Saharan Sand Arrives In Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

Many people across Tipperary and indeed Ireland, woke up to dirty looking vehicles, yesterday morning, despite same remaining stationary over last weekend.
All vehicles without a garage or not sheltered, were found covered in a light form of brown dust on the roofs, windows and windscreens of their vehicles.

Sahara Dust Arrives In Thurles.

There is, however, thankfully an explanation for this dust.
Same is being generated by clouds of sand particles coming from the Sahara Desert; same reaching very high altitudes. The particles are being transported worldwide, suspended in the air, covering thousands of miles and causing a decrease in European air quality; sand being visible on our streets and a reddish/orange sky colour in our atmosphere.

A few showers added overnight on Saturday and early on Sunday last and the result was Sahara dust being brought down to ground level, out of our atmosphere, all across Ireland and indeed other European countries including Spain, France and Germany.

Satellite images have shown huge amounts of this dust spreading across Europe, as people share eerie pictures of glowing orange skies.

This phenomenon is not new, often happening several times a year when big dust storms in the Sahara coincide with our southerly wind patterns; latter, this week, bringing our promised increase in temperatures.

The lack of rain over the past few days has meant that we haven’t really seen as much of this Saharan dust being grounded, as we have observed in previous years.


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