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Funding For Organisations Supporting Victims Of Abuse & Crime In Tipperary.

Minister for Justice, Mrs Helen McEntee announces details of funding for organisations supporting victims of abuse and crime to mark 16 days of activism against gender based violence

  • 18 organisations are to receive funding this year primarily for regional based domestic abuse services.
  • Move will fill gaps in supports identified in areas of the country and for categories of victims
  • Announcement coincides with International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
  • €4.9m in extra 2022 funds for organisations supporting victims of crime also open for applications

To mark International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the Minister for Justice, Mrs Helen McEntee TD, has confirmed details of extra funding for areas of the country or categories of victims not currently fully covered by support services for victims.

As part of Minister McEntee’s ‘Supporting a Victim’s Journey Plan’ to help victims and vulnerable witnesses, a mapping exercise was undertaken to identify gaps in funding and how to address them. A number of organisations were identified where additional funding would allow them to provide further services and to increase the geographical spread of support to victims of crime.

Minister McEntee said, “I’m delighted to be able to confirm these details as we mark International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and start the UN’s 16 Days of Activism against gender-based violence.
In general terms the funding will increase these organisations ability to supports victims especially given the rise in those seeking help.
This will be done primarily by increasing phone line hours, emotional support, and increased court accompaniment. Most of the funding gaps identified called for increases to regional-based domestic abuse services so the geographical spread of support will be increased.
Tackling domestic, sexual and gender based crime is a priority for me and the Government. I am leading work on a new whole of government plan to tackle these awful crimes. This new plan will be the most ambitious to date and will be published early next year”.

Among the 18 organisations receiving a total of €445,000 in funding this year are Victim Support at Court, Lifeline Inishowen, Longford Women’s Link, Immigrant Council of Ireland and Dublin Rape Crisis Centre.

Ms Noeline Blackwell of the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre said, “We will use this funding for a comprehensive information and awareness drive about accompaniment and support services.
We aim to build a set of resources which would allow anyone needing it to independently find information and guidance on what various aspects of court accompaniment mean, what services are provided, what a victim or the supporter of a victim should know.”

The extra funding is being provided in 2021. This is separate from increased funding recently announced under Budget 2022 for combatting domestic, sexual and gender based violence and for supporting victims of crime, which includes:

An additional €2.4m for specific awareness raising and training programmes on domestic, sexual and gender based violence (DSGBV) bringing to €5.35m the funding available for combatting domestic sexual and gender based violence.

An additional €1.1m will be used to begin putting in place a legal advice and legal aid service in court for victims of sexual violence.

An additional €1 million is being provided under the Garda Vote to provide accommodation for Divisional Protective Service Units.

The Budget 2022 allocation also includes €4.9m to support Victims of Crime.

The Department of Justice has invited applications for this funding from registered charities, voluntary community groups and other bodies which provide support services or assistance for victims of crime generally, including provision of support, information and advice on the rights of victims, and court and other accompaniment.

Minister McEntee added, “The objective is to ensure that all of these services are available to all victims who need them, to a consistently high standard and throughout the State”.

Applicants for funding must be civil society organisations and preferably a registered charity and must be returned by 5:00pm on December 6th 2021.

For further details on how to apply, please contact: fundsadmin-victims-crime@justice.ie


Killer Covid-19 Cases Today Reach 7,103 On Irish Mainland.

The Department of Health has confirmed 5,634 new cases of Covid-19, in the past 24 hours, within the Irish Republic.

There remain 684 people in our hospitals with the disease, same an increase of 16 patients based on yesterday’s figures. There are now 126 patients being treated in ICU, same up a further 1 since yesterday.

In Northern Ireland, a further 1,469 new cases of coronavirus have been confirmed today, up from 1,406 on yesterday’s reported figures.

Sadly, 3 more Covid-19-related deaths have also been reported in Northern Ireland today.

There are currently 378 Covid inpatients in northern hospitals, with 36 of these being treated in intensive care units (ICUs), up from 35 on yesterday.

The Chief Medical Officer, Dr Tony Holohan has warned that we should be aware that every 1000 cases of Covid-19 will lead to 2025 people being placed in hospital and between 23 people requiring critical care in our ICUs. He further stated that we also should be aware that since June of this year (2021), that 1 in every 4 people who had Covid-19 and sought critical care in our hospitals, have now sadly died.

The Ceann Comhairle of Dáil Éireann has tested positive for Covid-19.
Mr Seán Ó Feargháil received the results of his PCR test at the weekend and will now isolate at home until November 29th in accordance with laid down public health guidelines. During his absence from the Dáil, Leas-Cheann Comhairle Ms Catherine Connolly and other temporary chairpersons will take over his duties.

Minister for Education Ms Norma Foley is understood to be meeting tomorrow with senior officials from all of Ireland’s teacher educational facilities, with a view to establishing whether final-year students, latter training to be teachers, can play a greater role in supporting our schools during this current pandemic crisis.

Meanwhile, the Hair and Beauty Industry Confederation (HABIC) is calling for all customers to please continue to adhere to HSE public health guidelines, as the industry enters into one of the busiest periods of the year, coming up to Christmas.

The German Health Minister Herr Jens Spahn has urged citizens to get vaccinated. Herr Spahn, in blaming the contagious Delta variant; stated that probably by the end of this winter, pretty much everyone in Germany will be either “vaccinated, cured or dead”. His warning comes as Germany attempts to contain a record rise in coronavirus infections over recent weeks, with like Ireland, their hospitals sounding alarm bells due to their swollen intensive care units.

Prime Minister Ms Jacinda Ardern has stated that New Zealand will adopt a new system of living with the coronavirus from December 3rd, which will end tough restrictions and allow businesses to operate in its biggest city Auckland, which has been in lock-down for over 90 days.

Continue to listen to science and do continue to keep yourself and your family safe by regularly washing your hands; wearing a mask when appropriate and cutting down on your social contacts.


Killer Covid-19 Cases On Irish Mainland Today Reach 5,587.

The Department of Health has confirmed 4,181 new cases of Covid-19 in the Irish Republic, within the past 24 hours.

There remain 668 patients in the Republic’s hospitals affected with the virus, same figure up 28 on the same time yesterday and of these, 125 patients are being treated in various hospital ICUs, an increase of a further 4 in number, on yesterday’s reported figures.

In Northern Ireland a further 1,406 new cases of coronavirus were confirmed today, down from 1,846 on yesterday’s figures.

Sadly, 7 further Covid-19-related deaths have also been confirmed in Northern Ireland today; bringing the total number of deaths linked to Covid-19 since the start of the pandemic is 2,840.

Here in the Irish Republic, Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan has once again issued a fresh appeal to the Irish public to take the necessary actions to help reduce the level of transmission in the country.
He has repeatedly urged the public to take the following five actions: –

  • If you have symptoms of a cold or flu, isolate immediately and get a PCR test, not an Antigen test
  • Strictly, prioritise who you need to meet.
  • Meet others outdoors and open windows when indoors
  • Wear a mask.
  • Use the right test and understand what the test result means.

He also reiterated that people with symptoms should not rely on Antigen tests, but instead should immediately book a ‘polymerase chain reaction‘ (PCR) test, before immediately isolating.

How do you reserve a PCR test for Covid-19 Virus?

We watched with great amusement “The Week In Politics” programme (RTE 1) this afternoon, as opposition politicians anxious for power, continuing to attempt to sound intelligent, showing themselves more interested in criticising current government pandemic efforts, rather than attempting to find solutions to our serious pandemic woes; while also misleading the public.

Getting a PCR test couldn’t be easier. You can get a free PCR test in two ways: –

1. Ring your GP and get them to refer you for a Covid test.
2. Refer yourself through the dedicated HSE website, [SEE LINK HERE].

To book your own PCR test online, simply follow the above stated link; select your county; preferred test location and time; enter your name, date of birth, telephone number, and a six digit code will be sent to your phone to verify that you entered the correct telephone number.
Here, in Co. Tipperary, there are two test centres, one in Nenagh and one in Clonmel. Both test centres are drive-through, so you don’t even have to get out of your car and thus remain, for the most part, in your own safety bubble.

On arrival, you’ll be asked to confirm your details and then a tester will quickly swab your throat and the inside of your nose. The whole experience lasts only a couple of minutes and for the benefit of whinging, Sinn Féin’s Ms Louise O’ Reilly, (Minister for Nothing), in Dublin Fingal, you even get a free box of 50 disposable masks.
Testers are patient and friendly and happy to answer any questions you may have. You’ll get your results in 24-48 hours via a text message to your personal phone and you’ll have peace of mind that you have had an accurate test result.

Depending on your circumstances you may need a second PCR test to confirm you are not infected with Covid-19.
For information on what to do while you are awaiting a PCR test result, it’s worth consulting your GP and the latest HSE HPSC quick isolation guides.

For children and adults aged 13 years and over, – CLICK HERE.
For children aged 13 years and under, – CLICK HERE.

Continue to listen to scienceNot to Teachtaí Dála who are unqualified, nest feathering members of the Labour Party, Sinn Féin, Independent & other minor opposition parties.


Badly Researched Radio Presenter Pat Kenny Enters Into Debate With Dr Ray Walley.

Newstalk presenter, Mr Pat Kenny took a proper verbal ‘walloping’ this morning, when he decided to engage in a heated radio debate with one of Ireland’s leading and knowledgeable doctors, over the slow use of Antigen Tests here in Ireland.

Associate Professor of General Practice at UCD, Dr Ray Walley, when being interviewed highlighted the dangers of people using antigen tests instead of PCR tests, but Mr Kenny, displaying his misconceived medical knowledge, set about bemoaning the lack of Antigen Test usage in Ireland.

Here on local radio Tipp FM, (Latter the pulpit for exaggerating, bone idle, Tipperary politicians) was interviewing ‘know-it-all AK47’, (latter lesser known as Deputy Alan Kelly, leader of a tiny annihilated Labour Party), who like Mr Pat Kenny was also busy holding up to ridicule the (and let’s be honest) trojan work being currently undertaken and being accomplished to date, by our present coalition government, with regards to managing a country beset by a killer pandemic.

Back on Newstalk, Professor Walley pointed out that antigen tests do have a role to play in certain controlled environments, but also argued that a problem exists when the general public use them, instead of visiting a PCR test centre or their GP, when they are displaying possible symptoms.

In response, a badly researched Mr Pat Kenny stated that he was amused by the idea of blaming antigen tests and then asked why if they have been used so extensively and successfully in other countries; such as Denmark and Germany, that they cannot work here in Ireland?
Mr Kenny stated that he has been talking on his programme for a year about how to use antigen tests and in what circumstances they are appropriate and they have been rubbished by Professor Nolan, and by Dr Tony Holohan, the latter turning his face against them utterly. Many in the GP area were not enthusiastic about them either and they have their place. But there has been a lack of information coming from the medical establishment as to exactly what that place is. The public are depending on people like him to give them information and that was not acceptable, Mr Kenny argued.

Dr Walley said the World Health Organisations (WHO) advice has always been to “emphasis, isolate, test and contact” and this advice is based on the PCR system which he called a substantially more accurate test.
He stated that the difficulty is that these are complex messages and the public have not been able to take that in.
When you have gotten a sick, stressed patient they will grab at anything to help themselves and that is 100% understandable. Where the antigen tests have a specific utility is where the State is about to introduce them; in high prevalence areas such as in school settings. Dr Walley added that even if a person returns a negative PCR test in symptomatic cases, they must still isolate for two days, whether they are vaccinated or not.

The Dublin-based GP, who is also Vice President of the Standing Committee of European Doctors, explained that, many of those countries which have excellent healthcare systems and that used antigen tests, are now going into lock-down. He stated, “We have Holland which closed a major hospital three weeks ago, because basically they ran out of ICU facilities and they have used antigen tests. You have France which has used antigen tests whereby they’re extending the use of digital certs for shops and other things,” he went on to explain.

He argued Ireland must now focus on introducing what he called ‘more mitigation measures’ such as reviewing why masks aren’t worn by children aged six years and older.

A badly bruised Mr Kenny continued to argue that public health officials were too slow in advising the Irish public to wear masks early on and called into question the errancy of some of the country’s leading doctors.

Professor Walley stated that the nature of medicine and science means things change over time, as a greater understanding of a particular issue continues to developed.

Continue to listen to science.


Thurles Covid Incidence Cases Rise From 54 To 215 In Early Days Of November 2021.

As previously published, on November 12th last, the 14 Day incidence of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Local Electoral Areas (LEAs) here in Co. Tipperary, between October 26th 2021 and November 8th, 2021 were reasonably low, but obviously on the rise.

Note Also: the figures then shown in red represented the previous 14 day incidence rate, between the period October 19th, 2021 and November 1st, 2021, in same local electoral areas (LEAs).
In each of the Tipperary LEAs the incidence rates had substantially increased and in the case of the Thurles LEA confirmed figures; same had doubled in just seven days, noticeably over the Halloween holiday festival period.

These figures published on November 12th last then read: –

Newport 105, (83)Thurles 109, (54)Roscrea/Templemore 149, (82)Clonmel 126, (71)Cashel/Tipperary 176, (117)Cahir 229, (174)Carrick-on-Suir 234, (167), – Nenagh 278, (228).

The 14 Day incidence of confirmed COVID-19 cases by same local electoral areas (LEAs), in Tipperary, between November 2nd 2021 and November 15th 2021, now demonstrate the need for Tipperary residents to listen to the wisdom of the National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET) and the Chief Medical Officer at the Department of Health, Dr Tony Holohan.

Read the true facts and compare the major increases in the new incidence rates published in the 14 days between November 2nd 2021 and November 15th 2021, shown hereunder: –

Newport 150; – Clonmel 150; – Roscrea/Templemore 179; – Cashel/Tipperary 180; – Cahir 200; – Carrick-On-Suir 213; – Thurles 215; – Nenagh 317;

As people can see, the Thurles LEA incident rate, in November to date has increased from being the lowest in the county, with just 54 cases; to being the second highest in Co. Tipperary, with 215 cases.

Same increases were greatly assisted by Halloween festivities/activities and the fully opening up of the hospitality sector.

A survey from the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI), confirmed in early November, that the number of people not having Covid passes checked in pubs, and nightclubs, as was then requested, had shot up from 21% to 37%, thus greatly contributing to the pandemic increases we are experiencing countrywide today.

Please Endeavour To Stay Safe.