Thurles Book Launch – In A Time Of War

WarA new book by author John Dennehy will be officially launched in Thurles Library, situated in The Source building, Cathedral Street, on Thursday next, June 20th 2013, at 7.00pm.

Guest speaker for this event will be Mr Denis Marnane.

In this captivating new history book, entitled “In A Time Of War,” (1914 – 1918,) Tipperary native John Dennehy explores in great detail the profound political, economic, military and social impact of the Great War on just one Irish county; his own County Tipperary.

Little has been written about the impact of World War I on everyday life – food prices, the role played of women, soldier suicide, foreign refugees, etc.

It was a time of contested loyalties at home and unparalleled brutality abroad, and while the ordinary citizens were well aware of the bloody toll, thousands still continued to enlist. With the men now moved to fight, the women were mobilized to assist, playing a central role in all aspects of the home front from fund-raising to training in first-aid, yet all contributing to the emergence of women’s freedoms in Ireland after the war.

Yet, the insensitive handling of recruitment and the aborted attempt to impose conscription thus ensured there would be no successful transition from war to peace and Tipperary emerged radicalised and divided from this conflict.

The dramatic general election of December 1918 and the battle for independence that followed, muffled the trauma and emotion Tipperary experienced during World War I and set the scene for the political convulsions that would follow.

This is the story of that time – a microcosm for the impact of the Great War on Irish society as a whole. A truly excellent & factual read.

About The Author:

John Dennehy is a journalist from Clonmel, Co. Tipperary. He gained his PhD in history at University College Cork and has contributed to several publications on the subject of Tipperary during the First World War.


2 comments to Thurles Book Launch – In A Time Of War

  • Katie.

    George. I will certainly try and get one of John Dennehy’s book’s. It is just what we want in our Library for our expats and sounds great. George do you know anything about the “Black Pooka” This creature looks between a monkey and goodness knows what! A member thinks it was some type of creature found in old castles in South of Ireland. Any ideas George.

  • George Willoughby

    The Black Pooka is a creature from Irish Folklore, which every parent threatened / frightened their children with, to make them behave or go to bed early.
    Correctly spelt as Púca in Irish, it was said to inhabit coastal areas mainly and brought good and bad fortune. It varies it’s form from a small bull to a horse wearing chains to a rabbit, goblin, dog or goat. Being a coastal dweller myself, I was threatened with it by my grandmother on numerous occasions, usually for reading by candlelight in bed instead of going to sleep. I saw it once at night, while with my uncle. I was about nine and was very impressed, but in reality as I discovered later it was a seal on the rocks overlooking Morris-Castle beach in Co Wexford.

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