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Five Fun Easter Games For Family Members.

For an extra bit of family fun this Easter Sunday, why not play some of these great Easter games. Each one requires nothing more than a few materials that can easily be found around the house. What’s more, each game can be played indoors or outdoors and can be played by kids of all ages.

Easter Egg Hunt.

Easter egg hunts on Easter Sunday have grown increasingly popular in recent years. In the most basic version of an Easter Egg Hunt, chocolate or toy Easter eggs are hid indoors or around the garden. Participants search for eggs, collecting as many as they can find and placing them in their Easter basket or bag. You can add a competitive element by having a time limit and declaring the winner as the person who found the most eggs. For even more ideas for an Easter Egg hunt click HERE.

Draw the Bunny.

Anyone familiar with the classic “Beetle Drive” game, will understand how to play “Draw the Bunny”. All you need is paper, pencils and a dice. For a full set of instructions visit the excellent games resource “Family Games Treasure House” by clicking HERE.

Egg and Spoon Race.

There’s nothing as fun as an egg and spoon race and it’s no wonder the game has been around for generations. Get out your spoons and eggs. Put an Easter spin on things by substituting hard boiled eggs for chocolate ones.

Pin the Tail on the Bunny.

This game puts an Easter spin on the traditional “Spin the Tail on the Donkey”. The game is simple. One player is on and blindfolded. In their hand they have a cotton tail. On the wall there is a picture of a bunny. They are spun around three times and have to try and place the cotton tail on the bunny. For the bunny, you can draw one or cut one out from a picture. For the cotton tail simply use a piece of cotton wool with sticky tape attached.

Roll the Egg.

Another race game, this will have everyone in stitches. Using chocolate or hard boiled eggs, participants have to roll their eggs with their nose from the agreed start to the finish line. Lots of silly fun to be had with this game.

We wish all our readers a very Happy Easter.


Five Great Irish Giggles & Pranks On April Fool’s Day.

Today is April Fool’s Day.

April Fool’s Day has been a tradition across different countries and cultures for centuries. Although it’s exact origin is debated, one most likely theory goes back as far as 1582.

In that year, the French switched from the Julian Calendar to the Gregorian Calendar. Under the Julian Calendar the new year began with the Spring equinox around April 1st. Under the Gregorian Calendar the new year began on January 1st. People who were unaware of the change or refused to follow the Gregorian calendar were deemed “April Fools” and subject to much ridicule.

Centuries later, on this particular April Fool’s Day, we could all do with an extra laugh. With this in mind, we thought we would share some funny pranks and giggles courtesy of Irish TV and YouTube.

Please be advised that some of the hilarious sketches hereunder contain crude language.

Brendan Grace and “The Wedding”.

The late, great Brendan Grace was one of Ireland’s best comedians. His hilarious sketch “The Wedding” will have you in stitches and it was a firm favourite of the world famous singer Frank Sinatra. In 1989, Sinatra performed in Dublin and at the after show party, Grace supplied the entertainment. Sinatra was so impressed he convinced Grace to travel to the USA. See hereunder.

Pat Shortt and “Lost in Limerick”.

No list of Irish giggles would be complete without a contribution from our very own Thurles native Pat Shortt. It’s well worth subscribing to his YouTube channel for a guaranteed regular laugh. Shortt’s latest sketches explore the lighter side of the Covid- 19 pandemic, chief among them is “Lost in Limerick”. See hereunder,

Cork’s 96FM Prank Call Series, “The Car Wash”.

Many unsuspecting members of the public here in Munster have been victims of a prank call from Cork’s 96FM over the years. This is among their most hilarious prank calls and involves a Car Wash owner and a customer who rings claiming that his car wash got his engine wet. This call takes an even more ridiculous turn when the “customer” goes to take a look at his petrol tank. It really is hilarious and it’s easy to see why it has 100K views on YouTube (Listen HERE).

RTÉ2’s The Fear and “That’s Not My Son”.

In this very funny prank from the hidden camera show “The Fear” on RTÉ2, an unsuspecting couple try their best to negotiate with the Gardaí who want to drop off their son to finish off the final three months of his prison sentence, under their roof as part of a new house arrest scheme. The problem is that the prisoner is not the couple’s son but he claims otherwise. Click HERE to view this hilarious prank.

Funny Fails on RTÉ Television.

Some of the biggest giggles are often unintended ones and RTÉ has delivered its fair share over the years. Click HERE to view a compilation of their most infamous and funniest fails.


Roll Out The AstraZeneca

No well-known current day personalities get spared in this humours song, which comes courtesy of funny man Eamonn Macdonncha and his children, Ciarán aged 10 and Cóilín aged 7, all who shared in the performance of “Roll out the AstraZeneca” posted on YouTube.

Sit back and have a good laugh, sure there is nothing else you can be doing this Tuesday morning, as you pretend to work from home.

“Roll out the AstraZeneca”

Oh, lockdown nearly broke us
It’s brought us to our knees,
Thank god for Arthur Guinness
And for the PUPs.

Oh when will the public houses
Ever open the door?
At the rate of vaccination,
It’ll be 2024.

Well Varadkar got the vaccine
Just earlier in the week.
He had it only in his arm
And the thing began to leak!

Well they gave it to Arlene Foster
And it drove her half insane,
She claims she’s got some Fenian blood
And she wants to join Sinn Féin

There’s no one in the restaurants
And there’s no one in the pubs,
And there’s not a team in Ireland
That can stop the bloody Dubs.

When the Green’s get vaccinated
Eamonn Ryan’s boots will quake,
The biggest job they’ll have is
Trying to keep the whore awake.

When they jabbed the Queen of England
It created quite a spark,
They gave none to Meghan Markl
Saying her skin was way too dark.


Top 5 Family Favourite Easter Movies.

Movie night has become a family favourite in Co. Tipperary homes throughout lockdown and thanks to online streaming services we can now access thousands of movies in seconds.

It wasn’t always like that. Those of us that remember the 1980s will recall having to rent a VHS player from the old “Movie Club” video rental shop on Kickham Street , here in Thurles, to watch a movie on a big black VHS cassette. Not only that, but many’s the time you had to wait weeks for your turn to rent your favourite movie because the shop only had a limited number of copies.

How times have changed? As of August 2020, it was estimated that 550,000 Irish people were subscribed to Netflix alone, with thousands also subscribed to Disney+ and Amazon Prime.

There’s no doubt, but watching your favourite movie has never been so easy. Given the time of year it is; here are 5 family movie favourites perfect for the Easter holidays. Some are around so long a few of our readers might even have rented them from that old “Movie Club” video shop back in the day!

  • Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, (1971, rated U) available to stream on Netflix.
  • Peter Rabbit, (2012, rated U) available to stream on Netflix.
  • Alice in Wonderland, (1951, rated 0+) available to stream on Disney+.
  • Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade, (2016, rated 0+) available to stream on Disney+.
  • Hop, (2011, rated All) available to stream on Amazon Prime

Easy and Relaxing Christmas Art

The Christmas season runs roughly from December 25th – January 13th, so we have some days yet to enjoy, despite house decorations coming down usually today.

“Art for Kids Hub” is a YouTube channel that aims to teach all family members how to draw.

It’s a family fun resource we’ve recommended to you before and a resource praised by our Thurles.info readers for its capacity to relax, entertain and occupy all ages for hours on end. Why not check out these fun Christmas Art drawing projects?
All you need is paper and something to draw with.

When you’re done with the above Christmas projects, check out hundreds more drawing projects covering all manner of themes and topics.

Relating to Christmas, see also links: https://youtu.be/X_C_7VOBpNk

And talking about drawing a Christmas Trees, why not attempt to manufacture an Origami Christmas Tree [Art of paper folding, associated with Japanese culture] all of your own.
See link shown HERE.

Enjoy and above all “Stay Safe”, during these difficult times.