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Motorists Daily Receiving Fines On M7 Motorway In Tipperary.

On average some 47 motorists, each day, are receiving speeding fines on the M7 motorway, in an area where new average speed safety cameras have been recently installed.

Figures provided by An Garda Síochána indicate that a daily average of 47 motorists have been caught driving at average speeds in excess of 120km/h over the distance between Junction 26 [Nenagh West, North Co. Tipperary] and Junction 27 [Birdhill, North Co. Tipperary].

These figures indicate that regrettably the speed by motorists has increased significantly on this 15km-stretch of the M7 motorway, since the safety cameras were first introduced in late April of this year.

It should be noted that, motorists found driving at speeds in excess of 120km/h, between Junction 26 and Junction 27 on the M7 in Co. Tipperary are liable, as at the moment, for a fine of €80, combined with three penalty points on their licence.

The Road Safety Authority has confirmed it has decided to now fast-track a review of penalties for serious road traffic offences, in response to the major increase in road fatalities so far in the current year.
To date, sadly a total of 83 people have lost their lives on roads, here in the Republic of Ireland; an increase of 30 persons over the corresponding period of last year.

This review of penalties, by the Road Safety Authority, which will include the offences of speeding, mobile phone use, drink and drug driving and the non-wearing of seat belts, was initially due to be completed by the end of 2024, however the review is now being re-prioritised, to possibly be completed within the current year, together with new media public awareness publicity campaign.


Covid-19 – A Virus For All Seasons.

Ireland is currently in the middle of another wave of Covid-19, driven largely by Omicron sub-variants, according to Dr. Colm Henry (HSE’s Chief Clinical Officer).

Dr. Henry has confirmed that the sub-variants now comprise some than 90% of current cases that are receiving genomic sequencing at present.

Dr. Henry stated that the virus that we are experiencing now, highlights the fact that even though we’re in a much better place in our State, in relation to Covid; it further highlights how much uncertainty still remains. There remains increasing pressure on our hospitals, although generally people are not getting as sick as previously, however, presentations in emergency departments are at high levels; something normally associated with the winter season.

Currently there are 31 people in ICU with the virus and as of 8:00am yesterday morning, there were 776 people in hospital, latter an increase of 25 on the same time yesterday.
The HSE has stated that almost 600 of their staff members have testing positive for the virus within the past 7 days

Minister for Finance Mr Paschal Donohoe has said that legislation will be considered by the Cabinet around when an effective mask mandate might be reintroduced. He also warned that Covid-19 infections were rising and urged people who have not yet received a booster dose to immediately do so.


Shame On Thurles Municipal District Council & TD’s.

While the wind and heavy rain experienced here in Tipperary over the past few days were a source of regret to sun worshippers; Thurles residents can breathe a sigh of relief, as the rising waters of the river Suir, have today successfully moved on its cesspool appearance and much of its stench.

Framed in the backdrop of deteriorating, graffiti sprayed, woodwork and a closed new car park under The Source Theatre and Library; a plastic sign, (crudely screwed to a broken tree support), excuses the lazy Municipal District Council’s unwillingness to cut the weeds and grass; latter claiming the area is, quote, “Managed for Wildlife” as part of an “All-Ireland Pollinator Plan”. Trust me no self-respecting Bee, Bumble or otherwise, have ever visited this blossom free area.

Pictures shown in the above video amply explain the total lack of maintenance within this area, which we once again are forced to highlight.

Plastic bollards, left behind by the disastrous, half upgraded, Liberty Square, has joined the other litter, within the rivers water.

Back in the mid 1960’s, as young people, we would have swum the base of Niagara Falls to lay our hands on and retrieve two footballs and the numerous tennis balls, currently caught in the reeds of this slow, shallow, river water. But today, in this greedy, whinging society and in an extremely rich county, it appears everything and anything is now disposable.

The stone dam, directly opposite Thurles indoor Leisure Centre and heated swimming pool building, has been dismantled and the two fish ways on the dam underneath ‘The Source’ County Library building, have also been allowed to crumble, both now reducing the water levels.

Manhole covers, taking water-run from our streetscapes, are left unlocked, allowing small sized litter to join the numerous bottles, cans and plastic bags; same which are quickly grabbed by slow moving water, to float on unsightly filamentous green algal growth, thus compromising the life of the river bed. Further down near the foot bridge sewage waters continue to flow, close to the swinging gates for the past 3 years.

Gone are the two water fountains which once helped to aerate the water within 50 meters of each other, close to Barry’s Bridge.

Our locally elected, powerless, doubly employed and highly paid town councillors are now only ‘stored’ as window dressing; in existence solely to provide a political presence for local unquestioning press and radio, while positively announcing leaked information from central government.
The silent Thurles electorate have lost all confidence in elected representatives; council officials and their two Dáil Éireann TD’s.
Same elected personnel reign over a town, which has long since been ignored, and no longer encourages, supports or attracts voluntarism.

The shame and lack of maintenance here in Thurles, lies clearly at the door of Thurles Municipal Council; TD’s and their lack of foresight and staff availability.

Again, I ask why are we paying Local Property Tax?
There will be a day of reckoning.


Visit Mid-Summer Market Tomorrow In Holycross Village, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

Geraldine Helbert Reports.

“It’s so exciting and almost here! Yes, tomorrow Saturday June 25th, 1:00pm to 3:00pm The “Village Market”, Holycross, Thurles, invite children and families to celebrate “Schools Out” at our bi-weekly, Mid-Summer Market.

As always, on special market days, we invite the younger members of the Tipperary community to come along and have a little fun with us and celebrate the start of the school holidays.

Dress yourselves up in your sunniest summer outfits and be as creative as you can, to get free entry into a special raffle with a mystery prize, just for the children. Get some personalised hair braiding, refreshments, treats and that all important Ice-Cream. Note: Admission is free to all.

Enjoy a choice of delicious hot lunches from our local catering duo at the “Grub Hub”, have a coffee, hot chocolate and a delicious home baked tasty treat or Granola bar.

We have doubled our seating capacity and everyone is in for a really entertaining treat from a very talented male singing group from Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, who will be joining us.

New amazing bakers, crafters and artists join our regulars each market day with home-made jams, granola, low-carb options, tray bakes, vegetables, meat, breads and cakes. Pick up unique crafts and gifts and paintings for all occasions from one of our many talented crafters and artists. Get lots of plants and advice for the garden too.

And there is more! We have two tickets to raffle tomorrow for ‘Cut Loose’ Country Music Festival, latter taking place in Holycross, Thurles, on July 31st next.

Congratulations to the winners of our previous raffles; Johnny Carey won two tickets to ‘The Cavalcaders’ at ‘The Source’ Arts Centre for Sunday June 26th next, while Samantha Irwin was winner of an additional prize of ‘Honey Vinegar’ (naturally brewed and unfiltered), kindly donated by ‘Windmill Honey farm‘.

Do join us tomorrow and indeed every second Saturday for coffee, chat and fresh produce. We enjoy seeing you all in attendance brightening up our village. The market grounds are safe and easily accessible for all; with ease of parking and an opportunity to visit the historic Abbey and enjoy the unique welcome and beauty of Holycross village.”

Note: Students, musicians and new traders are always welcome. [Email us at thevillagemarketholycross@gmail.com]


Irish Hospitals Under Pressure From Covid-19 Warns Dr. Tony Holohan.

The Irish Chief Medical Officer Dr. Tony Holohan is warning that hospitals are under again under increased pressure due to rising Covid-19 cases.

Last week, at a time when 355 people were hospitalized with the Covid virus, Dr. Holohan forwarded correspondence to government outlining its continued threat.

According to the Department of Health, just yesterday, June 17th, Covid numbers had increased to 515 cases with 26 weekly notified deaths from the virus.
There are currently 28 people in hospital ICUs suffering from the virus.

The latest figures from the Department of Health show that up to June 15th, 2022, a total of 7,442 people have sadly died here in the Irish Republic, as a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Worldwide, the total number of deaths to-date are estimated at 6,317,953. Within the last 28 days alone, at least 40,561 deaths have occurred around the globe.