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Aherlow House Hotel Tipperary Closed With Job Loses

AherlowAuburn Hotels (Aherlow) Limited, Aherlow, Co. Tipperary has announced, with great regret, that it has been obliged to cease trading as Aherlow House Hotel, with effect from the 9th February 2016.

The scenic hotel has surrendered possession of the hotel premises to the Receiver of Aherlow House Hotel Ltd, Mr Costelloe of Messrs Grant Thornton’s, Limerick office, with immediate effect.

Auburn Hotels (Aherlow) Limited had been in negotiations with the receiver of the hotel over an extended period with regard to the future of the property and in the expectation that it could remain operating the premises, having envisaged that bookings could be taken for functions for dates into the future.

It is now understood that the receiver intends to place the hotel for sale on the open market and that the present lease granted will not be renewed or extended; leaving the company with no option but to cease trading with immediate effect.

Some 25 employment contracts held by the hotels staff have been now terminated and the hotel will not itself be in a position to carry through bookings already confirmed. The hotel is understood to have in excess of 40 weddings and other functions confirmed for the year ahead, but say it will not be in a position to meet future commitments. However the Receiver has requested full particulars of all bookings for weddings and functions to be furnished to them, together with full particulars of all staff currently employed. Same information will be passed on to all / any interested future purchasers.
Dundrum Hse Functions booked to take place in the immediate future at Aherlow House Hotel have now been accommodated at other venues including Kilcoran Lodge Hotel, Cahir and at the Clonmel Park Hotel, some 25km to 43km distance from the Aherlow venue.

Dundrum House Hotel

Fears are also growing for the immediate future of the wonderful Dundrum House Hotel, in Dundrum Co. Tipperary, situated some 28km from Aherlow House, where 110 employees have been given notice that their place of employment may also close within a month unless a new buyer can be located.

The loss of both superb Tipperary hotel venues are seen as a massive economic blow to the over all future of tourism in Co. Tipperary, particularly through attendance at numerous visitor centres, museums and the wider county’s rural economy.

Such job losses are not expected to feature on any Irish TV channels, unlike the loss of 140 jobs in Cleary’s department store in O’Connell Street, Dublin. Tipperary after all is only a jobless region somewhere in a long forgotten ‘Rural Ireland’.


Broken Promises Lead To Rural Tipperary’s Destruction

Some €150 million is being spent to redevelop the historic 1916 Boland’s Mill site in Dublin’s docklands, including the construction of a 15-storey apartment block, by Dublin City Council.

Buildings at No.14 to No.17 inclusive at Moore Street, Dublin have been purchased since 2015 from Nama, by Fine Gael Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht Heather Humphreys. Possibly three of these buildings were in ruins prior to the 1916 Easter Rising and therefore, despite Sinn Féin’s revenge protestations, are of no real historic significant.  Admittedly around three hundred Irish Volunteers and members of Cumann na mBan did use the cover of these derelict buildings to escape from the GPO after it caught fire, following a bombardment by British artillery; breaking in and tunnelled their way through gable walls. The fourth house No.16 is important, since it became Volunteer headquarters and the place from which it was decided to finally surrender on April 29th, 1916.

An extra €2 million in 2015, we are informed, was transferred from Arts to secure funding for the wages of staff operating free tourist admissions to National Cultural Institutions which included the National Museum of Ireland, the Natural History museum on Dublin’s Merrion Street, Archaeology on Kildare Street and the National Library of Ireland.

We are informed that a capital provision of €22 million was allocated in 2015 to a number of flagship projects, including the development of a permanent exhibition space and interpretative centre at the GPO in O’Connell Street; the renovation of Kilmainham Courthouse in Dublin to enhance the visitor experience at Kilmainham Gaol; the provision of a permanent visitor facility at Cathal Brugha Barracks for the Military Service Pensions Archive; renovation works at Richmond Barracks; the development of a Tenement Museum in Dublin; and the restoration of the Kevin Barry rooms in the National Concert Hall.

Forgetting the €150 million spend on the historic 1916 Boland’s Mill site, some €28 million, at least, has now been set aside for 1916 projects; all of which has one theme in common – DUBLIN.

KellyiToday the Tipperary Kelly / Coonan Circus rolled into Thurles, led by their Ringmaster the Minister for Property Tax, Water and higher Bin Charges, Mr Alan Kelly. You know the guy I mean; in April 2010, as an Irish MEP he had his Twitter account supposedly “compromised” and God forbid, if the little ‘divils’ didn’t write; “just got stopped by a pikey, scuse me sir, ya haven’t seen a black mare and white pony go by ave ya??? err no sorry”.  The word ‘Pikey’ here in “Éire of the Welcomes” is rightly considered a derogatory insulting racist reference, directed at members of our Travelling Community. (It was on the back of this insulting Tweet that no doubt gave justification to Labour’s Joan Burton to raise Kelly’s political stature to the post of “Minister for the Homeless”.)

The other partner of this Circus, Fine Gael’s Minister for Nothing or Other, Mr Noel Coonan also arrived into Thurles today; no doubt to familiarise himself after five years with the Thurles layout. After all when you get a few extra Saturday shoppers walking the town one thinks in the words of our Saviour Jesus Christ “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

The late session with the Taoiseach Enda Kenny in Templemore last night must have kept the junior Minister for Something or Other, Mr Tom Hayes running late; no sign of him.

Anyway, I digress; sure feck-it, unable to afford the price of a parking space in Liberty Square, didn’t I miss both or all of these fine publicly elected representatives.

Question: Why bother, I hear our readers say?
Answer: I suppose Firstly I wanted to sincerely thank all three for staying up in Dáil Éireann to vote, thus supporting their ‘Party Whips’ wishes; that they should support the largest majority government in the history of this State, instead of being down here in their constituencies of Co. Tipperary spreading “The Recovery.” Well done boys; as FG MEP Phil Hogan would have said “That’s real patriotism being expressed lads.”
Secondly: I wanted to thank them both for creating 135,000 jobs since 2012, and to explain that I understand perfectly, unlike other ungrateful bastards, why all three of these boyo’s failed miserably to find even one job, over the last 5 years in Tipperary, until 6 weeks before the forthcoming 2016 General Election.
Thirdly: Boys, what happened, on your watch, to ‘The Bolton Library’ down the road in Cashel?

Question: What the hell is ‘The Bolton Library’ I hear you say?’
Answer: Read on and be enlightened!

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Thurles Chosen As “Enterprise Town”

Thurles has been chosen as ‘Enterprise Town’ on 11th & 12th of March 2016

Thurles-Enterprise-Having completed their 2015 schedule, and having supported local communities in delivering 50 Enterprise Towns throughout Ireland, Bank of Ireland, Liberty Square, Thurles; through their Manager M/s Patricia Ryan, are delighted to announce that Thurles has now been chosen as “Enterprise Town” on March 11th & 12th, 2016.

This most successful of programmes to-date, brings local businesses and communities together, to boost and promote economic activity in the town chosen. A bespoke exciting schedule of events will be now be developed in each town, including networking and showcasing opportunities, to encourage residents to support local businesses.

The overall aim of this most promising initiative is to support local communities and to assist, where possible, in helping drive business for SME’s in their locality, whilst taking the opportunity to showcase in full all that the chosen town has to offer.

This ongoing and progressive initiative has been shown to continue to work with local communities in the past, in delivering a number of business and community events, through active participation by the local Bank of Ireland, working in close partnership with a dedicated and driven town committee.

“We want to support the development of local communities at both business level and in the wider context, incorporating schools, sports, social and charitable associations.” stated Thurles Bank of Ireland Manager Patricia Ryan.

To this end, Thurles please note that you the public are invited to a Community Meeting on Thursday next, February 11th 2016, to attend at the Bank of Ireland premises in Liberty Square at 6.15pm sharp, to launch this event due to take place on March 11th & 12th next.


Lowry Salutes Purchase Of Cashel Palace Hotel.

DSC_0144Tipperary Independent TD, Mr Michael Lowry has welcomed the news that the sale of the historic Cashel Palace Hotel has now been successfully concluded. “The substantial investment involved in this transaction is most positive news, not just for the town of Cashel, but also for tourism service providers throughout the county of Co. Tipperary and surrounding counties” stated Lowry.

Speaking yesterday Deputy Lowry said that he is pleased to have had the opportunity to assist and encourage this project from conception to conclusion.

“I am extremely impressed by the dedicated commitment given by the new purchasers; to restoring and expanding their latest acquisition as a commercial venture and in particular their enthusiasm in planning to make the existing hotel an integral part of the town, thus boosting, not just the present local economy but others further afield”, stated Deputy Lowry

Confirming the identification of the purchasing consortium, Deputy Lowry stated “Both the Magnier and O’Brien families have had a long and treasured association with the Cashel Place Hotel. It has been a pleasure to meet with their partner in this business, Mr. Teo AH Khing, (Mr Teo Ah Khing is the architect who designed the fabulous grandstand at Meydan in Dubai; latter truly an extraordinary architectural feat.) who is an impressive International businessman with interests already in the hospitality sector. The consortium are currently formulating exciting plans for their new acquisition, latter which will bring about enormous value to Cashel and indeed the surrounding areas.”

Deputy Lowry continued, “The Rock of Cashel remains a renowned ‘International Jewel’ within the Irish tourism sector, attracting over 300,000 visitors annually to Co. Tipperary. In the past, the town centre has not truly reaped the full benefits financially  normally associated with this high volume of tourist traffic.

Indeed from a tourism perspective Cashel has had a major infrastructure deficit. In the past it did not have the necessary capacity to accommodate a fraction of the visitors, who may have wished to ‘halt awhile’ in this historic town and to explore the many other magnificent visitor attractions not just in Cashel, but in Co. Tipperary, now being marketed as a fully con-joined county.

The appointed design team and archaeological specialists now have developed an exciting vision which will include and respect the traditions and heritage associated with Mikey Ryan’s Pub. They are having regular on-going discussions with senior management in Tipperary County Council and other appropriate state agencies.

The design team are familiarising themselves with the Cashel town plan, latter which emphasises the benefit of closer connectivity between the actual Rock of Cashel and the town which has developed ‘neath its shadow. They are confident that plans can be achieved through the reconfiguration of parking, improved access to the town and newly recreated pedestrian walkways”.

Michael Lowry is confident that the new owners of the Cashel Palace are more than willing to co-operate where practical, with the implementation of any future envisioned Cashel town plan.

“This is a most welcome development by this consortium, who have not just the financial resources, but also the vision, commitment and expertise to ensure and future sustain this acquired hotel amenity well into the future. The hospitality and catering on offer under this new plan will bring lasting long-term benefits to the economy of the whole town of Cashel”, concluded Michael Lowry, T.D.


Cllr Hanafin Welcomes Change In IDA Ireland policy

HanafinAt yesterday’s Municipal Tipperary County Council meeting, Thurles Cathaoirleach (Chairperson) Cllr. Seamus Hanafin stated; “The news of 300 new jobs recently announced for Nenagh by the US financial technology company First Data was indeed very welcome, particularly in light of the recent news of 126 job losses at the C&C Borrisoleigh plant; the some 350 job losses at Lisheen Mines, near Moyne and the expected closures of all Xtra-Vision stores in the county, latter which was announced only earlier this morning.”

Cllr Hanafin went on to state that the 300 promised jobs by ‘First Data’ in Nenagh was the first new ‘Foreign Direct Investment’ to arrive in North Tipperary in the past 20 years.

Cllr Hanafin stated; “This new investment now signalled a real awareness in current IDA Ireland’s thinking and I hope this same change of attitude will go on to deliver yet more jobs into Co. Tipperary into the near future.”

The Cathaoirleach had been to the fore in arranging for IDA Ireland to attend a ‘Work Shop’ last July at The Anner Hotel, Thurles and had been verbally critical, on a regular basis, of IDA Ireland’s neglect in respect of their middle Ireland policy. “However I am happy on this occasion to give IDA Ireland credit; where credit is observed as being justly due,” stated Cllr Hanafin.

The Cathaoirleach also acknowledged the work of Mr Joe MacGrath, C.E. Tipperary Co. Council whom he stated was; “Tireless in his efforts to get this new badly needed investment of the ground.”

Cllr Hanafin stated that he would now be examining specific ‘site-ready’ locations across Co. Tipperary in the coming months, which could be deemed, for the most part, ready, easily available and accessible, for other future foreign or domestic investment.