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Warning – Watch Out For Revenue Phishing Scam

Revenue Commissioners

Revenue Commissioners

The Revenue Commissioners have yesterday (03/01/2014) become aware of fraudulent emails.  Same purport to come from Revenue and seek personal information from taxpayers in connection with supposed tax refunds.

These ‘phishing’ emails may be headed ‘Notice of Tax Return,’ ‘Tax Return for year 2013,’ or ‘Notice of Tax Refund.’

Phishing (Pronounced Fishing) is a scam where bogus emails are sent to people in order to trick them into revealing personal or financial information. If an unwary person follows a link in the email, they will be taken to a fake web page, which will try to trick them into entering personal information such as a PIN, a password, a PPS number or other bank account information. That information may then be used in various ways, e.g. to apply for credit card in the person’s name, or write cheques from their bank account.

Phishing emails may pretend to come from various government departments such as Revenue, Social Welfare, Banks, Credit Card companies and Online Shops. They may contain what appears to be realistic logos and very official sounding text. They may even carry a warning about phishing.

Note: Revenue officials are forbidden to send emails which require their customers to send personal information via email or pop-up windows. Any person therefore who receives such an email which purports to be from a government department like Revenue and suspect that same is fraudulent or a scam should simply delete it the content from their mailbox.  Anyone who is currently awaiting a tax refund should now contact their local Revenue Office to check its present status immediately.

Note: Anyone who may have already foolishly provided such personal information in response to these fraudulent emails, should now contact their bank or credit card company immediately.

Happy 2014 From Everyone In Thurles Tipperary

Because You Loved Me

“For all those times you stood by me, for all the truth that you made me see.
For all the joy you brought to my life, for all the wrong that you made right.
For every dream you made come true, for all the love I found in you.”

(From the song “Because You Loved Me,” sung by Céline Dion from her twenty-first studio album “Falling into You,” with lyrics by Diane Warren.)

While New Years Eve is a time to look back, it is also a time to give thanks and look forward to what we in Thurles hope will be a good year ahead.

When the clock strikes 12:00 midnight tonight, may it herald into our homes a new and happier future and the realisation of all that is good for each of us and our families, in the year about to dawn.

With this thought in our minds, Thurles.Info wish each and every one of you, wherever your currently reside, a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year for 2014 and beyond.

Funding For Tipperary Active Elderly Groups

moneySome 50 odd groups across County Tipperary have been granted what are being whispered as funding, worthy of the Charles Dickens character ‘Ebenezer Scrooge,’  in the government’s efforts to encourage older people to be more active.

As part of the ‘Go for Life‘ grants scheme, being implemented by the present government, just €15,000 has been allocated to be divided up between 50 older active groups in North and South Tipperary.

Two groups in Thurles, namely Thurles ARA and Thurles ICA are to receive just €270 each.

Thurles town’s near neighbour Cashel will receive €260 each for two community groups; namely Cashel and District ARA and Cashel Day Care Centre, while to the north the neighbouring town of Templemore ARA group will received also a mere €270.

Groups in Clonmel, Roscrea, Tipperary Town and Nenagh are also to receive similar sums of funding.

When divided up, one wonders which shop will benefit most from this massive injection of public capital, but on the other hand I suppose one should be grateful, certainly no currently elected representative in Tipperary can be accused of attempting to ‘rig’ the European and Local Elections, to be held next year.

Still, I suppose when organisations in this country are permitted to steal hard won charity donated funding, intended for the mouths of children with disabilities, allowing same instead to be used to top-up the demanded pay of worthy executive types, (We won’t mention government special advisers, same paid thousands of Euro over agreed terms and conditions.) these elderly people should be on their knees thanking God that they get even one crumb, which occasionally falls from this State’s well protected cake stand.

In the words of Charles Dickens; “No space of regret can make amends for one life’s opportunity misused.” (Extract from ‘A Christmas Carol.’)

North Tipperary V M C – €5000 For Down Syndrome

To give pleasure to a single heart by a single act is better than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.” – Mahatma Gandhi.

Members of North Tipperary Vintage and Machinery Club, (NTVMC) led by John Dunne (Chairman), Murty Ely (Treasurer), and Mary Doyle / Mary Russell (Joint Secretaries) are pictured here presenting a cheque for €5,000 to the local branch members of Down Syndrome.


This presentation was made last Saturday night in Corcoran’s Pub, Two-Mile-Borris, Thurles, here in Co.Tipperary.

The Club’s Chairman Mr John Dunne spoke of the magnificent efforts of all involved, who had so generously & unselfishly supported their annual fund raising events, not just financially but also by donating their much valued time to all projects undertaken.

Mr Edward Hayes, representing Down Syndrome, in thanking the North Tipperary VMC for their generous donation, spoke of the tremendous work being currently carried out by their Association here in Co Tipperary.

Photo courtesy G.Willoughby.

Local Area Credit Union Art Competition 2013

CU-ArtistsPictured above, at a recent presentation, are the prize winners of the Credit Union Art Competition (Local Area) with Mr DJ Darcy (Thurles Credit Union President).

Credit Union Poster Competition Winners 2013

7 Years & Under: 1st Prize, Amber Bannon, Ballycahill N.S.;  2nd Prize, Emma Carey Scoil Iosagáin, Upperchurch; 3rd Prize, Sophie Delaney, Moycarkey N.S., Pouldine.
8 Years – 10 Years: 1st Prize, Roisín Bambrick, Leugh N.S; 2nd Prize, Louise Wellwood, Urlingford N.S. Co Kilkenny,; 3rd Prize, Kevin Fitzgerald, Littleton N.S..
11 Years – 13 Years: 1st Prize, Amy Bourke, Presentation Secondary, Thurles; 2nd Prize, Charlie Tobin, St Kieran’s N.S., Johnstown, Co Kilkenny; 3rd Prize, Joe O’Donoghue, Coláiste Mhuire CO-ED, Thurles.
14 Years – 17 Years: 1st Prize, Emily Bourke, Ursuline Secondary School, Thurles; 2nd Prize, Zoe Taylor, Presentation Secondary, Thurles; 3rd Prize, Michelle Hickey, Colaiste Mhuire, Johnstown,Co Kilkenny.
18 Years & Over: 1st Prize, Kelly Morris, Colaiste Mhuire CO ED, Thurles; 2nd Prize, Roland Santos, Colaiste Mhuire CO ED, Thurles.

Special Category Winners 2013

7 Years & Under: 1st Prize, Paul Crowe St Kevin’s N.S. Littleton.
11 Years – 13 Years: 1st Prize, Eoin Sharkey, St Kieran’s N.S. Johnstown, Co Kilkenny.
14 Years – 17 Years: 1st Prize, James Wellwood Colaiste Mhuire Johnstown, Co Kilkenny.
18 Years & Over: 1st Prize, Bernadette Dunne, Millennium Resource Centre, Glengoole; 2nd Prize, Pat Purcell, Millennium Resource Centre, Glengoole; 3rd Prize, Donie Horan, Millennium Resource Centre, Glengoole.

Congratulations to all who took part in this popular local area Credit Union event.