click HERE.
For Secondary Books by Gill Education click HERE.