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Download Free HSE Covid-19 Track & Trace App

Today marks the launch of the HSE’s new Covid-19 track and trace App.
Officially launched by the Minister for Health Mr Stephen Donnelly, it is expected that the app will help with contact tracing as follows:-

Using a system of Bluetooth and anonymous IDs, if a user tests positive for Covid-19, they can give the app permission to anonymously alert other app users that they were in close contact with.

Likewise, if you use the app, you will be notified if you came in close contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 and who has granted the app permission to share this data.

The Covid-19 tracker application also aims to provide users with real-time symptom tracking and up-to-date information about the virus. It is available to download for free for Apple and Android devices, by clicking HERE.

Hopefully, this application, along with other public health measures and advice, will assist us all in slowing the spread of Covid-19 here in Ireland.

Please note the app may not work for contact tracing if your phone:

  • is more than 5 years old.
  • is not using Apple’s iOS 13.5 or higher or Google’s Android 6.0 or higher.

Six Short Movies Everyone Should See

Six short movies everyone should take time to view

With rain and thunderstorms on their way, why not check out these six award winning short movies. Each one is available to view for free on YouTube and each one has an important and sometimes powerful message for the viewer.

1. The Present

‘The Present’ is a short film about a boy, a present and the importance of taking the time to understand another person’s perspective.

2. Pip

‘Pip’ is a short movie about the power of determination and selflessness.
View Film Here

3. Alike

‘Alike’ is a short animation that shows us what can happen when creativity is stifled instead of embraced.
View Film Here

4. Taking Flight

‘Taking Flight’ is a short film about a great day spent with Grandpa and his storytelling abilities.
View Film Here

5. Lambs

‘Lambs’ is a short movie about parents who worry about their little lamb, who says ‘moo’ instead of ‘baa’.
View Film Here

6. Snack Attack

‘Snack Attack’ is a short animation about an old lady, a packet of cookie swirls and the youth of today.
View Film Here


Free Online Creativity Events – Part Of Crinniú na nÓg Celebrations

Mum and Dad do please take note; today, 13th June 2020, is a day of free creativity for children and young people as part of the third year of Crinniú na nÓg celebrations.

Events for 2020 are taking place online and every county in Ireland has organised events for children of all ages. To find out more view HERE, enter a location and select an age group.

Tipperary activities for children and young people include storytelling, dance, art and crafts and a children’s film festival.

The online events across Ireland offer endless opportunities to get creative. With rain clouds sitting, threatening our much-loved Premier County for the next day or so, it couldn’t be a better time to find something fun to do indoors.

Have Fun


No Clear Plan On How Schools Will Reopen In September

Guidelines on the reopening of schools in September remain at the draft stage and social distancing will prevent all children from returning five days a week.

Education Minister Mr Joe McHugh left teachers and parents with more questions than answers after yesterday’s post cabinet press briefing.

Minister McHugh stated that the optimal objective was to have all students back to school in late August and early September. He then drew on a few statistics to illustrate that a programme of social distancing, if implemented in schools, would prevent all children returning.

He spoke about the need to look at other countries’ experiences and the importance of engaging with stakeholders, as well as the need to open schools safely, but also ensure that keeping them closed does not cause more damage in terms of educational regression or neglect.

Despite the indication that social distancing will not apply in schools in September, Minister for Health, Simon Harris, emphasised that public health advice on social distancing is still a strict adherence to the two-metre rule.

In concluding remarks, Minister McHugh envisaged that guidelines on returning to school in September will issue sometime this month. Hopefully, they will bring greater clarity on how school’s will return in September. Whilst everyone would agree that having all pupils return to school is the optimal objective, the safety of our children, families, communities and school staff cannot be compromised.

The report to government presented yesterday, 12th June 2020, on the planning for reopening schools in line with the roadmap for reopening society and business can be accessed HERE.


Supporting Sixth Class Pupils Transitioning To Secondary School

Newly published National Educational Psychological Service (NEPS) Guidance Materials provide helpful information on supporting 6th class pupils transitioning to secondary school during these unprecedented times.

Transitioning to secondary school is a big milestone in everyone’s life, but for this year’s sixth class finishing primary school and moving onto secondary school has been significantly impacted by the Covid-19 school closures.

In response to this, the National Educational Psychological Service (NEPS) has published guidance material for supporting 6th class in their transition to post-primary education (to access guidelines view HERE).

The NEPS guidance materials outline how supporting resilience during this time is important and is helped by: –
(1) Promoting a sense of safety.
(2) Promoting a sense of calm.
(3) Promoting a sense of self-efficacy (belief in one’s own ability to do something) and of community-efficacy.
(4) Promoting a sense of connectedness.
(5) Promoting a sense of hope.

The NEPS guidance materials provide further information and ideas on how these five areas can be promoted. Parents, teachers and schools are sure to find these guidance materials helpful and informative.