Will Thurles Now Get Free Parking On Saturdays?

Central Thurles

Central Thurles

The Nenagh town council here in North Tipperary, in their wisdom, have decided to allow free parking in its car parks on Saturdays.

This new initiate comes into effect from February 1st 2013 and has been officially sanctioned by last week’s Town Council budget meeting.

While this initiative is expected to reduce the Council’s income by some €60,000 annually, it is generally accepted that this new proposal will now greatly assist in stimulating business entering the town and thus will also create the required level of fair play, when attempting to compete with other Nenagh periphery retailers, latter who currently are in a position to offer free parking all day, 365 days of the year.

Could Thurles Town Council now perhaps show similar flexible, in an effort to respond to our failing town centre business concerns? Is this now the perfect opportunity for Thurles Chamber of Commerce to pile on the pressure, on behalf of their business membership?

After all there will be no local Councillors & their expenses to pay in the not to distant future, thank God and the god like Minister Phil Hogan.


4 comments to Will Thurles Now Get Free Parking On Saturdays?

  • Michael

    Thurles is a FairTrade Town. It must be hard to do Fair Trading when there is not fair parking in the town.

  • Sarah

    OH FOR GOD’S SAKE … like the traffic isn’t bad enough in Thurles…………………….

  • Joan

    I sincerely hope that Thurles Town Council will follow in Nenagh’s footsteps regarding free parking in our car parks on Saturdays. I still would like to know where all the money collected from parking discs is spent. In Tralee Co Kerry the money collected from parking discs is spent on refurbishing their car parks. At the start of parking discs been introduced in Thurles, traders was told that the revenue collected would go towards traffic management, yet Thurles town is backed up with traffic everyday, with little business been conducted on our high streets.

  • Ann

    Thurles needs free parking everyday, not just Saturdays

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