New Thurles Town Park Opens To Massive Positive Fanfare

The new Thurles Town Park, which opened its gates to the Thurles public for the first time yesterday morning, has been greeted by all and sundry with massive positive vibrations. Our congratulations to Tipperary Co. Council employees, SIAC Construction, all local businesses and residents, who entered into the public consultation process leading up to the parks near completion.

This latest new town-centre venue boasts an all weather seven a side soccer pitch / basket ball court area, a skateboard park, 49 new vehicle parking spaces, two bus parking bays, traffic free walk ways and 10 outdoor gym equipment areas.

By ‘near completion’, I mean there remains still (understandably), some small jobs yet to be undertaken e.g. full completion of landscaping and the re-roofing of the now carefully preserved once old farmyard building; its architecture indicating it was  possibly built slightly before or during the Great Famine period (1843 -1848).

Lowry tierney

During my tour of the new park this afternoon I was fortunate to run into Independent TD Mr Michael Lowry and Templemore /Thurles Municipal Engineer Mr Michael Tierney, latter both surveying the overall project. Despite understandably constant interruptions from delighted mothers; all anxious to congratulate both men on their individual contributions in providing this welcome facility, I gleaned a wealth of information, which I now impart to Thurles.Info readers, who in recent days have expressed certain reservations regarding the future of this ‘state of the art’ project.

Reservations expressed on social media by local residents
Graffiti: Engineer Mr Michael Tierney confirmed that all areas are now fully painted with an anti-graffiti surface coating.
Lighting: Mr Tierney also confirmed that this new amenity area will remain fully lit, at low cost, during the hours of darkness.
Use of CCTV: Presently 8 closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras survey the area on a 24 hour basis. Deputy Lowry is confident that this area can now be monitored on screen, direct to the Thurles Garda Station communications room.
Anti Social Behaviour: Deputy Lowry stated that unacceptable anti social behaviour, for the most part, was not any major problem in Thurles, when compared to large towns in Ireland of similar size. However he was confident and would be recommending that following the next full meeting of the Templemore /Thurles Municipal Council, new bye laws would be introduced to combat any such occasional breaches of acceptable conduct in this area.
Access To WI-FI: Mr Lowry and Mr Michael Tierney both confirmed that free public WI-FI would be made available within this area within the coming months, as soon as a suitable safe and secure accommodation was identified for necessary equipment installation.

Deputy Lowry stated that it was now essential that a tendering process should be hastened, with regards to the re-roofing and restoration of the picturesque salvaged farmyard building, which would further lead to the enhancement of this massive new Thurles amenity.

Deputy Lowry also stated that a huge debt of gratitude was now owing to the local business community, whose rates had financially funded this major new Thurles amenity.

A number of excellent suggestions; latter voiced by visiting mothers to Mr Lowry, have now been passed on to Mr Tierney, all of which will be shortly reviewed, bearing in mind issues of health and safety.

To all involved in any way in this venture – “Congratulations and Well Done”.


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