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Co. Tipperary Wins Award For Energy Management

tippOn Thursday night last, Tipperary County Council won the Public Sector Sustainable Energy Award at a ceremony organised by the National Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI).

The SEAI itself has a mission to play a leading role in the transformation of Ireland to a society based on sustainable energy structures, technologies and practices. SEAI is partly financed by Ireland’s EU Structural Funds Programme co-funded by the Irish Government and the European Union.

The award was won by Tipperary County Council for work in relation to its energy management performance and on its uptake of renewable energy solutions.

Tipperary County Council contested strong competition from three other finalists in the Public Sector category, namely; The Dublin Airport Authority, Gas Networks and An Post, who were also strong opponents in this close run national contest.

Cathaoirleach Cllr. Mr Seamus Hanafin and Council Director, Mr Matt Shortt accepted the award on behalf of Tipperary County Council, at a gala ceremony in Kilmainham Gaol.

Speaking following the acceptance of this award, Tipperary County Council Cathaoirleach Cllr Hanafin, stated that the award further highlighted the outstanding achievements by Tipperary County Council who, in partnership with Tipperary Energy Agency, were fully committed to upgrading their sustainable energy policy.

Praising all involved in finding genuine renewable energy solutions, Cllr. Hanafin stated, “Huge benefits have accrued to both Tipperary County Council as well as the people of Co. Tipperary. These benefits are borne out through achieving major cost reductions brought about by providing retrofits for both public buildings and houses, thus also greatly reducing our current carbon footprint.”

Entrants to the 2015 Sustainable Energy Awards have saved an unprecedented €48 million in the last year, through their extraordinary sustainable energy projects undertaken.


Christmas Toy Assistance From St. Vincent de Paul

ChristmasToyDistribution-ApplicationFormDo you need help with Toys this Christmas?

If you reside in the Thurles/Moyne areas, St Vincent de Paul (SVP) may be able to assist you with the purchase of toys for your children this Christmas. Complete the attached ‘Toy Application form hereunder and send same to the following address, no later than Monday 30th November 2015.

Address: St Vincent de Paul, St Mary’s, Parnell Park, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

A printable PDF file of this application form can be downloaded here: ChristmasToyDistribution-ApplicationForm The SVP will contact each applicant to discuss their submitted application.

If you are unable to download the attached PDF, note application forms are available from the following offices;
Fred’s Fashions, Slievenamon Road, Thurles, Co Tipperary.
St. Vincent de Paul Office, St Mary’s, Parnell Park, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.
Thurles Library, The Source, Cathedral St., Thurles, Co. Tipperary.


“Whoso stoppeth his ears at the cry of the poor, he also shall cry himself, but shall not be heard.”  Proverbs 21:13.

SVPPerhaps YOU can give a gift to St. Vincent de Paul this Christmas.

It is always the wish of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SVP) that every family will have what they need for the Christmas 2015 season.

To this end, those better off amongst us are invited to give a gift to St. Vincent de Paul in association with Aldi Supermarket, thus helping a family in our community who may be in need this festival season.

Choose a gift to the value you would like to donate from the options on the poster shown left above. (Click on Poster for larger magnification). Your support will ensure that families in your local area receive the help they need this Christmas.

Last year, thousands of families in communities’ right across Ireland celebrated Christmas with the help of schools, businesses and people just like you. Unfortunately, this year even more people truly need your support.

Please sign up to take part in the “Giving Tree” today and donate a gift to make Christmas that little bit brighter for children and families who are struggling in your community.

For more information contact your local Regional Office or Email: fundraising@svp.ie or Call: (01) 838 6990

Other ways you can Donate
By Phone: Just call 01-8386990 or find your local office
By Post: Please send cheques to Freepost DN 1096, Society of St. Vincent de Paul National Office, SVP House, 91-92 Sean McDermott Street, Dublin 1
By Bank: To:-Bank of Ireland, Phibsborough, Dublin 7; A/C Name: St. Vincent de Paul Council of Ireland. A/C Number: 80005599; Sort Code: 90-06-23; Bank Identifier Code: BOFIIE2D; BAN Code: IE70 BOFI 9006 2380 0055 99.

Thank You


Are Irish People Mathematically Illiterate?


No offence intended, but are Irish people mathematically illiterate?

“Take care of the pennies, George, and the pounds will take care of themselves”, warned my now late Grandmother, Eliza Jane; using, as only she was wont to do, a well-known pithy saying which acknowledged general basic truth.

Recent happenings in relation to our day to day financial spending now beg the question; “Do our primary schools actually teach basic mathematics to our children anymore?”

So called ‘Copper’ coins holding values of one and two cent are now on their way out in seven EU countries, with Ireland the latest to drop their circulation, using a system known as “Rounding up or Rounding down”.

From the end of last month, (October 2015), our countries retailers are required to ‘Round Up or Down’ to the nearest five cent; in our present governments effort to phased out the daily use of small coinage. Now ask yourself; “Who will most benefit from this decision?”  These coins (generally referred to as Coppers), are composed of just copper-covered steel. This ‘glorified shrapnel’ referred to as coinage have been in use since 2002, though some are dated 1999, which is the year the Euro was first created as a currency, but never placed into general circulation.

Some 3 cents in every Irish Euro are now being stolen, yes stolen, from the pockets of consumers by this Irish Fine Gael /Labour led government decision. Same represents €3 in hidden taxation in every €100; the equivalent of €30 in hidden taxation on every €1,000 earned annually.

Based on an unemployed persons income, (under the age of 21), same persons who currently only receives €100 from the Irish State weekly, thanks to the Labour Party; they stand to lose annually, €150. It follows therefore that Old Age Pensioner in receipt of €200 per week now stand to lose some €300 annually. The recent Fine Gael /Labour Vote buying election Budget for 2016, which so generously granted old age pensioners an increase of a meagre €3.00 per week or €3 x 52 weeks = €156 annually, has actually reduced their annual existing pension by some €144 per year. (The imposition of €0.50 cents added to a packet of ‘fags’ had already cost these pensioners some €3.50 per week, based on the purchase of one packet per day.)

So what will this estimated annual €3 million saving, gained by no longer manufacturing these one and two cent coins; not to mention the extra hidden taxation imposed on daily consumers, be used to support? Will it be handed to Irish Water; used to solve issues in Homelessness, Social Housing, Education, Hospital Services, the Nation Debt, or will it go to pay for endless Independent Enquiries, Government Consultants etc.; surely taxpayers are entitled to some basic information from the Minister for Finance, Openness and Transparency, Mr Michael Noonan?

Remember our last efforts in January 2002 to “Round up and Round Down”; when a previous government-made decision to dump the Irish pound, was introduced, to favour the introduction of our present weak Euro, was “Rounded Down”?

Maybe it is now time to update and re-write this age old English proverb to read; “Get rid of your pennies and the government will take care of your pounds.”

Maybe we could have a Referendum and when we agree on a correct wording, if passed, add it into the Irish Constitution to assist government theft into the future.


Tipperary Employment Figures For October 2015

According to CSO unemployment figures published yesterday 29 extra people joined the Live Register in Roscrea over the past 31 days. Elsewhere in the county 250 people left the Live register obviously having either emigrated, died or entering Tús or JobBridge schemes; but very few be assured entering into actual paid employment here in Co. Tipperary.

See 10 month CSO Live Register figures for Co. Tipperary shown hereunder.

North Tipperary and Associated Towns – 2015

JanFeb —- Mar AprilMay— –June July—- Aug Sept –  –OctTown/Region Jobs Created During October 2015
6,312 6,237 6,139 6,030 6,199 6,462 6,601 6,475 5,843     5,798—      North Tipperary         Down 45
2,568 2,497 2,465 2,446 2,529 2,635 2,658 2,589 2,371 —–2,341———       Nenagh              Down 30
1,166 1,168 1,138 1,119 ––1,1641,187 1,246 1,213 1,059 —  1,098——          Roscrea              Up 39
2,5782,572 2,536 2,465 2,506 2,640 2,697 2,673 2,413 —  2,359———-      Thurles               Down 54

South Tipperary and Associated Towns – 2015

JanFeb —- Mar AprilMayJune —  July—- Aug —  Sept       OctTown/Region Jobs Created During September 2015
7,8647,786 7,681 7,595 7,809 7,998 8,110 7,957 7,297 —-7,092——-    South Tipperary        Down 205
1,129 1,120 1,096 1,071 1,094 1,145 1,164 1,128 1,038 —-1,006————       Cahir                 Down 32
1,6851,674 1,650 1,625 1,663 –-1,697 1,719 1,688 1,560 1,557——        Carrick-On-Suir       Down 3
1,0601,035 1,015 – —998 1,017 1,025 1,063 1,035    931—-    911——-           Cashel                Down 20
2,4802,489 2,4642,470 2,562 –-2,611 2,616 2,586 2,356 2,243————     Clonmel               Down 113
1,510 1,468 1,456 1,431 1,473 1,520 1,548 1,520 1,412 1,375——-     Tipperary (Town)      Down 37

Earlier this week Tipperary TD Michael Lowry demanded that the ‘prevailing veil of secrecy’, on issues regarding the imminent closure of Lisheen Mine, must now be discussed openly. To date it would appear his warning on this serious issue has received no support from current government elected representatives and he remains, to quote the Prophet Isaiah, the sole “voice crying in the wilderness”, with regard to his demands that State Agencies come forward to play a real meaningful role in directing alternative industry to this well appointed and ready equipped 1200 acre mine site.

The silence locally, on radio, TV and in the press is deafening.
From as yet unconfirmed information made available to Thurles.Info, we glean that at least 160 current full time employees of Lisheen Mine are expected to loose their jobs prior to Christmas 2015.


Thurles Winter Fuel Special Offer

With the long winter nights imminent it is worth noting that for a short period while stocks lastCentenary Thurles Co-Op, Templemore Road, Thurles, Co Tipperary, are running once again this year their Winter Fuel Special Offer.

This ‘Special Offer’ is as follows:A Warm Coal Fire

1 x 40kg. bag of Premium Polish Coal for €17.25 – Collected.
5 x 40kg. bags of Premium Polish Coal for €85.00 – Collected.
5 x 40kg. bags of Premium Polish Coal plus 5 Bales Briquettes for €96.00 – Collected.
3 x 40kg. bags of Premium Polish Coal plus 2 Bales Briquettes for €56.00 – Collected.
Briquettes (Bord Na Mona)  per single Bale presently €3.85 – Collected.
3 x 1 Bales Briquettes presently just €10.95. – Collected.

Latter Briquette offer alone represents a colossal saving of €2.55 when compared to some shops / petrol stations / supermarkets, who currently today were extorting up to €13.50 for the same 3 Bale purchase;  and up to €21.00 for a single 1 x 40kg. bag of Polish coal; latter representing a colossal €3.75 above the ‘Special Offer’ shown here above.

You can contact Thurles Centenary Co-Op during normal business hours at Telephone: (0504) 91950 or telephone any of their other Agri Stores, in Tipperary by clicking HERE.