Bring ‘A Joy Of Poetry’ Into Young Lives With These Top Resources

Remember, tomorrow April 30th is Poetry Day Ireland.

Why not take some time to bring the joy of poetry into the lives of children and young people, with resources that will help them read, write and listen to great poetry.

Writing Poetry

Poetry Ireland creates excellent resource packs to support poetry exploration on Poetry Day and all year round. It is well worth checking out their back catalogue of Poetry Day resource packs.
Their 2019 pack is available by clicking HERE.
This pack provides many creative ways to get pupils writing different types and styles of poetry.
Other resource packs worth checking out are available HERE and HERE and HERE.

Reading & Listening to Poetry

Performing poetry with appropriate expression, rhythm and pace is an enviable skill, learned by listening to others read poetry.
One fantastic website, founded to inspire young learners by enabling them to listen to poetry, is ‘The Children’s Poetry Archive’ available HERE.

Treasured poets for young learners, (and older ones too), that you can listen to, include Spike Milligan, Michael Rosen and Roald Dahl. Poetry is explored and categorised across type, poet, theme and age. It certainly is one website that every parent, teacher and pupil should check out.

We hope these resources will help enhance your Poetry Day tomorrow and enable you to enjoy poetry all year round, with young and old.


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