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Nature & Extent Of Proposed Development To N62 Slievenamon Road, Thurles.

The proposed development will comprise the following:

  • An upgraded road layout with a reduced carriageway width.
  • Improved junctions with enhanced infrastructure for pedestrians and vulnerable road users.
  • Replacement and widening of footways with new paving.
  • Road resurfacing/rehabilitation.
  • Surface water drainage improvements.
  • Provision of formalised on-street parking designed to current standards within the new road layout.
  • Upgraded public lighting.
  • Enhanced soft and hard landscaping including the provision of upgraded street furniture.

No firm date has yet been set for the above upgrade.


Public Efforts To Remove Checkpoint Charlie Are Underway In Thurles.

It was Fianna Fáil Cllr. Mr Seamus Hanafin who first confirmed that “Checkpoint Charlie”, latter, also known by the handle “Slievenamon Road Car Park” has reverted once more to a “pay and display system”.
Not to be out done Fianna Fáil Cllr. Sean Ryan, was quickly out of school again, offering this now historic information, before promising to inform the public on exactly how much of local tax payer funds had been totally and utterly squandered without their permission.

With regards to the matter of wasted tax payer funding, both men have since remained tight lipped, in the knowledge that taxpayers don’t really need to know, and sure same can be recouped by simply raising local property tax by 10%, as was the case some weeks previously.
Currently, the rumour is that the overall installation of “Checkpoint Charlie” was a whopping €95,000 plus. (Add another few thousand Euro for removing it.)

This brings me to another question, which does need answering.
With Tipperary Co. Council having totally succeeded in ensuring that Thurles town centre businesses are for the most part no longer economic, how much profit has car parking charges rendered to the coffers of Thurles Municipal District?
Maybe those intent on running for the 5 year post, as elected representative on Thurles Municipal District council; latter to be set by the Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage, in May or June of 2024, might try to find out.

Since “Checkpoint Charlie’s” conception, there have been ongoing issues with this barrier system. Constantly out of order and regularly interfered with by ‘uncouth barbarians’ residing locally, thus greatly angering and frustrating car park users.
Tipp Co. Co., led by Chief Executive Mr Joe MacGrath, have now decided to revert back to the “pay and display” system, which was working perfectly, previously with their Parking App.

The barriers, themselves have now been removed, but meanwhile, the practice of tightening roadways and junctions, by Tipp. Co. Co’s. Traffic Consultants and Road Engineers, has already taken the first steps in its physical removal, with a motorised vehicle of some variety, already used to re construct its physical structure (See image above herewith).


Work Begins On Bowe’s Corner, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

The half million funding for Bowe’s Corner, Thurles, Co. Tipperary, first trumpeted by all local TD’s; of all political persuasions, at the start of this year, 2022, saw the final design completed in June last.
According to Tipperary County Council, Rathcabbin Tarmacadam Limited, first set up in July 1999, have been appointed as contractors.

Materials being used on the project e.g. paving, kerbing etc. are to be similar to that already used on the half completed Liberty Square projected.

Work was expected to start in July, with drainage works, ducting, excavation etc., followed on with the kerbing and paving.

Little in the new plan shown above is expected to change, over what currently now exists, however there will be a few exceptions: –

  • The existing junctions will be tightened with current signage moved and upgraded.
  • The pedestrian crossing currently in-situ on Friar Street; close to Lacey’s Butcher’s Shop, will be moved closer to the existing junction.
  • A new pedestrian crossing will be introduced on Abbey Road, railway bridge.
  • All pedestrian crossings will remain uncontrolled.
  • Additional public lighting will be provided.
  • The entire junction will be a raised table.

Major delays are expected for traffic using the area.


Thurles M D Officials Below Par, Ineffective & Lacking In Ability.

Too many people with degrees and not enough people with qualifications to operate drainage rods.”

The video hereunder highlights why just one thunder shower flooded areas within Thurles Town precinct.

Question: How much do we pay our local councillors for representing us at Council level each month?

Answer: On average depending on position, conferences attended, training etc, about €2,667.00 per month or close to €667.00 per week.

You can check exactly what we paid each named councillor HERE.
You can check what each of the abbreviated allowances represent HERE.

Not bad pay for those who refuse to answer emails from the public, and have to attend for a couple of hours at one meeting each month.

Meanwhile, highly paid officials at all levels, each responsible for basic administration within the town of Thurles, have proven themselves to be below par, ineffective and totally lacking in ability.


Motorists Beware Of Severe Flooding Around Thurles.

Drivers are being asked presently to take great care while manoeuvring all vehicles around Thurles.

Due to the total lack of maintenance by Thurles Municipal District Council officials, most of the roads in the area are now flooded, due to a basic maintenance failure; to simply clean road drains.

Kickham Street, Thurles, August 15th, 2022.

Kickham Street east of the town is worst hit, with water running like a river from Willowmere Drive, down Kickham Street, as far as Cathedral Street Roundabout.

The N62 Slievenamon Road as far as Turtulla Cross is also experiencing flooding, due to this same problem, a failure to clean road drains.

Mill Road is seriously flooded, because a builder has waltzed off, leaving road drains packed with clay gravel etc.; no doubt their work signed off on behalf of Tipperary Co. Council, by a county, qualified, council engineer.

Mill Road south, Thurles, August 15th, 2022

At the Junction of Mill Road South and the turn off to the Archerstown Industrial Estate, latter travelling west, flooding is almost making the road impassable, once again, caused by the failure to open the shore into the nearby Poulaneigh river.