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How To Best Clean Your Tarmacadam & Cement Walkways

Wooden Patio decks (including those pressure treated), Stone Patio’s, Tarmacadam and Cement Walkways can, each surface combined, attract mildew, algae, lichen, liverwort or cyanobacteria called Nostoc. Same is wholly encouraged by our persistent damp, humid, shady conditions, our clean air and more often poor drainage. So how do we rid ourselves of this constant occurring problem?

Many people use washing powder to kill off this growth, spreading it over the offending surface. Same washing powder does work, killing the moss, but leaves behind a brown deceased moss skeleton, which is never easy to shift and if left behind can become slippery, for those not so steady on their trotters.

There is however another product which better solves this algae problem. Its name is Chloras, a product used by Dairy farmers for cleaning and flushing out milking machines.

Chloras is a bleach, so users are required to take care, as the product is extremely strong. Bleach can damage your clothing and footwear if unnecessarily splashed about. It is therefore advisable to use your Wellington boots, your old overalls, plastic gloves and more importantly, wear good eye protection by way of goggles or safety glasses. Remember bleach is never recommended for use near plants and can discolour certain types of stone.
Important Note: Try also to keep your domestic pet off any treated area for a day or two, as the bleach could potentially burn their paws, causing the animal some mild discomfort.

To obtain a quick clean using Chloras, use one-part bleach to ten-parts of water. Same can be spread / sprayed using a watering can with a rose nozzle fitting or a knapsack sprayer. Let the solution sit on the affected surface area for some twenty minutes, before rinsing off, using a yard brush and your garden hose.

Chloras not only kills off all algae, but also the spores present, thus slowing the return of such growth the following year. Used on cemented areas, the surface will be returned to its initial fresh greyish colour.

Chloras is readily available here in Thurles, Co. Tipperary from Centenary Co-Ops Meal Store and Fuel Section, situated on the Templemore Road, at Monacocka, Thurles.


National Stop Food Waste Week Begins Today

The EPA are leading a National Stop Food Waste Week campaign to highlight issues and raise awareness on food waste, beginning today Wednesday June 12th until Wednesday June 19th 2019 inclusive. 

Globally, one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption is lost or wasted and every year people in Ireland waste over one million tonnes of food. The campaign aims to motivate people across Ireland to make real changes in how they use the food they buy.

Laura Burke, (Director General, EPA) said,“It takes a lot of resources to put food on our tables. Growing, processing, transport and storage all use massive amounts of energy and water, along with packaging, fertilisers and machinery. This activity generates greenhouses gases which drive climate change, so it is important that we value and carefully use the food we produce.”

“Many of us would like to take action on climate change, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Reducing food waste contributes to lowering our carbon footprint, and we can achieve this through some surprisingly simple actions.”

The four key steps people can take to Stop Food Waste are:-
(1.) Know your food waste: Make a list of what you throw out over the next week, this will give you a better understanding where your habits produce waste so you know what to target for improvement.

(2.) Planning and Shopping: Smarter shopping ensures that you don’t waste hard-earned money on food that goes in the bin. Plan your meals (including lunches at work), check the cupboards and fridge before you go, and use a shopping list.Cooking and Storing: Store food properly to make the most of what you have bought to keep food fresher for longer. The Stop Food Waste ‘A-Z of food’ contains tips and advice on how to store and cook various food types. Using leftovers for lunch not only helps reduce food waste, it will also save you money.

(3.) Cooking and Storing: Store food properly to make the most of what you have bought to keep food fresher for longer. The Stop Food Waste ‘A-Z of food’ contains tips and advice on how to store and cook various food types. Using leftovers for lunch not only helps reduce food waste, it will also save you money.

(4.) Bin it better: Use the brown bin (or try home-composting) for the unavoidable food waste you do generate. A recent national study showed that almost 50% of household organic waste is still being disposed of in the “wrong bins”, i.e. recycling or black bin.

Odile Le Bolloch, (EPA Stop Food Waste Manager), spoke about the National Stop Food Waste Week campaign: “Each day during Stop Food Waste week we will be sharing information and resources to help people to Stop Food Waste at work and at home. Our online campaign provides practical tips to help us all reduce waste and make the most of our food. We are also running our new workplace training programme with guidance on tackling food waste both at work and at home.”

Information on stopping food waste at home can be found at www.stopfoodwaste.ie.

For Stop Food Waste week, because the food people buy is not just consumed at home, the EPA are encouraging businesses and employees to target food waste at work.

Stop Food Waste’s top tips to reduce food waste in the workplace are:-
(A) Have sharing shelves in the canteen and fridge and let everyone know that food left there is fair game.
(B) Events with catering often produce large amounts of food waste. Try a slight under-order; and share any leftovers with colleagues.
(C)Store unused food properly for future use, and don’t leave food forgotten in the fridge over the weekend.

To take part in raising awareness, the EPA are inviting businesses around Ireland to sign-up as supporters of Stop Food Waste week and receive posters, daily tips and a chance to win free Stop Food Waste workplace training.

Businesses can sign up on the website: https://stopfoodwaste.ie/stop-food-waste-week/


New Professional House-Sitting Service Operational In Co. Tipperary

With opportunistic crime now, part and parcel of everyday living both in Co. Tipperary and indeed further afield; a long overdue, new and much needed house sitting service has been conceived here in the Premier County.

Most people are aware that certain criminal elements are now using information gleaned from social media blogs, newspaper and local magazine reports, which indicate that private homes, farms and private businesses may be left temporarily unattended, due to that wedding celebration; the well earned weekends away; the annual holiday, or sadly the required attendance at the funeral of a friend or close relative.

Imagine attending such an event in the clear knowledge that a competent, trustworthy individual is inside your property for the few hours you are forced to leave your home unattended.

The good news, which we only learned today, is that a new service has come on stream over the past number of months here in the county; its name House Sitting Service.

Reports which I have gleaned from numerous previous users of this now necessary urban and rural service, all declare, without hesitation, that they have found this Garda approved service to be totally professional, while operating with discretion and offering total confidentially.

The House Sitting Service provider will arrive well before their host need to vacate the property, in order to receive any special instructions, and will remain in your home until the host themselves or some other members of the family return to relieve the situation.

From the reports we have received here on Thurles.Info, to date, already this amenity is proving an invaluable service within the Tipperary area.

Readers do take this opportunity to make a permanent note of this contact phone number, (shown hereunder), for inclusion in your own personal contacts held on your mobile phone.

To communicate with this “House Sitting Service” simply phone Mobile No: (086) 6051189 and arrange to meet the service provider, prior to your special event.Facebooktwitterlinkedinmail

Stop Throwing Your Money Away

Stop Food Waste – Make the most of your food.

Irish householders on average throw out €700 worth of food every year. This week the EPA is running an awareness campaign called Food: Make the Most of It, highlighting food waste issues and encouraging everyone to make the most of their food.

Odile Le Bolloch from the EPA said, “Many people have resolved to be a little greener this year and tackling your food waste is a good place to start. If every day each of us tries to reduce the amount of waste we dispose of, this has the potential to have a real impact. Our campaign this week includes providing practical tips to make the most of our food. Reducing food waste offers simple and no cost actions that anyone can take. You don’t need to invest in expensive equipment before you start reaping the benefits. Remember, when it comes to reducing food waste you can stop throwing your money away!”

Though the individual amounts may seem small, when added up the total volume of food waste produced in Ireland every year adds up to over 1 million tonnes. Some of the most common types of food we throw away include meat and fish, dairy products, bread, fruit and vegetables. Stop Food Waste has developed an A – Z of Foods , a handy resource that provides ingredient specific tips to make the most of these common food items that often go to waste. The A-Z of Foods located HERE, is a new on-line resource packed full of tricks and tips on buying, storing, freezing, and using up your food. Have a browse and learn how to make the most of your food and reduce waste.

Speaking about the campaign, Laura Burke, Director General, EPA stated, “The EPA is committed to providing leadership and support towards reducing food waste through our Stop Food Waste programme. Stop Food Waste has been raising awareness, engaging communities and small businesses and building capacity for food waste prevention around the country. Through the Stop Food Waste Challenge, for example, communities are working together to learn and share ideas about reducing food waste. And for food waste that cannot be prevented, Master Composters around the country are trained on all aspects of home composting.”

Led by existing good practice and strong political commitment, people are being encouraged to take action and achieve an Ireland where food is consumed, not wasted.
The Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Mr Denis Naughten T.D. states, “Raising awareness about the common foods that people throw away and the good habits people can adopt to reduce food waste in their homes is important. I am delighted to support the Stop Food Waste awareness week. Reducing food waste has been a key priority for me since coming into office. This week’s campaign urging people to make the most of their food will not only show people how they can reduce their weekly shopping bills, it will have an impact on reducing food waste disposal underpinning our ongoing commitment to reducing household waste.”Facebooktwitterlinkedinmail

National Ploughing Championships 2017 Get Under Way

The National Ploughing Championships for 2017 are being held in Screggan, Tullamore, Co. Offaly from and including today until September 21st next.

Travel the Blue Route: If you are travelling from the Southern Ireland, Gardaí are advising all motorists to exit the M8 at Junction 6, (Horse and Jockey, Thurles), and onto Templemore and Roscrea on the N62. In Birr, Co Offally, traffic will join the N52 travelling northbound via the villages of Kilcormac and Blueball and onto the event site at Screggan, in Tullamore.

A video for people travelling from the South can be found HERE.

Patrons arriving at their Ploughing Championships destination using this route will park in the designated BLUE car parks on the left and right hand side, beside the event grounds. Where necessary motorists will be directed by Gardaí and stewards towards the event.

A national traffic plan detailing all routes and parking areas can be found HERE.

Of course if you are looking for a break from driving, Thurles is the ideal location to halt awhile, for a snack or a cup of tea or coffee.Facebooktwitterlinkedinmail