Tipperary Cursed By Resigned Acceptance

It’s the day that we are informed that the former Irish Nationwide chief executive, Mr Michael Fingleton transferred €500,000 to an offshore bank account in Podgorica, just after he was hit with a €13.6m debt order by Ulster Bank. It is the day we learn that Financier Derek Quinlan, who reportedly owes €200 million personally to Nama, continues to live and pays €4,144 in weekly rent, for the right to reside in a period mansion in London. It is a day when it is confirmed that rising costs now leave elderly people in difficulty or unable to heat their homes.

Where Are Our Taxes Going?

Do please take the time to watch this short video hereunder and weep. This is real democracy, at least appearing to exist, in a country containing some 310,000,000 residents, while here on our island, home to 4,400,000 souls and rapidly decreasing, we have no voice as to how our future is to be directed.  The last General Election has taught us that the Irish electorate are, in desperation, close to accepting the Government of this nation by nihilists – Sinn Feiners, Mings, and Micks who fuel protest, without offering any fair solutions to our current difficulties.

I do hope our readers have kept a copy of yesterday’s (January 21st 2012) ‘Sun,’ newspaper, where we are entertained with the headline, on page two, “Minister (Phil Hogan) Admits New Tax Is Unjust.” My Dictionary defines ‘Unjust,’ as “inequitable, partial, unfair, prejudiced, biased, undeserved, unmerited, unjustifiable, not just; lacking in justice or fairness.” With most homes in this country in joint ownership, the keeping of this paper could be used as justified defence evidence, when wives and husbands stand before “Your Honour” to explain why they refuse to pay Minister Phil Hogan’s admitted ‘inequitable,’ €100 Household Charge, which came into effect this month.

Here in Tipperary we ask a series of questions:- What are our taxes used for? Why do we continue to pay bankers annual salaries of €500,000 for work more perceptively undertaken by Credit Union managers, latter earning less than €120,000? Why are we being asked to pay for water carrying lime and other impurities, which rots our copper piping and in most cases from day to day, is undrinkable ? Why is rural Ireland continuously being robbed, to support a Dublin economy, while senior Cabinet Ministers continue to squirrel away any available funding to their own constituencies, bolstering their outcome in future elections? How long will Unions continue to dictate how our Civil Service is run?

Our Libraries, Schools and Courthouses are being threatened with closure, our waste collections systems have been privatised, our streets, pavements and roads are a national disgrace. Local justice, law and order are sliding down the slippery slope, while rape, stabbings and murder are now daily acceptable happenings.

Here in Tipperary, due mainly to a sort of ‘resigned acceptance,’ we continue to elect and support public representatives, with no power at the Cabinet Table and even less ability to protect and reform that which was gifted to us via Bertie, Builders, Bankers and the Galway Tent.

How long can we afford this resigned acceptance?


2 comments to Tipperary Cursed By Resigned Acceptance

  • Michael

    The way things are going, I feel lucky to be leaving this planet before it blows up. I’ll be leaving because of old age. God help the youth because of what they have to go through.

  • I regret to inform you Michael that having met you recently, I can predict with confidence that you will be paying tax on the contents of your septic tank for many many years to come.

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