Baby Hearing Screening Comes To Tipperary

Hearing Screening for new born babies is now available at South Tipperary General Hospital, in Clonmel, Co Tipperary

Parents of all babies born at South Tipperary General Hospital, from last Wednesday (21st March 2012) are being  offered, free-of-charge, a hearing screening test, prior to being discharged from hospital.

Babies who do not have a clear response in one or both ears from the initial tests carried out, will, within a week of being born, be seen for a full assessment at the Regional Diagnostic Audiology Clinic in Waterford Regional Hospital, shortly after their discharge.

A specially trained “Hearing Screener,” uses two non-invasive tests to screen the newborns’ hearing, with neither of these tests causing any discomfort whatsoever to the new born infant.


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