As we informed you on April 25th last; today April 30th, is Poetry Day Ireland.

The theme for Poetry Day Ireland (2020) is ‘There Will Be Time’, and not surprisingly our resident poet, Mr Tom Ryan has put together a few well-chosen poetic thoughts on this very same subject. Thank you Tom.


Courtesy of Thurles Author & Poet Tom Ryan ©

Ethereal and eternal,
In the great uncertain romance of the world,
Life’s but a quiet moment after all,
Where, by God and nature blessed,
Happily have I spent my nights and days,
Pursuing my simple dreams and inoffensive ways,
Ever wisely on the edge of eternity.
My soul in endless time my friend,
And joyful love and laughter that must transcend
The nothingness of vain, unworthy things,
The folly of the age.
By sparkling stars and streams the time I dwell,
Little to give to all but time.
To linger, listen, laugh with love,
The never ending music and perpetually mysterious rhyme,
Of this great universe and humanity all around,
Gifted by God of endless time to man by ingratitude bound,
Who must consider now nature,
And infinite time’s pitiful and sad appeal,
For the greedy, thoughtless, unremitting hours,
In this space of mindless destruction,
Of our beautiful, precious and too transient race and place.


Tom Ryan “Iona”, Rahealty, Thurles, Co. Tipperary


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