Covid-19 Update: Wed. 29th April 2020 – 31 Deaths – 376 New Cases

The Department of Health has confirmed this evening that a further 31 people have tragically died from the Covid-19 virus, here in the Republic of Ireland. These latest figures bring the death toll, from this pandemic, to 1,190.

A total of 376 new cases of the coronavirus have also, today, been identified here in the Republic, bringing the total since conception to 20,253.

Over 13% of cases have required hospitalisation, with 355 cases admitted to ICU. Over 12,222 people have recovered from the virus, while 1,164 cases have been discharged from hospital; giving a total recovery rate of 70%.

Here in Co. Tipperary the number of virus cases confirmed; as at midnight on Monday, April 27th last, are reported as remaining at 370, with no new cases confirmed. However, from information received this evening, we believe these figures to be somewhat inaccurate.

Please listen; do as asked; social distance, and isolate.


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