Ireland Come Dine With Me

The Food Safety Authority (FSA) have confirmed that Beef Burgers, containing Horse Meat & Pig DNA, have been on sale widely in supermarkets Tesco, Dunnes, Lidl, Aldi and Iceland over Christmas.

Tesco, Dunnes, Lidl & Aldi all have outlets here in Thurles and this disclosure is now observed as a major blow to the reputation of the Irish food industry & methods used by wholesalers & manufactures with regards to accurate traceability.

The FSA analysed a total of 27 Beef Burger products and found horse DNA in over one third of these products, while 85% of the 27 products also tested positive for pig DNA. These products were produced by two processing plants here in Ireland namely Liffey Meats and Silvercrest Foods and also one processing plant in the UK, namely Dalepak Hambleton.  Other products like Cottage Pie are understood to also have been identified & found contaminated. The problem is understood to have been identified last November in supermarkets & not in the manufacturing plants where Department of Agriculture vets are employed to identify traceability.

One sample analysed from the supermarket chain ‘Tesco,’ accounted to 29% of Horse meat in the content, however the Food Safety authority state the findings posed no threat to public health.

Aldi Stores (Ireland) have now removed their “Oakhurst Beef Burgers,” (8 pack) from their shelves and have launched an investigation into the matter, seeking information from one particular supplier, Silvercrest Foods. They now state that any customers who return this questionable product, to their stores nationwide, will receive an immediate refund.

Now I understand what my Granny was saying when she spoke about “Horses for Courses.”


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