Local Household Charges No Benefit To Local Councils

We have already warned of the true reason for Minister Phil Hogan’s controversial €100 Household Charge. This money is being collected to “cut a stick to beat us.”

Those who believed that the expected €160 million in revenue from this new Household Charge would go towards providing additional funds for Ireland’s cash-strapped local authorities is in for a rude awakening, as we suspected.

Minister Phil Hogan’s controversial €100 Household Charge is being collected centrally and will provide little extra at local level, unlike the €200 annual charge for second properties, which goes to source.

In most European countries the local charges are designated for use in the areas where they are collected. It now looks like Tipperary funding will be used to clean up Dublin’s inner city litter problem, with any surplus funding used to install water meters, generating a new source of revenue, in desperation.

Take a look at Frank McDonald’s article in today’s Irish Times. it would appear the money flowing into Government coffers from this expected new payment will simply allow a reduction, by an equivalent amount, of the cost of the centrally controlled local government fund.

When you finish reading the above link, do familiarise yourself with the Household Charge website:

The Household Charge is an annual charge introduced by the Local Government (Household Charge) Act 2011 which is payable by owners of residential property. It is a matter for owners of residential properties to register and pay the Household Charge on or after the 1st of January 2012.

The EU/IMF Programme of Financial Support for Ireland commits the Government to the introduction of a property tax for 2012. We are one of the last countries in Europe that does not fund local services through local property-based charges.

These services are essential to your community. They include: fire and emergency services; maintenance and cleaning of streets; planning and development; public parks; street lighting; libraries; open spaces and leisure amenities. These facilities benefit everyone.

Minister, with respect, businesses and consumers, latter through Parking Charges, here in Thurles have been paying for these services for years. We don’t have public parks, open spaces and free public leisure amenities. Our streets are neglected and beyond the powers of our local Town Council to fix. Planning and Development is non existent. Follow the McCarthy Report recommendations please and reform local government. History will thank you.

It would appear that this Fine Gael government, unlike Fianna Fáil, does not even have the ability to cover up it’s own deceit.


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  • Chris

    I remember the North Tipperary Council use to provide a refuse service, owned their own trucks/diggers, repaired the roads themselves. All this stopped in the early 90s. Lets ask ourselves this, what exactly are we going to get for €100? Our County and Town Councils don’t provide the services like other local authorities do. The Irish Farmers Association stated recently these new property taxes, which will be coming in maybe next year, should not only be based on the value of the property, but on the level of local services available.

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