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Major work is now in progress to highlight the major tourist attractions to be found here in Mid Tipperary.

The work, currently being undertaken by the new tourism group Hidden Tipperary, hopes to increase awareness of mid Tipperary’s multitude of visitor attractions to audiences both at home and abroad using the World Wide Web (WWW), thus fulfilling the prediction of Arthur C. Clarke that satellites would someday “bring the accumulated knowledge of the world to your fingertips.”

Meanwhile Hidden Tipperary hope you enjoy this short video on Holycross.

To this end readers of are invited to visit Hidden Tipperary and take time to ‘Browse.’ You will be amazed at the information provided about Co Tipperary, to which you were possibly previously unaware.

With hundreds of millions of websites online and more coming online every day, you will undoubtedly find Hidden Tipperary a site that you will want to revisit time and time again, so do use ‘Bookmark This Page’  to save their WWW address, ensuring that you can return there quickly and without having to retype the address again and again.

Better still, alternatively you can also get new regular uploaded information sent in your Mail Inbox free, via FeedBurner, simply by inserting your Email address in the box supplied, positioned on the Right Hand Side of the  Hidden Tipperary’s Home Page, ( See: “Subscribe to Us.”).

Meanwhile, those of you involved in the Tipperary B&B, Restaurant and Hotel sectors are invited to contact Hidden Tipperary at Contact Us, or Tel 0504 -21133, with regard to adding their business details to this site, thus making it the most comprehensive of websites on the county of  Tipperary for prospective visitors to browse.

Support Hidden Tipperary Tourism Group – Your economic futures may depend on it.


2 comments to Support Hidden Tipperary Tourism Group

  • Katie.

    George. I thought this site was most appropriate to ask you the following question.
    Can one drive on an Australian License in Ireland? Is it true that you drive on the opposite side to us? I am almost certain you can drive with an Australian License but had to give the right information. Thanks George. How I remember the ‘Holy Cross Abbey.’ Its a place to visit on our list.

  • George Willoughby

    Hi Katie, Yes answers both questions.

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