A Happy & Peaceful Christmas To All From Thurles.Info


From Thurles.Info, may we wish our readers, and contributors; wherever you are tonight, a Happy, Healthy, Peaceful, Joyous and Holy Christmas.

To all those working over this Christmas season, providing public services through policing, our fire services, carers, clergy, nurses and doctors etc., go our very special thanks to you for your consistent, loyal and steadfast dedication.

“Happy Christmas Everyone.”


3 comments to A Happy & Peaceful Christmas To All From Thurles.Info

  • Katie.

    George. What wonderful thoughts in this message. I have emailed this 6 times this morning on behalf of our expats here on the coast. I have send two to Canada on behalf of John’s family.
    ‘Happy Christmas to you all at home.”


  • Michael
  • Katie.

    Love it Michael. Just what we need at this time of year. What with all the hustle and bustle around in shopping centres and on the roads. Thanks Michael for your wonderful sense of humour once again.

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