HSE Community Health Warning

The Health Service Executive (HSE) has issued a health warning concerning a gastro virus that is currently in the community and affecting hospitals across the country. Norovirus, a stomach bug equivalent to the common cold, is highly infectious and normally affects at least 1% of the population in any given year.

Measures to control & curtail the virus have been stepped up as the HSE released a statement appealing to the public to steer clear of all hospitals if they have been affected by this bug. Exact infection figures are not known as many people suffering from Norovirus will recover at home without seeking medical attention.

Cases have been recorded in a number of hospitals and community settings around the country in recent weeks.

Hospitals do have infection control measures in place and if affected in the community, the HSE recommends the frequent washing of hands to limit the spread of the illness. The gastro virus is very resilient and can survive for long periods on worktop surfaces.


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