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Baker Street Thurles Saturday Food Fayre

Sherlock Holmes and Doctor John H. Watson lived at 221b Baker Street between 1881-1904, well that is according to the stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. However the Baker Street to which I refer is here in Thurles, Co.Tipperary & well known to locals, who are aware that it offers a shortcut to shoppers between Parnell Street Car Park & Friar Street.

It is also now beginning to be even more recognised for another reason “The Baker Street Food and Craft Fayre,” which now takes place every Saturday from 10.00am-2.00pm.

Originally the brain child of clothing retailer Diarmuid Moran, in his effort to get more ‘foot-fall,’ benefiting businesses on Friar Street, this Saturday market is now beginning to grow, all thanks as Diarmuid admits, to local customer support and the demand by local consumers for ‘today fresh,’ food products, in preference to chlorine washed shelved supermarket produce.

Speaking to Diarmuid Moran, & Town Councillor Gerard Fogarty today, both confirmed that they were extremely surprised by the sudden interest & growth of this market to date.

Councillor Gerard Fogarty stated:-  “The Baker Street Food and Craft Fayre in Thurles is already gearing up for the Summer with over ten extra stalls set to join the regular producers, over the Summer months. The Fayre is growing from strength to strength and is open to anyone who may have food or craft items to sell – a stall costs just €10.00 which also covers access to a necessary electricity  & water supply.

From fresh vegetables to artisan foods and sweets to handmade jewellery, wooden and other crafts, and with live music, the Fayre has something to offer everyone. Based on the pedestrianised Baker Street, just off Liberty Square, Parnell Street and Friar Street, this Fayre offers ample parking spaces, within seconds walking distance, in the adjoining Parnell Street car park,” Councillor Fogarty continued.

Looking to the future, Diarmuid Moran stated:- “Presently we have space for stalls selling fresh Fish, Cheese, Meat, Art Work, Cut Flowers and Savoury Food stuffs, and I have received several enquiries recently to that end, mainly from third level students who find Summer employment difficult to access, due to the economic down-turn and who have real skills particularly in hand crafts.”

Check out our map shown hereunder to find the pedestrianised Old Baker Street Food and Craft Fayre, positioned just off Friar Street.
(Note: Why not drag the Yellow Man, on this map, to a position over “Friar Street,” to view this shopping area or take a tour of Thurles Town.)

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2 comments to Baker Street Thurles Saturday Food Fayre

  • Michael

    Give them a boost on. They need free car parking in the car park beside them every Saturday from 10.00am-2.00pm.

  • Chris

    Not a chance of Thurles TC doing that. I will be assertive about them blood suckers though this one time, but only because I’m on a load of Anti-Depressants.

    You know I always wanted to go to this but never get a chance to. I must check this out Saturday for sure.

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