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EPA – Do Simple Radon Test In Your Homes

EPA survey highlights need for everyone to do a simple radon test in their homes

  • Radon is a cancer-causing radioactive gas and every year in Ireland 300 lung cancer cases are linked to radon exposure.
  • EPA commissioned a survey of over 1000 people on their attitudes to radiation.
  • 28 per cent of people surveyed were concerned about radiation.
  • While 82 per cent of people have heard of radon 66 per cent of them said they are unlikely to test their homes.
  • Testing your home and fixing a radon problem can reduce the risk to your health from this radioactive gas.

A survey exploring Irish attitudes towards radiation found that 28% of people are concerned about radiation. In Ireland, radon accounts for more than half of our radiation exposure. However, while awareness of radon gas is high, two out of three people said that they are unlikely to test their home, believing their homes to be unaffected by radon.

Commenting on the survey, Ms Stephanie Long, (EPA Senior Scientist) said, “Many people don’t know that radon is the largest contributor to radiation dose in Ireland. If there is a high radon level in your home, it is exposing you and your family to unnecessary radiation. While radon levels in certain parts of the country are higher than, others the gas can be found in homes of all types and ages throughout the country. Yet, despite the risks there continues to be a reluctance amongst householders to protect their health by testing their homes for radon.”

Reducing radon levels in homes and other buildings is simple and inexpensive and immediately reduces the risk of developing lung cancer. For moderate levels of radon, improving indoor ventilation may reduce the level by up to half. For higher levels, a fan assisted sump can be installed which can reduce radon levels by over 90%. The sump can be installed in one day by a contractor with little disruption to the home.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Clare Kambamettu is a homeowner who found high levels of radon in her home, which she acted on and remediated. Dr. Kambamettu had a radon sump installed in her Galway home which addressed the high radon levels.

Dr. Kambamettu commented: “We were worried when our test showed high levels of radon in our home. We soon found out that the solution was surprisingly easy. Most of the work was done quickly from the outside of our home with very little disruption. And the best part was that once the work was done, the risk was gone too, as our radon levels were reduced so much.”

For more information on radon and to find a list of registered radon testing and remediation services, visit www.radon.ie, or freefone 1 800 300 600.


Primary School Pupils Praised By President Higgins.

The last weeks of June 2021 mark the end of a second unprecedented and challenging school year for primary school pupils.

In a special message (See Text below) for our nation’s primary school pupils, Irish President Michael D. Higgins commends them on “the cheerful and responsible way” in which they have responded to “the sacrifices asked of you throughout this challenging time.”

He acknowledges that it has been difficult for pupils who have lost out special occasions and events such as First Communions, Confirmations, Christmas concerts and sports events, but he also highlights that during these tough times our primary pupils have learnt many positive lessons, including “the importance of people pulling together, of taking care of their friends and of all the people with whom they share a community”.

Before wishing pupils a well-earned summer break, President Higgins concludes his message of resilience and praise for primary school pupils by stating, quite rightly, that “the adults who have benefitted so much from your selfless actions, will always remember, be grateful for and very proud of a generation of children who are so generous and so willing to change their behaviour for the benefit of others”.

Message from President M.D. Higgins For All Primary School Students.

Is mian liom gach beannacht a ghuí oraibh, a dhaltaí bunscoile, agus sibh ag teacht chun deireadh na bliana scoile, agus ag tabhairt aghaidh anois ar na laethanta saoire fhada atá romhaibh.

May I send my very best wishes to all our primary school children as you enter the final weeks of this school year.

It has I am aware been a difficult, and in some ways strange, year for all of you. At school, you have been asked to follow new rules and restrictions in order to keep your fellow pupils, teachers and their families safe. At home, too, you have had to find different ways to keep in touch with your friends and to pursue your hobbies and interests as you played your important part in preventing, as much as possible, the spread of Covid 19.

Following your Christmas break you were all asked to once again learn at home for some time, and for those of you who could, to work online with your teachers and your classmates, until it was safe for you to return to your schools.

You have also, of course, been unable to enjoy many of the events that are normally such an important part of the school year for many of you, including religious ceremonies such as First Holy Communion and Confirmation ceremonies, Christmas plays and concerts, sports days, tours and outings.

May I say, as President of Ireland, how very impressed I have been at the cheerful and responsible way in which you have responded to the sacrifices asked of you throughout this challenging time. You have constantly placed the health and safety of others above your own wishes and needs, and that is something of which you, along with your teachers and parents, can be very proud indeed.

Although this has been a difficult year it has also, I hope, been a year during which you learnt much about the importance of people pulling together, of taking care of their friends and of all the people with whom they share a community. That is a greatly important lesson, and one that I hope you will carry with you for the rest of your lives.

As the school year draws to its close, I assure you it is one that we, the adults who have benefitted so much from your selfless actions, will always remember, grateful for and very proud of a generation of children who are so generous and so willing to change their behaviour for the benefit of others.

For some of you, this is the end of your primary school journey and you are no doubt looking forward to commencing secondary school in September. I wish you every happiness and success as you start that new chapter in your lives.
For those of you who will be returning to your primary schools in the autumn, I greatly hope it will be a year during which you will be able to resume all of the activities which make your school lives so pleasurable.

To all of you I send my deepest gratitude and my best wishes for a very happy and enjoyable summer holiday.
Bain gach sult as an samhradh. Make the most of these long summer days and enjoy yourselves. as you spend time with your families and friends.

Signed: President Michael D. Higgins


A Case Of Talkative Parrots

Lorikeet Parrots

The little old Thurles widow woman approaches her parish Rector and shyly confesses to him, “Reverend Jones, I have a problem. As you known I live alone and I recently purchased two Rainbow lorikeet, talking parrots; both female, to keep me company, but whenever I am hostess to visitors in my home, they regularly keep repeating an embarrasssing phrase. They each keep saying – Hi, I’m hot; do you want to fool around?”

“That is terrible!” says Rev. Jones. “But stop worrying, I have a solution to your problem. Bring your two female parrots over to my house tomorrow. I will put them with my two male African Grey, talking parrots. I’ve taught them to pray and read passages from holy scripture.
My parrots will then teach your parrots to stop repeating suggestive filth, and they also will learn to pray and worship their great creator.”

Next day, the widow woman brings her two female Australian parrots to the local rectory.

There, in a large silver metal cage, sits the Rector’s two male African Grey parrots. One parrot is slowly turning the pages of a large King James edition of the Bible, while the other one sits with his eyes closed; reciting prayers taken from the Book of Common Prayer.

On the suggestion of the Rector, the widow puts both her female Rainbow lorikeet parrots in with the talking male parrots. The female parrots look at each other before, in unison, stating, “Hi, I’m hot. Do you want to fool around?”

One male parrot looks over at the other male parrot and screams,
“Put that Bible away stupid, can’t you see our prayers have just been answered!”


LIT Announced As New Basketball Ireland Centre Of Excellence.

Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT) is now a Basketball Ireland Centre of Excellence.

Earlier today (Wednesday June 16, 2021), the national governing body for the sport on the island of Ireland, announced LIT and Trinity College Dublin as the latest Basketball Ireland Centres of Excellence, taking the number of centres to six nationwide.

Welcoming the announcement President of LIT Professor Vincent Cunnane said LIT was delighted to further develop its relationship with Basketball Ireland, thereby allowing for the further development of basketball in LIT and the region.

“The centre of excellence at LIT will provide a one-stop-shop for all the needs of Basketball Ireland teams and visiting teams. Here at LIT we have a renowned strength and conditioning programme as well as recognised expertise in sports data and analytics, and nutrition. These areas of expertise will be available to Basketball Ireland and the Centre of Excellence, along with our courts, meeting and presentation facilities, media facilities and changing rooms.”

Mr Jimmy Browne, [LIT Vice President Corporate Services & Capital Development] stated, “LIT is delighted to announce this important further development of our relationship with Basketball Ireland. LIT and Basketball Ireland have an ongoing relationship which culminated with the appointment of basketball development officer Niall Berry in 2020. The inclusive nature of basketball as a sport is perfectly aligned with LIT’s ethos, community reach and sporting philosophy. Today’s announcement will provide a platform to further enhance this ethos and the growth of basketball in the Mid-West region.”

Mr Niall Berry, BasketbalI Ireland Development Officer LIT added “Ireland’s international basketball teams have been doing a great job over the years competing in Europe. The Basketball Ireland Centres of Excellence, like the one here in LIT, give young basketball players a vision of a collegiate structure that will in turn encourage them to work hard to be involved in a Centre of Excellence. These young players will also see their own club members going to Centres of Excellence and travelling just down the road to LIT, to train and to play. These players will want to emulate that success and this in turn will have a massive impact on both the players and basketball in the region.”

Speaking about the LIT and Trinity College Dublin announcement Basketball Ireland CEO, Mr Bernard O’Byrne said, “This is another significant announcement to have renowned institutions like Trinity College Dublin and LIT as Basketball Ireland Centres of Excellence. They both have a strong track record in basketball and this commitment further reinforces it. With Ulster University, NUI Galway, Waterford IT and Letterkenny IT already announced, it illustrates our commitment to have a geographical spread of these facilities across the country, to reach all corners and provide top notch facilities for our basketball community, continuing to provide platforms for the growth of our sport.”

The Centres of Excellence will be used for national training camps for international sides, along with Basketball Ireland academies. There will also be the ability to host international fixtures, national senior competitions, intervarsity competitions, as well as local schools’ cups and blitzes.


Leaving Certificate Exams Begin Today.

The 2021 Leaving Certificate Examinations begin today after a second year of remote learning and educational upheaval owing to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Unlike last year, students this year have the option of accepting an accredited grade, doing an exam or both. If they opt to do an exam and accept an accredited grade, their final result will be whichever of the two grades is higher. 

Interestingly, of this year’s 61,000 or so Leaving Certificate pupils, the overwhelming majority have opted to accept a combination of accredited grades and exams. Less than 10 per cent of pupils have opted for accredited grades only, while less than 5 per cent have opted for written exams only.

Whether sitting an exam or accepting an accredited grade, the class of 2021 have faced additional and unprecedented stress and challenges. Students are urged to share their worries and seek help and support from a parent, teacher, family member or friend if they are feeling anxious or overwhelmed.

We at Thurles.info wish the Leaving Certificate Class of 2021 the very best for their exams. 

For more information on the Leaving Certificate 2021, visit examinations.ie or view the Leaving Certificate Examination 2021 Timetable by clicking HERE.