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Tipperary Community & Voluntary Sectors Take Note


A public meeting to discuss the future of the community and voluntary sectors in North Tipperary under the new county-wide structure.

Mr Frank Higgins (Chairperson CAVA) reports.

CAVA, North Tipperary’s Community and Voluntary Association, are holding a public meeting to discuss the changing face of Community and Voluntary involvement in the newly established County Council structures in County Tipperary.

The meeting will take place in the Abbey Court Hotel in Nenagh on Tuesday the 15th of July beginning at 8:30pm sharp.

CAVA are inviting any and all groups that are involved in the Community and Voluntary sector throughout North Tipperary to come along on the night to express their views on where the Community and Voluntary sector see themselves going over the coming years, working under the new Tipperary County Council and Municipal District structures.

The meeting will be hosted by CAVA and will be an informal format where all matters relating to the Community and Voluntary sectors will be discussed in an open forum. CAVA hope to see as many people as possible in the Abbey Court Hotel, Nenagh on July 15th, so please do feel free to contact them for any further information by Telephoning 086 8606000 or via Email to

For those of our readers not familiar with CAVA, same was established in March 2001 to act as a representative voice for all Community and Voluntary groups in North Tipperary in various bodies and committees such as North Tipperary Development Board, Strategic Policy Committees, Tipperary Leader and other relevant decision-making structures.

This is an important meeting and should be attended by all Community and Voluntary groups regardless; now active in North Tipperary.

Co.Tipperary Workspace Availability Study Underway

LEOTipperary’s Local Enterprise Office (LEO) has finally commenced a review of all industrial workspaces available across the County.  This review occurs following the recent merger of North and South Tipperary and will focus on the need to create badly needed job opportunities here in the county presently.

This review will now determine in full all workspaces available and will culminate in the provision of a register of identified vacant industrial and other properties; thus giving future vision to a valuable marketing resource for all upcoming or already existing entrepreneurs both within the County and further afield.

This workspace availability study will focus on identifying all types of workspaces; ranging from light industrial units, advance factories, ‘Hot Desk’ space, food grade workspace whether to be found in public or private ownership. Same will involve contacting Chambers of Commerce, local Auctioneers, IDA, the Local Authority, Institutes of Technology and community owned enterprise centres etc. to fully establish what spaces are currently vacant, together with full details as to the length and term of any possible tenancy available, the cost per sq. metre, etc.

Property owners wishing to be added to this ‘Workspace Data Bank’ are asked to contact the Local Enterprise Office to confirm that they have space now available or even presently under construction, either for sale or lease. The obvious benefits of this study is that it will highlight discrepancy pockets within Tipperary which in turn could support a future business case for seeking investment in workspace in the County and where demand for such space has been already established.

These newly identified property listings will continue to be maintained and will be made available to all future entrepreneurs, through the Local Tipperary Enterprise Office.

If anyone is interested in being included in this data listing and in having your particular enterprise space promoted, please contact Anthony Fitzgerald, Business Support Unit, Tipperary County Council, Ballingarrane House, Clonmel, Telephone 052-6187074 or Email: or talk to any of the LEO staff accessible though your new Co. Tipperary Local Authority.

Attention Tipperary Freight, Logistics & Transport Sectors

Mid-WestIreland’s Mid West Region consists of counties Clare, Limerick and North Tipperary, along with Limerick city; latter which is the regional capital.

Freight, logistics & transport sector stakeholders from industry, government and business support agencies, local authorities & academia will discuss how the Mid West Region could become a strategic freight logistics hub with direct connections to some of the world’s global logistics hubs.

This workshop event is taking place at the Castletroy Park Hotel, Limerick, from 8.30am to 2.00pm, on Wednesday May 28th 2014

The themes of the ‘Sustainable Freight Gateway’ Stakeholders Workshop include an examination of the existing conditions and opportunities for Mid West region transport modes & freight logistics, and European Funding Programme opportunities.

There will be a series of presentations and demonstrations on a range of issues including Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) for Freight Transport, new on-line Geoportal of key infrastructures in North West Europe, new brand for the Limerick-Shannon Sustainable Freight Gateway, Port of Portsmouth new Track & Trace System, demonstrator of Inter-modal Route Planner, the Shannon Estuary and Green Freight Europe, while there will be a CNG freight vehicle on-site.

Facilitated by the Mid-West Regional Authority, the event is being supported by Limerick City & County Council, Shannon Airport, Irish Exporters Association, Shannon Foynes Port Company, Irish Road Haulage Association (IRHA) and the National Transport Authority.

The workshop event is being co-financed by the Weastflows INTERREG IVB EU Project, which aims to improve and enhance freight logistics across a west-east axis in the North West of Europe through a combination of freight mapping, innovative technology and a drive to promote sustainable logistics.

Thurles Chamber Launch Local Election Business Manifesto

ThurlesThurles Chamber has invited all Local Election Candidates to their official launch of its Local Elections Business Manifesto which will take place on Thursday May 15th next at 9.00pm in the Thurles Chamber Enterprise Centre.

Thurles Chamber’s current President Mr John O’Shaughnessy has invited all Local Election candidates to attend and show their support to local businesses, latter who in turn currently sustain their respective local communities in the Templemore /Thurles electoral district, through providing not only local services, but who maintain and continue to create local employment.

In launching this Manifesto, Thurles Chamber will identify two key objectives in particular; (A) Reduction in the cost of doing business, (B) Creation of local job opportunities.

“Thurles Chamber believe that, if the implementation of the measures contained in our manifesto are followed through, same will create jobs in construction, retail and the various tourism sectors,” said John O’Shaughnessy, announcing the launch today.

A Notice of Invitation has now been issued to all Election Candidates in the upcoming Local Elections, to attend.

Mr O’Shaughnessy stated; “We would encourage all Local Election Candidates to attend this very important event to have their say, in what we hope will be an engaging evening. We are also intending to record this event and place same on our website and other media sites, to assist in promoting all the worthy candidates. We would really appreciate the usual  full attendance by Thurles Chamber Members at this event; to further demonstrate to our local politicians the importance we, as a business community, have in the decisions that local politicians make and which impact on our business lives here in Mid Tipperary on a daily basis.”

New Hidden Tipperary Tourism Brochure

It is also expected that the newly designed “Discover Hidden Tipperary,” tourism brochure will also be launched by Thurles Chamber on the same night in question, latter the joint work of the newly formed Thurles / Holycross/ Upperchurch tourism group known as ‘Hidden Tipperary.’
This brochure is also expected to be made available to download worldwide in a Portable Document Format (PDF), possibly prior to its launch by Thurles Chamber and will also be offered by the said group, in hard copy, to Accommodation Service Providers, Library’s etc., existing throughout the surrounding areas, in the coming weeks.

Fine Gael Minister Phil Hogan Ain’t No Plumber


“You are going to be down to a trickle,” promises Fine Gael’s Phil Hogan.

One question being asked in Thurles this evening; “Is Phil Hogan the second Fine Gael Minister to breach Irish Data Protection this week?”  This question has come about following his indiscreet announcement yesterday, which exposed in advance, intimate details regarding the cost of water charges, to this countries rain-soaked and miserable water sodden taxpayers.

Same final details were agreed only officially at lunchtime today, despite same being ‘leaked’ (no pun intended) in advance by Phil who was adamant that his colleagues in Labour had a major part to play in its introduction. It had been three weeks since a Cabinet meeting had supposedly ended in disarray, with no deal what-so-ever on the shape of the water charges to be implemented, being agreed. But then maybe our Phil was just ‘testing the water,’ (again no pun intended).

Water Charge Tax for adult family of 7 people to exceed €700 annually or about €13.50 per week regardless of who is in paid employment.

Anyway, as Phil told us yesterday, it is now agreed by Fine Gael and Labour today that the threatened ‘Standing Water Charges’ are being abolished, the average bill will remain at around €240 a year and every household is getting a free allowance linked to the number of children under 18 living in each household. This latter allowance will help to make up for the cuts made by Labour in recent budgets affecting Children’s Allowances. (With 7 adults residing in my house at weekends – mainly home to get their laundry washed – all paying water charges in their own right – should I now charge them a two-day admission charge at the door, prior to entry?)

This thoughtful government outfit has also been more than generous with regard to the disabled, the pensioners, those suffering certain medical card conditions and carers who will all get an extra free allowance on top of this charge, roughly valued at €100 a year, to be assembled from the social welfare budget which they also cut in recent budgets – this gift further proof (as if it was needed) that this country is now in full-scale recovery mode.

This Fine Gael and Labour government will also give a free gift of 30,000 litres of water per household per year, in the knowledge that the average household in Ireland use 140,000 litres of water a year, based on 2.7 people living in a house.

As my headline above suggests, our Phil is no plumber. He suggests, in his usual affable way, that those who refuse to pay water charges will see their water pressure turned down to a trickle, so I’m off to my builders providers tomorrow to get a couple of extra storage tanks for the roof. Sure at night the water pressure is bound to increase due to lack of usage, filling my extra tanks without Phil’s knowledge and allowing me to waste as much water as possible the following day.

One wonders now, with only a trickle of water coming through our household water system, will we need extra Home Insurance for our electric showers or will this Fine Gael and Labour government compensate us when our electric shower element burn out?

Then again here is a perfect opportunity to create local employment. Fill up all those nice neat round holes, designed for water metres, with a shovel of ready-mix concrete; sure someone will have to dig them out again with a Kango hammer. OK, don’t all yell, it was just a thought solely in the interests of reducing unemployment and getting this country back on its feet again.

Good Lord, as a law-abiding citizen myself, far be it from me to go encouraging anyone to break Irish law, particularly causing hurt to one of the largest money wasting quangos (Irish Water) ever set up in this country, I hope you understand.

I wonder who will get my vote in the Local & European election on May 23rd next.

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