Additional Beds & Nursing Posts For Thurles & North Tipperary

Welcome news has been received this morning (Monday) that the number of nursing posts and beds are to be increased across North Tipperary &  will include the Dean Maxwell Home, the Community Hospital of the Assumption, here in Thurles and St. Conlon’s Unit.

Local Fine Gael TD Noel Coonan attended a meeting this morning with HSE officials to discuss what action was being taken to improve the situation at the three sites.

Speaking to Thurles Information today Mr Coonan stated:

I have been persistently pursuing the Health Minister and the HSE, outlining the great public unease that exists regarding bed closures in our local community nursing units. This is an issue that will not fade away and we must provide adequate facilities for families who use these services.
The delivery of services in North Tipperary is now being placed on a sound footing by this Government. This is progress in the right direction at a time of unprecedented austerity measures and cutbacks. Had similar progress been made in the good times, the people of our community would not have found themselves in this difficulty. The progress is to be welcomed and I will continue to make strenuous efforts in order to provide a more comprehensive service over the coming years.
At the HSE meeting this morning, we were thankfully given a commitment that seven new nursing posts will be put in place across North Tipperary and the bed capacity will increase to a minimum of 25 in the Dean Maxwell with a strong likelihood of 27 beds.
The Hospital of the Assumption will have a sustained minimum allocation of 50 beds, while St Conlon’s Unit is aiming towards the provision of 27 beds. This is good news for all three units and we are moving in the right direction. I will continue to monitor progress and keep my colleague and the Health Minister updated on the situation in North Tipperary.

This announcement today will be well received in North Tipperary, as previously the HSE’s Mid-West Service Plan for 2012 had appeared to spell out bad news, not alone for the Community Hospital of the Assumption, here in Thurles, but also for other Community Nursing Units throughout North Tipperary.


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