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Counterfeit New Style €50 Notes Now In Circulation

Gardaí in the mid-west region state they have become aware of a number of counterfeit new style €50 notes, latter which have now been entered into circulation from earlier this month.

A Garda warning states that, “Gardaí at Roxboro Road Garda Station have been made aware of a number of counterfeit €50 notes being used in Limerick and surrounding areas. These new style notes came into circulation recently.”

Gardaí further state “We would like to remind people to make sure to carry out essential security checks on Euro notes. Obvious security features should be identified before accepting notes, these include;  Checking for the watermark,  Security thread,  Hologram Patch and Raised Print. The value numeral on the old style €50 note will also change colour from purple to olive green or brown when tilted if the note is genuine.”

Gardaí invite people to take “a few seconds to feel, examine and tilt Euro notes”, thus preventing fraudsters from passing off these counterfeit notes as the genuine article.

Regular readers will recall we at Thurles.Info spoke about this recently. For those of you who missed that particular post, please click HERE.


€1.17m Fund Announced For Youth Clubs

A €1.17m fund has been announced for small local Youth Clubs.

The Department of Children have announced a €1.17m fund for small local youth clubs.

This announcement represents a 10% increase on last year’s funding and its particularly aimed at small volunteer led organisations.

Some 1,600 volunteer led groups with a membership of some 90,000 young people, will now be open to apply for this funding through their local Education and Training Boards.   (Contact Tipperary Education and Training Board Head Office HERE ).

The Department wisely state that any spending on youth is an investment in the future of local areas, communities and Ireland in general.


Cost Of Postage Increases From Today

The cost of a postage stamp has increased from today, with the standard domestic letter rate for items weighing up to 100g, within our green isle, increasing from €0.72c to €1.00. The standard ‘International Letter Rate’ for weights up to 100g will also increase from €1.10 to €1.35. 

An Post state that these increases of between 12% and 39% right across the full range of Irish mail services are now necessary for them to continue to meet their Universal Service Obligations. They also claim that

Mr David McRedmond (An Post CEO) has stated recently that this present price increase represents the average price across Europe, and their new domestic stamp rate of €1.00 is still well below the EU Average of €1.10, surely the accuracy of his statement must remain questionable. The price of an Irish stamp today remains the forth highest in Europe (See above); with the average price of a stamp in Europe standing at around the 75 cent mark.


Euromillions Winning Ticket Sold In Tipperary

A very lucky Irish person (or persons) has won a prize of €500,000 in last night’s ‘Euromillions’ draw.

The winning numbers were 7, 16, 25, 32 and 45 and the ticket was sold here in Co. Tipperary; that’s according to confirmation from Lotto HQ.

One lucky person from France did win the Euromillions jackpot, and will walk away with €83,397,527, having matched five numbers plus two stars.

Now the search is on in Tipperary to find the winner, so do take time to check out that ticket in your pocket this morning.


New €50 Bank Note In Circulation From Yesterday

A new €50 bank note, with enhanced security characteristics and featuring a portrait watermark of the Greek figure Europa, went into circulation across all Euro Zone countries yesterday.

It is claimed that the new €50 bill will offer better protection against counterfeiters and can easily be checked by persons using the ‘look, feel and tilt’ method. For example; (a) There is a portrait window that when held against the light, the hologram itself becomes transparent. (b) To assist those visually impaired there is raised print and raised lines along the side of the note. (c) While on the main image, the lettering and the large value numeral feel thicker, the colour of the number 50 changes when tilted; changing from emerald green to deep blue.

The design of these new bank notes are similar to notes already introduced in recent years in the €5, €10 and €20 ranges.

The Central bank states that the new currency also offers second-level security for use by professional cash handlers, as well as special security features that the Central Bank itself alone can recognise.

Last year some 307,000 x €50 notes were identified as being counterfeit.
While the new note will circulate alongside existing €50 notes; the Central Bank expect to have some 50% of all old notes removed from circulation within the next 12 months.