Household Named Products Being Shrunk By Deception

Chocolate-BarMany people currently struggling to make ends meet presently here in Thurles, may not have noticed it fully just yet, but some product manufacturers are shrinking everyday standard household products in an effort to increase already healthy profits.

Over the past 12 months, hundreds of items commonly to be found on our supermarket shelves have begun to shrink, while their asking retail price remains unchanged. The bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk has been reduced from 230g to 200g. The Snack, the Curly Wurly, Magnum & Carte D’Or ice cream, Birds Eye Burgers and some Fruit Juices have become victims of this deliberate attempts to deceive Thurles shoppers.

Other non-edible common grocery products, including Persil Washing Tablets, Pamper Baby Wipes, Toilet rolls, Soap, Pond’s Cold Cream and Kitchen paper rolls, have all now been reduced considerably both in size and content.

Increases in ingredient costs are being blamed for this sudden shrinkage, which if the manufacturers are to be believed, has increased by as much as 25%.


5 comments to Household Named Products Being Shrunk By Deception

  • Fonsa Foyle

    And bags of potatoes in Tesco’s too. Bought a bag yesterday, it weighed only 2 kilos for E2.49 when it used to be 2.5 kg.. I checked the other brands and this was the same too.

  • Michael

    The public do not complain enough. Without complaints everything will keep shrinking.

  • Chris

    Kraft foods bought Cadbury’s a few years ago. They promised not to move production to Poland but as soon as they got their hands on the company they did. Not only is the chocolate smaller but it’s made using cheaper ingredients

    Jacobs biscuits and silvermints are made in Poland too

  • George Willoughby

    Anyone else notice weight changes or other shrinkages? If you do drop us a comment. I believe some canned goods are also affected with canned containers no longer having pull rings on lids for easier opening. That said I bought another competitors bar of Whole Nut today in Lidl for .67c. Twice the size of a Cadbury’s bar, no difference in taste whatsoever.

  • Michael

    It’s not only food products that have been shrunk by manufacturers.


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