New EU Regulation For Tipperary’s Self-Catering Sector.

The Irish Self-Catering Federation (ISCF), the largest representative body for self-catering properties in Ireland, says tomorrow’s anticipated signing of the EU’s Regulation on short-term rental data collection and sharing in Brussels will have positive, long-term consequences for the sector in Tipperary.

Once signed and after official publication in the Official Journal of the European Union, EU Member States will have a 24-month period to establish the mechanisms for data exchanges, which are already being prepared with the support of the Commission.

Ms Máire ní Mhurchú, (Chair of the ISCF) speaking at a recent Tourism Networking event in March last 2024.

By setting a data collection and sharing framework for the EU Member States, the EU Regulation harmonises registration requirements for short term lets when introduced by national authorities, clarify rules to ensure registration numbers are displayed and checked on online booking platforms, and streamlines data sharing between online platforms and public authorities.

Ms Máire ní Mhurchú, (Chairperson of the ISCF), who has travelled to the European Parliament for the signing process, says the EU Regulation will quantify the amount of available self-catering in Tipperary and will raise and maintain standards across the industry.

Ms ní Mhurchú says the move will also strengthen the sustainability of the sector by highlighting the economic important role played by small family-run businesses in rural communities.

The ISCF CEO is warning, however, that the implementation of the STTL Register must be accompanied by the introduction of clear planning guidelines around the development of glamping and other self-catering businesses, the absence of which she says is exacerbating the ongoing critical shortage of available bed nights in Ireland.

“The Register, adapted to the standards of the EU Regulation, will help to support the further development of the self-catering sector as making rural communities economically viable is core EU principle,” she explained. “For far too long in Ireland, hotel accommodation has been legislated for and promoted which is of little benefit to rural communities as such developments are only regarded as economically viable for large urban centres like Cork, Galway, Waterford, Limerick and Dublin as evidenced in the Saville and Crowe reports into the domestic tourism and hospitality market.”

She continued, “We also welcome the appointment of Fáilte Ireland as the statutory authority with responsibility for implementing the Register. This move will place the self-catering sector on a par with other tourism organisations, such as the Irish Hotels Federation and Camping Ireland.”

Commenting on the requirement for updated planning legislation for the development of short-term tourist lettings in Ireland, Ms. ní Mhurchú said, “The planning issues for short term rentals needs to be urgently reviewed. Currently, self-catering accommodation is looked on as housing units rather than economic value units.”

Ms Ní Mhurchú warned that the supplementary income of many families operating within the sector will be significantly impacted unless full clarification is issued regarding the planning permission process ahead of the implementation of the STTL Register.

“We are calling on Minister for Tourism Catherine Martin and Minister for Housing Darragh O’Brien to sit down with the ISCF to ensure no self-catering businesses, many of which are small family rural tourism businesses, are lost. Issues with planning need to be sorted first, with a derogation for all existing STTL businesses. Clear guidelines for planners and owners are essential before the Register is introduced”, she concluded.


Dublin Suffragette Meg Connery’s Link With Thurles & Tipperary.

“Where Tipperary Leads, Ireland Follows.
Quote by Thomas Davis, editor of ‘The Nation Newspaper’ in the 1840’s.

A headstone, marking the grave of the Irish suffragette better known as Meg Connery, was unveiled in Dublin yesterday.

Pictured L-R: British Conservative politician and Prime Minister Andrew Bonar Law (1858-1923), Mrs Meg Connery and Irish Unionist politician, barrister and judge, Sir Edward Carson (1854–1935). (Meg is pictured distributing copies of the ‘Irish Citizen‘ newspaper)

Margaret (Meg) Knight (1881–1958), was an Irish suffragette and feminist activist, born near Westport, in Co. Mayo, in 1881, the third of nine children. In 1922 she would be part of the delegation sent to review the destruction in Thurles and elsewhere in the wider county of Tipperary.

Mrs Connery was a strong advocate of women’s voting rights, conveyed publicly through her public speaking, lobbying, protesting and the publishing of articles in a variety of publications, especially in the Irish Citizen newspaper.

1916 Picture of Hanna Sheehy. 

The Irish Citizen newspaper, itself, was founded in 1912, by the Irish Women’s Franchise League, latter founded in 1908.
Amongst its founder members were Mrs Hanna Sheehy-Skeffington, (former resident of Loughmore, Templemore, Co. Tipperary, latter village just 11.4km from Thurles), [VIEW HERE]; her husband Francis Sheehy-Skeffington (1877-1946) [Note: latter executed in Portobello Barracks, today known as Cathal Brugha Barracks, in Rathmines, Dublin), together with Thomas MacDonagh executed revolutionary leader and signatory of the Proclamation of the Irish Republic, (born in Cloughjordan, Co. Tipperary, latter village just 39.7km from Thurles), and strict vegetarians Margaret Cousins and her husband; teacher, author, actor, poet and play write James Henry Cousins (1873–1956). [Latter is credited with the quote, “Wisdom is wisdom only to the wise,” and once suspected of getting ‘too close’ romantically, to Maud Gonne, (to the annoyance of poet W. B. Yeats), following the execution of her husband, the Irish republican and military leader John MacBride).

A leading figure in the Irish Women’s Franchise League, Mrs Meg Connery, where possible, heckled and disrupted political meetings, and was a strong believer in the use of physical force in her pursue for voting rights for women. After spending most of her life in Dublin, Meg’s activities, much like that of her close friend Hanna Sheehy-Skeffington’s, included breaking windows in the Customs House, Dublin Castle, London War Office, going on hunger strike being imprisoned and beaten in her pursuit of equality for women.
During World War I which saw the introduction of the Contagious Diseases Act, Meg protested feeling the purpose of the Act was to make sex safe for male soldiers and sailors. In 1915 the British government closed the North Sea for a number of days around the International Women’s Peace Conference in The Hague thus leaving Irish women unable to attend.

Meg’s final years on this earth were difficult due to failing health and poverty. and up until yesterday an unmarked grave in Mount Jerome Cemetery in Harold’s Cross, Dublin, marked the burial place of Meg Connery and her husband Con Connery, whom she had married 49 years earlier in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, in 1909.

Thurles.Info now asks the question, “Why is this historic information not being used as bate to attract/promote badly needed tourism to both Thurles town and the wider county of Co. Tipperary?


Tipperary ‘Road Patchers’ Fail To Appear.

The people of Thurles have long learned not to trust locally elected councillors or elected politicians, when their lips move.

Further proof, if proof was ever in doubt, was the statement published on the Facebook page of Councillor Mr Sean Ryan, dated March 28th last 2024. View HERE. (Note: Cllr Ryan has a habit of removing comments, especially from me; from his social media pages, so this statement of his may also vanish.)

Mr Ryan had stated that, quote, “Temporary repair work will commence on Kickham St. in Thurles, on Thursday April 4th & Friday April 5th. The major scheme for Kickham St. will commence in the summer.”

The people of Kickham Street, Thurles waited all day, today April 4th, and as expected, the potholes in the road surface got deeper and the gravel and muck from previous weeks of patching, continued to hop of the front window of my home, same encouraged courtesy of failings by town engineer Mr Thomas Duffy, in what I refer to as the (view link) “Duffy Pothole Solution.”

Damage caused by the ‘Thomas Duffy Road Surface Solution’ of pothole drainage.
Pic. G. Willoughby.

I had fairly pointed out, on Cllr. Ryan’s Facebook page, that an email received by me from Ms Sharon Scully, (TMD administrator), contradicted his timeline of work scheduled for the busiest road in Thurles town, which had been initially highlighted continuously over the past 3 years.

Ms Scully’s email [dated Wed, 27th March, 18:46] read: “I can confirm that I have been to Kickham Street many times including over the last number of days and weeks.
I can further confirm that the construction phase for the N75 Liberty Square to Anner Hotel scheme in Thurles is scheduled to take place between August and December of the current year.
Temporary patching of the road will continue until this permanent work can take place.

Sharon Scully.

20.32 centimeters (8 inch) deep crater normally filled twice weekly on Kickham Street, Thurles.
Pic. G. Willoughby.

Ms Scully’s reply, having visited Kickham Street, as she stated ‘many times’, further is proof that this county, at least, is governed by Transport Infrastructure Ireland and not by Tipperary Co. Council officials or local Councillors.

I had also pointed out that Cllr. Ryan was involved in an advanced form of electioneering with local elections scheduled on the immediate horizon. (Pictures sent and my comment were removed by Cllr. Ryan in case Mr Micheál Martin might refer to his Facebook.)

Road surface today on Kickham Street, Thurles, (April 4th, 2024.)
Pic. G. Willoughby.

Yes, An Tánaiste Mr Micheál Martin was in Two-Mile-Borris yesterday, canvassing. He later dropped into the Arch Bar in Liberty Square, Thurles. Those rubbing of his suit jacket, included TD Mr Jackie Cahill, Cllr. Sean Ryan and European candidate Ms Cynthia Ni Murchu. (His arrival was unannounced.)

I am convinced his formal procession, latter riding in motor vehicles, entered Thurles via Mitchel Street, for surely Mr Martin would have asked why the road surface on Kickham Street, was in such a 3rd world condition entering a town.

I await my request, sent some weeks ago, on how to appeal against property tax payments made over the past 3 years, same request having been sent to the Minister for Environment, Climate and Communications, Mr Eamon Ryan, (, and the Minister for Finance, Mr Michael McGrath, (

I notice TD’s within the present government set themselves above replying to requests made by those who elected them.

Is An Tánaiste, Mr Micheál Martin fully aware that the name Fianna Fáil will most likely vanish within Co. Tipperary over the period of the next 3 elections, [Local, European, and General], due to total political indifference, shown by elected representatives of his political party.

Meanwhile, with regards ‘Temporary patching‘, the waste by Tipperary Co. Council continues.


Ongoing Saga Of Kickham Street, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

Today, on TippFM local radio we learn, through an interview with local elected Independent Cllr. Mr Jim Ryan, that a major upgrade of the road surface and footpaths on Kickham Street, Thurles are likely to start maybe next August 2024.

Kickham Street this evening after the ‘Pothole fixer’ came and went.

According to Cllr. Mr Ryan, some residents of the area have complained of loose chippings, latter flying up into their houses and gardens. He failed to mention the double glazed window broken by flying gravel; the rotting door timbers on houses; school pupils and adult pedestrians being struck by flying gravel and their wet clothing, same soaked by the torrents of water flowing past blocked shores.
Truth is Cllr. Mr Ryan resides just one mile from this area, same easily the busiest entrance and exit in and out of Thurles town centre.

Footpath evidence today, proving that pedestrians are being assaulted by stones from disintegrating tarmac, fired from the wheels of passing trucks and motor vehicles.

So, how many times has Thurles.Info contacted Tipperary Co. Council, Mr Joe MacGrath (Chief Executive) and Thurles Municipal District Council, Ms Sharon Scully (Thurles Administrator) together with locally elected councillors?
Note: Dates that Thurles.Info highlighted this issue before reading the published links, shown hereunder, starting in 2021, with video and undeniable photographic evidence provided.
Note Also: You are going to be asked to vote; to return some of those who have neglected our community, back into office again in the coming weeks.

February, 23rd, 2021,
July 23rd, 2021,
February, 13th, 2022,
May 10th, 2023,
November, 19th, 2023,
May 10th, 2023,
May 12th, 2023,
May 13th, 2023,
September, 27th, 2023,
November 19th, 2023,
November 23rd, 2023,
January 3rd, 2024,

Road surface on Kickham Street, Thurles, today.

Cllr Mr Ryan failed to state that Thurles Municipal District Administrator Ms Sharon Scully (twice invited to view this area); and Director of Services Roads/Transportation and Active Travel, Mr Marcus O’Connor, both failed/refused to correspond to numerous emails forwarded to them, between February, 23rd, 2021 and January 3rd, 2024.

Kickham Street, Thurles, this evening.

Under the guidance of Local engineer, Mr Thomas Duffy, his staff, in a way observed by locals as being foolish, unreasonable and even amusing, (using what appeared to be a Stihl TS420 14in Cut-Off Consaw), cut a 3.81 centimetre (1.5in inch) wide channel to allow water to flow from one pothole into another. View Here to observe the undeniable evidence and see picture immediately hereunder.

Engineer Mr Thomas Duffy’s pothole irrigation solution. See channel cut to run water from one crater to the next crater.
Interior of front hall of one house on Kickham Street, as water is splashed freely against outer wall, the damp rotting interior timberwork.

Residents in the area can now email to express their total dissatisfaction with Tipperary Co. Council, We ask those corresponding with the customer service desk to please use the reference T-241140-T0G1, latter set up by Thurles.Info, in any future correspondence. See email hereunder, sent from Customer Service Desk

Dear George 
Thank you for your e-mail (Received March 14th) regarding ” Kickham Street Thurles “
I have forwarded your e-mail to the Thurles District Office for their attention and direct reply to you. (Got no reply from Thurles District Office). Should you wish to follow up on this case, please contact Customer Service Desk, quoting reference number T-241140-T0G1
Customer Service Desk,
Tipperary County Council,
Civic Offices, Clonmel / Civic Offices, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary

Fianna Fáil TD Mr Jackie Cahill, who uses this road at least 4 times each week, in criticizing his own Political Party, may just be right. “Fianna Fáil have stopped listening to the ‘Ordinary People’,” (whoever they are). Mr Jackie Cahill, readers will be aware, is the TD who recently brought a deputation to meet Mr Jack Chambers TD, (Minister of State at the Department of Transport), and failed to get even a future committment to build a ‘Thurles Ring Road, first sought 50 years ago.
Independent TD and government supporter Mr Michael Lowry also uses this roadway, and both TDs, who reside in Thurles, should be thoroughly ashamed, and embarrassed, because of their total inaction on this matter.

In an email forwarded to the Minister for Environment, Climate and Communications, Mr Eamon Ryan, (, and the Minister for Finance, Mr Michael McGrath, (, Thurles.Info has now asked how residents in this area can appeal against their Local Property Tax, same forcibly removed from the incomes of persons residing on Kickham Street, and whose homes, which have been continuously damaged over the past three years, due to a lack of basic road repair. The request, sent 12 days ago on March 14th last, we now eagerly await a response.

We can be forgiven for believing that Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) now govern this troubled country, which is totally lacking in governmental leadership.


Holycross, Co. Tipperary – Drama Festival Results 2024.

The ever popular Co. Tipperary, Holycross Drama Festival, (under the administration of Director Mr Donal M. Duggan and his experienced committee), now in its fortieth year, saw participating groups playing nightly to packed houses, of loyal drama fans and not surprisingly, many new faces, all attracted by the talent performing in this year’s week-long festival.

This year’s adjudicator was Mr Michael Poynor, (A.D.A), who hails from Derry, and holds an impressive curriculum vitae, including Artistic Director for the Lyric Theatre, Belfast; Harrogate Theatre, Yorkshire; Stage ’80 Theatre company, Belfast; Ulster Youth Theatre; The National Youth Theatre Of Wales; and currently Artistic Director at the Ulster Theatre Company. Chief Executive of the Millenium Forum, Derry, and Head of Culture and Arts at Queens University, in Belfast; Mr Poynor is an award winning Director and Lighting Designer having directed over 150 productions; designed ‘Sets’ for 120 and ‘Lighting’ for over 250, as well as ‘Fight Directing’ for some 100 productions.

Final Results.

Pic. L-R: Adjudicator Michael Poynor, (A.D.A), and Holycross Drama Festival Director Donal M. Duggan.

Overall Competition:

Hannifin Cup: (Awarded to ‘Most Entertaining Play’)“The Ferryman” – Ballyduff Drama Croup, Waterford (D.G.).
Gallagher Award: (Awarded to ‘Most Promising Actor/Actress’) – Shane Foley ”The Ferryman”, – Ballyduff Waterford D.G.
Dr. Morris Memorial Cup: (Awarded to the ‘Best Tipperary Group’) – Brian Friel’s “Dancing at Lughnasa”, – Holycross/Ballycahill, D.G.

Josie Slattery Award: (Awarded to ‘Overall Best Set’) – Joanne Bannon ”Stolen Child”, Moyne, Thurles, D.G.

Best Lighting: – Conor McGowan, “The Ferryman“, Ballyduff, Waterford, D.G.

Best Sound: – Emily Aherne & Liam Walsh “Antigone” Bride-view, D.G.

Adjudicator Awards:

1st Adjudicator Award: – The Wild Dance ”Dancing at Lughnassa”, Holycross /Ballycahill, D.G.
2nd Adjudicator Award: – Trio of Young Sisters, “The Ferryman”, Ballyduff, Waterford, D.G.

Confined Competition:

Joe Boyle Award for Best Actor: – Ken murphy as Mick Tracey in ”Stolen child” Moyne, Thurles D.G.
The Maudie Bourke Award for Best Actress: – Geraldine Delaney as Angela in “Stolen Child”, Moyne, Thurles D.G.
Best Supporting Actor: – Norman skillen as Mooney/Mr.Mullen in “Same Old Moon”, Sliabh Aughty, D.G.

3rd“On Rafferty’s Hill”, – Wayside D.G.
2nd “Now and Then”, – Harvest Moon D.G.
1st Tipperary Star Cup“Stolen Child”, – Moyne, Thurles D.G.
Best Producer: Joanne Bannon – Moyne, Thurles D.G.

Open Competition:

Best Actor (Matthew Bourke Trophy): – John Stack as Quinn Carney in “The Ferryman” Ballyduff, Waterford, D.G.
Best Actress: – Grainne Kenny as Caitlin Carney in “The Ferryman”, Ballyduff, Waterford, D.G.
Best Supporting Actor: – James Lenane as Teiresias in “Antigone”, Bride-view D.G.

Best Supporting Actress : – Mary Colbert as Aunt Patricia Faraway in “The Ferryman”, Ballyduff
3rd“Dancing at Lughnasa” – Holycross/Ballycahill D.G.
2nd “The Lonesome West” – Kilmeen D.G.
1st – Tipp FMm Radio Trophy: – “The Ferryman”, Ballyduff, Waterford, D.G.

Best Producer: – (Frank Gleeson Award) – Ger Canning, Ballyduff, Waterford, D.G.