Opinion Polls Review 2011

For several years has run opinion polls trying to get your opinion on a number of important issues to Thurles people. So far this year we have run 12 opinion polls, usually once a month, and many have produced surprising results.

So as 2011 draws to a close, we would like to do a review of this years opinion polls and illustrate the depth of feeling Thurles people have about issues, both locally and nationally.

Poll Date Question Asked Poll Results Comments
January 2011 Should Social Welfare recipients perform community work? [poll id=”23″ type=”result”] Surprisingly, almost 80% of Thurles people were in favour of people on Social Welfare performing some form of community work.
Febuary 2011 Will a new leader improve Fianna Fáil’s election prospects? [poll id=”24″ type=”result”] This poll was conducted around the time of the general election and showed absolutely no confidence in Fianna Fáil’s new leadership. The Fianna Fáil political party subsequently went into melt-down as the election results were revealed.
March 2011 Are roads and footpaths being allowed to deteriorate in Thurles? [poll id=”25″ type=”result”] 96% of Thurles people agreed that our footpaths were being allowed to deteriorate. The poor state of our footpaths was highlighted in a video and article here. 8 months on it seems nothing much has changed, expect perhaps the fact that Iona Ave’s footpaths are being redone.
April 2011 Should Michael Lowry resign as TD? [poll id=”26″ type=”result”] This was a close one for a while but eventually it seems that Thurles people have finally lost all faith in Michael Lowry TD. This poll also received more votes than any other this year.
May 2011 Will you be in Cashel for Queen Elizabeth’s visit? [poll id=”27″ type=”result”] This poll revealed that there are not many fans of the British royal family here in Thurles. Although it is not too surprising really as Tipperary people have long memories.
June 2011 Will Thurles tourism increase following high profile visits? [poll id=”28″ type=”result”] Surprising, Thurles people did feel that the global attention brought about by the Queen’s visit to Tipperary would at least help to promote local tourism.
July 2011 Will Thurles By-Pass be in place by Dec 2011? [poll id=”29″ type=”result”] Yes, Thurles people must be psychic or something because soon after this poll was finished the Thurles by-pass was cancelled.
August 2011 Are you satisified with the Governments first 100 days? [poll id=”30″ type=”result”] This was close run thing but in the end most people were not satisfied with the coalition’s first 100 days. I’d imagine if that poll was run today it would be a more clear cut ‘No’.
September 2011 Will proposed Household Charges gravely affect consumer spending? [poll id=”31″ type=”result”] Not surprisingly the new household charges were felt to definitely affect Thurles people’s pockets
October 2011 Do you feel safe walking the streets of Thurles? [poll id=”32″ type=”result”] This was an important poll that generated a lot of comment on the website with strong feelings by all concerned. However the final result did a least illustrate that Thurles is still a relatively safe place to walk around despite the lack of Garda foot patrols on the streets.
November 2011 Do we need another Supermarket in Thurles? [poll id=”33″ type=”result”] This poll seemed to suggest that Thurles people do indeed want another shopping centre. However, the question is can we handle the traffic that another shopping centre would inevitably bring.
December 2011 Is crime going unreported in Thurles? [poll id=”34″ type=”result”] This is the most disturbing poll that we have had all year. A huge 80% of people felt that crime was going unreported in Thurles! If true, and I have no reason to believe it is not true, it means that the Governments figures about a down-turn in criminal activity, is hugely inaccurate. Why do so many Thurles people believe this to be true?

To view all of our opinion polls results you can visit our main Polls Archive page.

Many thanks to those that participated in the polls. It certainly gives an idea of Thurles peoples opinions on a wide range of topics. Please feel free to comment on any of our 2011 polls by using the comment link below.


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