Parking Spaces, At Aldi Thurles, Sinking Under Water.

Aldi Thurles driving customers away, due to flooded car parking spaces.

Regular shoppers to ALDI, the German multinational family-owned discount supermarket situated at Kickham Street, Lognafulla, Thurles, Co, Tipperary, are being forced to venture off to shop elsewhere, due to customers being asked to exit their vehicles, to walk in up to 7.62cm of water (3in) every time it rains.

It would appear that the parking areas at Aldi Thurles, latter possible one of the best shopping experiences in Thurles, has sunk due to constant heavy traffic and is now badly in need of immediate maintenance.

Sadly, only 10% of parking spaces are free of water within the area provided, forcing people to chance using invalid vehicle appointed spaces or go shop elsewhere.
Why this has been allowed to happen all during this winter period, Aldi, when contacted this morning were unable to answer, but promised to immediately examine the problem.


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