Ivor Callely – Is There Something In Our Water

The first occurrence of fluoridated drinking water was found in Germany’s Nazi prison camps during World War 11. The Gestapo had little concern about fluoride’s supposed effect on children’s teeth; one of their alleged reason, according to some scientists, for this mass-medicating of water with sodium fluoride, was to force the prisoners in their concentration camps into a quiet, calm submission.
I now believe that there is too much sodium fluoride in Ireland’s drinking water and I base my belief on the following two reported incidents which leave me very, very confused indeed.

Senator Ivor Callely

Incident (A) – In 2009 a former treasurer of a GAA club west of Thurles was sentenced to 12 months in prison after stealing almost €100,000 of club funds. The mother of one, when reported to the Gardai, publicly admitted to multiple charges of forging cheques to the value of almost €35,000 and stealing almost €64,000 from the clubs weekly lottery. To correct her mistake, the 49-year-old raised approximately €59,000 from the sale of a house she was due to inherit from her mother.
Imposing a twelve month sentence, Judge Carroll Moran said the offence “goes to the very heart of the proper running of a social club in the community, and the gravity of the offence must be reflected in the sentence passed.”

Note: No confusion here, proper order, well done Judge Carroll Moran.

Incident (B) – Earlier this week, a Seanad committee on members’ interests found that Senator Ivor Callely, who is/was according to himself, Chairman of the Oireachtas Human Rights Committee, Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Head of the Irish Delegation to the Organisation for Security and Co operation in Europe, a Member and Spokesperson on Enterprise, Trade and Employment, had intentionally committed an act of “a serious and grave nature” by claiming travel expenses from west Cork rather than his home in Clontarf, Co Dublin, thus defrauding the Irish tax payer of some €80,000.

A Co Roscommon man, reported this matter first to the Gardai at Clontarf Garda Station in Dublin. The Gardai referred him to the Clerk of the Seanad, with whom our complainant lodged a written formal report the next day, under Section 8 of the Ethics in Public Office Act 1995.

Following this complaint, the first public inquiry of its kind into a politician’s expenses claims was entered into and the senator was interrogated for some hours by the Seanad’s Committee on Members’ Interests.
According to the Press this Seanad committee found that the former Dublin North Central TD had intentionally misrepresented his holiday home in west Cork as his primary residence for the purpose of claiming travel expenses. It described this as an act of “a serious and grave nature” done “intentionally” and the Senator “did not act in good faith having regard to all of the circumstances.”

A 20-day suspension only was imposed on the Senator, which represents only two-thirds of the maximum penalty (being a 30-day suspension) available to the Seanad’s committee.

Note: Now here lies my great confusion.

Can anyone answer the following five questions?
(1) Why did the Gardai not investigate the first complaint?
(2) Knowing now as we do the Seanad’s Committee’s findings, why has the Senator not been arrested and the case fully investigated?
(3) Why was Incident (A) treated differently to Incident (B)?
(4) What has happened in this country with regard to equal justice and to the phrase “Noblesse oblige” which generally used to imply that with wealth, power and prestige come responsibility?
(5) Why do the taxpayers of this country remain silent?

To me this offence like Judge Carroll Moran “goes to the very heart of the proper running of what can be only described as a Social Club in the midst of our Irish community, and the gravity of the offence must also be reflected in the sentence passed.”

Personally I am of the belief that our quiet calm submissive attitude in Tipperary is brought on by this mass-medicating of our water supply with sodium fluoride. Perhaps we should notify the Local Council.
God be good to my dear old grandmother, “There are four professionals you must never, never believe,” said she to me, “Whores, Lawyers, Devout Preachers and Politicians.


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