Let’s Thank Local Thurles World Earth Day Heroes.

Today, Thursday April 22nd is “World Earth Day” and this year’s theme is “Together, We Can Restore Our Earth”. It is estimated that more that 1 billion people will participate in World Earth Day activities across 192 countries, making it the largest civic observance in the world.

Earth Day activities range in size from global summits to individual initiatives and no activity is considered too small. Earth Day isn’t a one day a year event, but rather a special day that aims to raise awareness of challenges and dangers faced by our global and local environments. It also recognises the incredible work we can do to restore our earth as part of individual and collaborative efforts both locally and globally.

Here in Thurles, one community group (comprising members of “Refresh Thurles” and other volunteers) epitomises this year’s World Earth Day theme of “Together, We Can Restore Our Earth”, as well as its emphasis on the importance of community action and collaboration.

As the video highlights, down through the years, this Riverside Walk has been the victim of neglect, pollution from developments and vandalism, but the efforts of this altruistic group has done much to unlock the beauty of this, so often overlooked, local treasure. 

Pictured in our slide show above are volunteers Una Crowley, Mary Joe Fanning, Catherine Fogarty, Rona Sorrell, and David Crowley. However there are many other heroes who contribute greatly and are not featured, including Eamonn Medley (Thurles Lions Club), who recently supplied the featured bird boxes and Eamonn Mason, who replaced numerous shrubs, sadly stolen on two previous occasions.

Throughout the year and on many weekends, this group of civic minded volunteers show up to clean up the Riverside Walk. Armed with Black Sacks, Spades, Heavy Duty Gloves and Rubbish Grabbers; they play their part in the fight against local pollution. As well as the unpleasant job of picking up other people’s rubbish, these unsung heroes work together to unlock the potential of this sometimes overlooked walkway. Among other projects, they have introduced plants and birds boxes to make this area more hospitable for humans and our friends in the animal kingdom.

This community group seeks no reward for its work, other than the satisfaction of a job well done and the knowledge that they are doing their bit to “Restore Our Earth”.

At and to mark World Earth Day 2021 we would like to clearly spotlight this selfless local group and thank them for all their hard work and ongoing commitment to care for and restore our town’s “Riverside Walk”.

For more information and ideas on World Earth Day visit HERE


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