One Million Readers – Thurles.Info Thanks You

StatsChecking our website ‘Statistics Counter’ last night, which we do from time to time, we discover that Thurles.Info has now passed the one million readership mark, since its initial conception.

Many of you, our readers, may possibly have wondered how many people read this community based website on a daily basis.  The answer to your question is now proudly displayed in the picture, herewith attached, which shows our daily readership figures from last Thursday until 12.00 midnight last night. (Click on image shown left for larger magnification.)

Our ‘Returning Daily Visitors’ can be seen here in the yellow column, ‘Unique Visits’ are recorded in the blue column, while ‘Pages Viewed Daily’ can be observed in the green column.

Our sincere thanks must now go to those who made comments on Thurles.Info regularly to date, expressing their views and more especially those of you who informed us, contributed text or kept us updated on community events etc., thus ensuring not just our but also their continued success.

To the over one million of you, living in every country in the world, who continue to read our varied content, must also go our sincere thanks. As a small rural town here in Co Tipperary, by your reading, contributing and the sharing of our content, you are keeping Thurles to the forefront in showcasing our local, friendly, well-educated and picturesque rural existence.

So if you want to get your particular information ‘Out and About,’  fast and on the same day, why not hit the ‘Contact Us’ tag to be found top of our Thurles.Info Home Page?  Over 1,500 readers each day would love to hear from you.

If you think that could be further improved, thus offering you an even greater public service, talk to us and we will give great consideration to all or any suggestions offered.

Thank You, One & All.


3 comments to One Million Readers – Thurles.Info Thanks You

  • Michael

    Very good, the world will know about Thurles and maybe come and visit and spend a bob.

  • Katie

    George. It was brought to my attention that Peter Murtagh wrote in the Irish Times about Irish killed fighting for Anzac forces. He went on to say that there was a special ceremony being held in Dublin and Ruth Adler the Australian ambassador to Ireland would be attending. Our expats would like to know why then was there no mention of these brave Irish Service men and women, who were killed serving with the Anzac troops whatsoever here on Anzac Day. We went up to Brisbane and not one flag recognizing these service men and women. Our group would be most grateful if any of your reader’s could throw light on this subject. Or where I might be able to get such information. Because we intend to make sure these Irish service men and women are recognized next Anzac day 2015. Thanks George from all the Expats here on the Gold Coast.

  • Hi Katie
    See link:
    I regret I cannot answer you question but I suspect that many of these men are listed as British soldiers rather than being of Irish extraction, despite residing here in Ireland. Ireland then was still under British rule. As you can see in the past I have attempted to highlight this matter.

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