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Parcel Motel Comes To Thurles

Parcel Motel

Parcel Motel have just set up a series of lockers at Ahern’s Petrol Station, Abbey Road, Thurles which will provide 24-hour access for shopping deliveries, 7 days a week! The secure lockers of varying sizes are in testing at the moment but it is hoped this local Parcel Motel will be fully operational within a week.

What Is Parcel Motel?

Parcel Motel is a great new way to manage your online shopping deliveries. Each Parcel Motel location throughout Ireland contains 80 secure lockers of varying sizes and located in convenient places; such as petrol station forecourts with 24-hour access, 7 days a week.

So, if you are fed up of missing deliveries at home, due to being away or at work, then Parcel Motel is a great way to get your deliveries when you want it and for a reasonable price of €3.50 per stay. We all know how bosses frown upon getting personal deliveries at work, don’t we? The Parcel Motel will hold your delivery for 2 days at the locker which is handy if you happen to be away, you can pick up your delivery at your leisure. As lockers are used it should be noted that you make sure your items are no larger than 41cm X 38cm X 64cm and no heavier than 10kgs.

Another BIG advantage of using Parcel Motel is the fact that you can use them to get items that qualify for free delivery in the UK sent to Ireland for just €3.50! Parcel Motel operate 2 main depots in Ireland, one in Dublin and one in Co. Antrim. This means to get the free UK delivery, if offered by a website such as Amazon, you simply enter the Co. Antrim depot address at the checkout stage and your item will be delivered there and then transferred to your local Parcel Motel depot. More info on this can be found here.

Here is a picture of the local Parcel Motel at Ahern’s Petrol Station, Abbey Road, Thurles.

Parcel Motel at Ahern’s Petrol Station, Abbey Road, Thurles

Parcel Motel – How It Works

To see how it all works please visit the Parcel Motel website or you can have a look at this video below;


Parcel Motel are so confident you will pleased with their service that they are offering you the first two drops, completely free!

Visit ParcelMotel.com for more info.


3 comments to Parcel Motel Comes To Thurles

  • Chris

    Useful service for stuff that can’t be delivered to Ireland. Well done for highlighting it George. More people that know about it the more customers it will get.

  • Katie O.Connell. Knott

    George, can parcel motel to Thurles be used from Australia. This sounds a great idea. We have post office lockers here where each locker has a number and key we pay a fee of $80.00 per year We find them absolutely private and easy pick up when the post office is closed and especially when one goes away for a break or on business. We pick up our mail once a week and do not have any post delivered to our private home address its very convenient and private for us.Is this how the Parcel Motel will work love to know.

  • Anywhere in the world is my understanding Katie.

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