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Thurles The Place To Be This Weekend

Phones have not stopped ringing in Thurles today as Organisational groups, Stall holders, Produce Providers and Bands check out the final details regarding the Thurles Christmas Market, taking place on Sunday next, 11th December here in Liberty Square, Thurles from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

Top violinist Edmund Dwan of  Autonomous i has been in touch, confirming they will be in attendance at 3.00pm “come rain or shine.”

Organiser Nikki Veasey was in touch to inform me that Phoenix Productions also have agreed to be part of the afternoon’s most marvelous free entertainment. She was also singing the praises of the present Transition Year Students at the Ursuline Convent, who had been extremely helpful to her and Thurles Chamber in organising this major event. She informed me that Thurles Chamber of Commerce have received sponsorship from Shannon Development and Thurles Town Council for this massive undertaking.

Right in the middle of all this a shower of soot falls from my chimney onto the wife’s best carpet, followed by a fellow in a red suit calling himself Santa Clause. He confirmed that he would be arriving in Liberty Square, Thurles, sharp at 1.45pm and wanted all the children to be informed. So please do tell all the children. Before I could even reply, he was up the chimney again like a rocket, leaving me to clean up the soot.

While the Christmas Market ends at 6.00pm, another annual event will begin in St.Marys Church here in Thurles, beginning sharp at 7.30pm and also on Sunday 11th December.

Yes I speak of “Carols by Candlelight.” Now do be careful here. Note: Please do not confuse this event with tickets (Red coloured) you may hold for Christmas By Candlelight,” which you will be attending on Saturday 17th December next. Not surprisingly (And we did warn you,) tickets for this latter event, which is in aid of the Suir Haven, Thurles Cancer support centre, are possibly all sold out.

But back to “Carols by Candlelight.”on Sunday next, and here again, only about 20 tickets remain unsold for this event, which will feature Ireland’s No 1 Christian band “Cephas,” together with the wonderful local voices of Katie Lawless, Claire Lawless, Rachael Willoughby, Frank Tuohy and Garry Butler, under the music and coral direction of local music supremo, Miss Geraldine Delaney.

Readings for this annual ecumenical “Nine Lessons and Carols” event, will be read by Commandant Michael Walsh, aide de camp to H.E.the President of Ireland, Mayor of Thurles, Councillor John Kennedy, Thurles community leader and published poet Mrs Joan Pollard Carew, Miss Claire Lawless (Cuisle Young Poet of 2010), Miss Rachel Willoughby, Mr Nigel Foxton, Mr Larry Burke, (latter all St Mary’s Restoration Committee Members) to name but a few and all in a wonderful atmosphere of Christmas candlelight.

Proceeds from this latter event will be used for to support the re-opening of St. Mary’s War Museum, closed due to vandalism last year, and all in time for the new tourist season, beginning on May 1st 2012.  (Do call 0504-21133 to check ticket availability.)

All in all there is something to suit the mood of everyone, and Thurles is most definitely the place to be this weekend.


5 comments to Thurles The Place To Be This Weekend

  • Katie O.Connell. Knott

    George!!Thurles is definitely the place to be. We wish we were there with you all this weekend it sounds just great.Delighted to here St.Mary’s War Museum is re-opening, I hear so much stories about the Museum from Thurles Expats.I will be visiting a few dear elderly ladies next weekend all expats from around Thurles and this will bring a smile to there faces. One elderly Lady was asking me about St.Mary’s Famine and War Museum the other day I said to her I am really not famillar with the details of the Museum so she turned to me and said ‘Why don’t you find out some details from George Willoughby he is our encyclopaedia when we want information from Thurles. Well George I had to laugh what a great reply. Thank you George for all the information you so kindly place on my computer every day you have no idea how many Thurles expats read this I print out several pages per day. You are a great person and you bring a smile to so many of our expat members from Thurles and surrounding areas and its wonderful being so far from Home. George we are holding a Christmas B.B.Q in January.2012 now if that is not Irish!!! A lot of members going away or spending Christmas with family.’George we wish you and all your readers “A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR” Enjoy your weekend we love the recording ‘CEPHAS”AMAZING GRACE

    Slan agus beannacht……from all the members.

  • Argo

    Congrats on a fantastic night of seasonal music. Congrats to all the performers, to the Cephas, the vocal talents lead by Geraldine, Michael Molumby and Frank Tuohy too. A wonderful night’s entertainment. Let’s hope this becomes an annual event

  • Yes, it was so different, and thought provoking, Charles Dickens would have loved it. Packed house. Critics report that the show was too short, which means they were left wanting more. Bodes well if we do it again next year. Poetry readers Joan and Claire were superb, musicians Geraldine & Katie “Wow” and performers “Cephas,” Michael Molumby, Frank, Rachel and whole choir – truly magnificently talented individuals etc. They should put something on Disc for next Christmas. Louis Walsh & Simon Cowell eat your heart out. The real X Factor winners were in St. Mary’s last night. Thanks Guys can’t wait to hear you on Saturday night.

  • Hi Katie,
    I will be talking to you in the New Year in an effort to make your dream come true. So continue to spread the word and organize those ex-pats. Remember when we organize “It’s not a long way to Tipperary.

  • Congrats to Nikki Veasey on her organisational ability with regards to Thurles Christmas Market.
    “Nikki take a well deserved bow.” “Autonomous i,” Folks what a band and what a performance yesterday.

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