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Where Is Thurles Co Tipperary Marketed

I refer to my previous rant of March 21st last. Please also see Here and view Here. I also draw your attention to Here and to the correct comment made by one of our readers, Rona, just yesterday. Indeed to fully understand that of which I rant,  it is essential that you the business person, you the unemployed and you the student, latter possibly depending on Summer casual work to afford next year’s school fees, read all three links.

Next Visit Here, North Tipperary Arts Website, another site financially supported by North Tipp Co.Co.

Let us pick just two categories.
Go to Theatre & Performance on this site. Is The Source Theatre in Thurles advertised?
Go to Galleries & Museums on this site. Is the GAA Museum or Thurles Famine Museum in Thurles represented? Is Thurles LIT a museum? How much use and what is the cost of funding this useless website?

I believe it is fair to say that Thurles town, situated in North Tipperary, is hardly recognised on this site, yet Minister Phil Hogan wants us to fund North Tipperary Co Council & Thurles Town Council, who sit idle as the Nenagh area hogs the limelight.

Why Is Thurles Not Marketed?

Do not ask me; ask your local elected representatives. In relation to St Mary’s Famine Museum, all information was forwarded for inclusion on this site, both Text & Pictures.

However a clue to this marketing failure may possibly be found here, in the Thurles and Environs Development Plan 2009-2015 drawn up by North Tipp County Council and I quote:

The potential of the tourism industry in Thurles Town and environs is largely undeveloped. There does, however, exist:

  1. Poor understanding of the towns inherent historic characterises;
  2. Inadequate protection of the historic environment;
  3. Lack of development of commercial activities associated with the heritage industry, such as hotels, leisure activities, organised trails, etc;
  4. Environment problems such as traffic congestion, pollution and poor quality building stock.

An attractive town centre goes hand in hand with a strong tourism base.

It would appear our Local, County and Government elected representatives of all political party’s haven’t read this yet.

In a press release last October, Tipperary North/South Offaly Deputy Noel Coonan stated:

“Fine Gael TD for Tipperary North/South Offaly Noel Coonan, has urged local people right across Offaly and Tipperary to get on board for The Gathering and start thinking about how they can be involved in the biggest tourism initiative this country has ever seen. The Gathering, as announced by the Minister for Tourism, Leo Varadkar, will be a year-long programme of events in 2013 aimed at showcasing the best that Ireland has to offer. While major festivals will play a huge role, there will also be a focus on gatherings organised by local community groups and organisations. And that’s why I’m calling on people in the locality to get involved,” said Deputy Coonan.

“Now is the time to start coming up with ideas and for local individuals, clubs and groups to put their thinking hats on. An event could be anything from a family reunion to a sporting event or a local festival. It’s all aimed at getting the Irish abroad and anyone with an interest in Ireland to come to these shores in 2013. It’s hoped the Gathering could attract an extra 300,000 visitors to Ireland, with huge economic benefits.” etc, etc.

Attempts to contact Tourism Ireland & Failte Ireland, regarding above, met with unanswered automated Emails from the former. In the case of correspondence then sent to Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Leo Varadkar, this also went unanswered. Eventually through the office of Noel Coonan TD a reply was forced. (Click on Image above for larger resolution. Note: Date of letter.)

Surprise, surprise, I am still waiting for a member of Failte Ireland’s Team to contact me.

Fáilte Ireland has seen its operating allocation fall by  5% to €59.4m this year, saving just over €3.1m. A special allocation for ‘The Gathering,’ will be made later in the year, which will mean that overall funding for tourism will only be reduced slightly in 2012 and 2013.
The Tourism Marketing Fund will be reduced by 5% or €2m to €39.3m.  Tourism Ireland’s administrative budget will be reduced by €500k or 3%.
A total of €77m will be spent on tourism capital projects between 2012 and 2016, principally on projects which have already been announced. Most of this fund has already been allocated and Thurles will in no way benefit.


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