Check Your Voting Register

Check Your Tipperary Electoral Register

Checking the Electoral Register for your area, prior to the General Election on February 25th next, is essential and has never been easier to confirm.

City and County Councils now allow you to check if you are registered to vote through the online eReg service or by clicking Here and selecting your residential Local Electoral Area. (Note you can also get your application form here, for future inclusion of  your name on the electoral roll, if necessary.)

Important: If your details do not appear, please follow the instructions on your council’s website.

If your details do not appear and are not included at another address, you must complete an application form (RFA2) for inclusion in the supplement to the Register – available also for download from here.

Note: One section of any new completed form must be signed at a Garda Station by a member of the Garda Síochána, so do ensure you carry clear identity with you when you call.

If you are on the register, but have moved address from one Dáil constituency, or Local Electoral area, to another you must complete an application form (RFA3) – also available for download here.

Irish versions of these forms are also available for download – RFA2 or RFA3.

Completed forms should be returned, directly by you, to your city or county council and must reach the relevant council before the fourteenth day (Sundays, public holidays and Good Friday excluded) before polling day in order to be considered for inclusion in the supplement for the forthcoming election.


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