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Destination Cashel – Things To See & Do In Tipperary

Attention all those involved in the Tipperary Tourism Industry.  At long last a new, intelligent, modern, Tourism Guide has hit the book shelves here in Co Tipperary.

To be more accurate this Guide, is more akin to a rich colourful coffee table publication, allowing guests / readers to sit and be entertained, thus inspiring conversation and alleviating boredom. The pages contained, consist of high quality photographs and illustrations, accompanied by captions and small blocks of explanatory text, shown directly opposite each picture.

New Tourist Guide "Destination Cashel."

This book, which contains some 180 pages of valuable information about Tipperary, is now a compulsory purchase for all Tourist Accommodation Providers in Tipperary. If any tourists out there are reading this blog, here is the ultimate tourist guide to purchase, not just to find areas of interest while you are amongst us, but to keep and cherish as a memory & to show to friends, as you relate what we hope will be a memorable tale and a wonderful experiences of your travels in Tipperary.

This Guide, which I hasten to add is the brainchild of Catherine Stapleton, published & superbly produced by Lion Print, Cashel, is now on sale here in Thurles at Bookworm, for a value for money price of just €5.00.

Having read this Guide, and followed, with interest the “8 planned Day Trips,” laid out in it’s content, using Cashel as the centre point, I sent this publication to three groups all with a genuine interest in promoting tourism in Thurles.

Read Their Reviews

Mr P.J. Shanahan (Thurles Chamber of Commerce) “I was delighted having read the book “Destination Cashel,” which provides, for the first time, a simple plan for tourist on what to see, not only in Cashel, but the whole county of Tipperary, including our own historic town of Thurles.
The book contains eight planned routes with a  brief history of different places along the way and a list of events that take place here in the premier county. It is a fantastic guide to visitors, with pictures that sell County Tipperary as the beautiful county it really is, personally I love the picture of Ardfinnan, but I of course St Mary’s Church and St Patrick’s College are hidden treasure in Thurles.
Aimed at anyone who might pick the book up for a light read,will give vital help to tourists who visit our stunning county, but I also feel it will also give locals inhabitants an amazing in-site into what exists on their own doorstep. Destination Cashel is a must buy for anybody visiting or living in Tipperary this year.

Councillor Mr Gerard Fogarty (Thurles Town Council) “The ‘Destination Cashel‘ tourist guide is a fantastic example of how individuals and local businesses can work together with enthusiasm to produce a fine document selling their local community and the cream of what it has to offer. We have a proud historical and cultural tradition here in Tipperary and it’s important to showcase and promote our historical sites and commemorative events & carry them on into the future, while at the same time benefit our local economy, stimulating our labour market. This publication’s content sends a message to the rest of the country and indeed to the world that Tipperary is open for business. It will also encourage our neighbours residing in other counties to come & enjoy all the many wonders Co Tipperary has to offer.
It would be fantastic progress for Thurles if we could drive a similar exciting project for our own area and I would be delighted to give any assistance I can to do that. I look forward to working with state agencies and local business and community enthusiasts, to develop and fund such an initiative.

Mr Stewart Willoughby (St Mary’s Famine Museum Thurles) “Excellent publication and already under the arms of a few tourists visiting the Famine Museum. Tourists report that the book, together with it’s excellent high definition pictures and short informative script, is a huge advantage when planning their day trips. The Guide’s Author has climbed inside the heads of Irish & foreign tourists and provided them with information long sought after. Highly recommended.”

Has your Pub, B & B, Hostel, Farm Guest House, Hotel, etc. got a copy ?

Trust me you do need this publication in your establishment & your guests will thank you all the more for providing them with the information contained.


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