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Dail Bar:

Leinster House Dail Bar

Authorities in Leinster House are being asked to consider shortening our Dáil Bars hours of trading. Ceann Comhairle Mr Sean Barrett has added this ‘after hour’s issue,’ to an agenda for consideration at the next meeting of the Dáil’s main technical committee.

This once unlicensed “speak easy,” which recently has been in the spotlight, since it emerged that several TDs had been drinking heavily during one of the Dáil’s rare late-night recent debates, beats local competition for the price of its tipple. Customers can avail of ‘Guinness,’ costing €4.30 a pint, and ‘Heineken,’ for €4.70 compared to an average €4.80 and €5.20 usually paid outside this club’s precinct.

This subsidised alcohol price, saw turnover increase at this once “No Women Allowed Síbín,” by 5% from €138,600 to €145,623 in the twelve months to the end of December 2012. (Not bad consumption rates for 166 people on a three day week.)

Anyway, could over fraternizing at this favoured watering hole be the reason then why Ministers, TD’s and their staff, fail to answer e-mails; e.g Leo Varadkar, Allen Kelly and Richard Bruton.

Here on Thurles.Info we wrote to Minister Leo Varadkar requesting why a rail ticket from Thurles to Monasterevin had increased by over 100% – no reply. We wrote to Minister Richard Bruton last April hoping to discuss job creation in the town. We received the standard automated customary, “Thank you for your communication …. Will talk soon,” communication, and then no further contact. With Alan Kelly and e-mails, well he and his staff operate a contemptuous “Pretend and deny we ever got it,” system, which if pushed is then excused by an e-mail whitelist/blacklists anti-virus filtering system.

Some weeks ago we received a call to meet Mr Kelly to discuss issues here in Thurles on some Friday he had in mind. Despite an e-mail reminding him and requesting a date suitable for him to meet us, alas no reply. (Curses; foiled yet again by his anti-virus filtering system.)

On the other side of the Coalition North Tipp Fine Gael Deputy Noel Coonan has credited The Gathering with the increase in overseas visitors to Ireland, informing Tipp FM that the increase of 5.4%, announced by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) nationally is proof of what he is being told from business owners in Tipperary, that the Gathering has given tourism here a welcome shot in the arm. Here is a TD who obviously is unaware that at least 8 hotels in the county are in receivership with two now completely closed. He also has not read the Draft North Tipperary Tourism Strategy & Action Plan 2012 – 2014. Please, please, please take the time to skim down through this short draft document.

See page 6 [Table 1.1 Tourism Numbers in Mid West (Preliminary) 2010, Source Fáilte Ireland.]


The number of people visiting Ireland in the first half of this year, according to the Central Statistics Office possibly did increased by 5.4 % with those coming from north America up by over 15%, but how many of these statistics identify labourers and builders coming from Canada (Yes, latter is part of North America) as recent emigrants on a visit to their families back home. Note none of this 5.4 % increase certainly hit North Tipperary and British tourists fell by 1.1% nationally in April and June compared to last year, down from 735,200 to 726,900, despite the massive funding spent marketing by Tourism Ireland on just Dublin city alone.

It is also imperative that our readers see the funding handed out through Leader under the heading; (See pages 6 – 11 Inc.)  North Tipperary LEADER Partnership, Summary of Tourism Related Rural Development Programme Investment, 2009.

Thurles Summer Arts Festival 2011 [Total Investment Cost or TIC] €24,009.18 – Thurles Halloween Festival 2012 (TIC) €67,472.50 – The Source Arts Centre, Thurles (TIC) €57,398.00. This financial figure does not include bucket collections on Liberty Square. Were any job’s created, was one tourist attracted I ask?

Yet, a call for the return of the Derrynaflan Chalice, latter stolen from our midst to assist and promote a Dublin economy, was found by North Tipperary Co Council, according to the same Deputy Noel Coonan, to be financially not viable and would cost €100,000 to accommodate here in Thurles.

Deputy Coonan it appears has not yet worked out that “Customers only create Jobs.”

Yes it appears our ‘know all,’ TD’s do not wish to listen or communicate with those who elected them, outside the precincts of the Dail Snug. Our voices are only required on voting day. Their deafness reminds me of the yarn told about an elderly grumpy member of our envied Irish justice system, who had a similar hearing problem.

Have you anything to say before I pass sentence?” asked the Judge.
Feck all,” said the defendant.
I’m sorry, I didn’t hear that,” replied the ageing Judge, & turning to the Clerk of the Court, he enquired as to what the man had said.
He said ‘Feck all,’ Your Honour,” responded the Courtroom official.
Really?” puzzled the judge. “I could have sworn I saw his lips move.”

One of the world’s greatest social musical commentators, New Jersey and rock legend Bruce Springsteen is appearing in Kilkenny this evening. I am sure his first number as usual will be “Death To My Hometown.” Do you remember the lyrics ?:

They destroyed our families’ factories and they took our homes,
They left our bodies on the plains, The vultures picked our bones,
So listen up, my Sonny boy, Be ready for when they come,
For they’ll be returning sure as the rising sun.

[From Springsteen’s Album “Wrecking Ball.” (2012)]


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