Joe Soap Got It Right Again.

Every ordinary unqualified ‘Joe Soap’, in Thurles town, forecast that the design put on display for Bowe’s corner, early last October, would be a disaster.
The issues raised by these unqualified ‘Joe Soap’s’, raised real concerns with regards to large trucks and buses making a left hand turn from Butler Avenue and Railway road, in their effort to access Abbey Road, (R660), Garryvicleheen, Thurles, without having to enter a wrong, oncoming vehicle lane. But sure what would ‘Joe Soap’s’ know about road engineering.

Thurles and Templemore Municipal District Engineer, Mr Thomas Duffy pleaded for patience with the Bowes’ Corner project, after a lot of ‘Joe Soap’s’ and some local councillors expressed concerns about the unfinished layout.
Mr Duffy was to go back to the road designers to discuss these many local concerns.

Fianna Fáil, Councillor Mr Seamus Hanafin, lacking somewhat in forward thinking; refused to be critical of this new design, since, as he stated, it remained incomplete.

According to Mr Duffey, the designers of this €650,000, project (€500.000 plus the €150.000 later added we are told) had run their ruler over their design, on numerous occasions, and he appealed to the unqualified ‘Joe Soap’s’ to have patience and wait until the project was completed and the overall plan was fully in place, before casting judgement.

Speed Hump (Black/Yellow) Safety Sign Adjusted by Traffic on Butler Avenue, close to Bowes Corner.

Well, as evidenced by the picture above, one high sided vehicle turning from the Cork side of Thurles Railway Station, unto Butler Avenue, now has a dirty great scratch along its side. It was attempting to get behind traffic already trapped, queued on the yellow diagonal box in the centre of the road; which happens so often, when traffic ahead is forced to comes to an unexpected sudden halt, at junctions.

When you erect a sign on a restricted narrow road; same jutting out over a kerb, expect it to be adjusted by heavy traffic, each and all attempting to use a restricted route.

Yes, not for the first time, has Councillor Mr Seamus Hanafin and District Engineer Mr Thomas Duffy, got it completely wrong. But sure taxpayers’ pockets are deep, so what does €650,000 for a little road alignment, matter anyway.

Measure twice, Cut once.
See the new Liberty Square update for example: HERE and HERE and HERE and the new R-660 Abbey Road Roundabout HERE. Obviously, someone has cut a meter or so out of the centre of the engineer’s tape measure.

Time for Tipperary Co. Council to change their road designers and maybe employ ordinary unqualified ‘Joe Soaps’.


2 comments to Joe Soap Got It Right Again.

  • John Fogarty

    Moving the pedestrian crossing up closer to the junction is actually a bigger issue I think.
    A young lady nearly came a cropper Friday as a car manoeuvring from the railway station and going down Friar Street had so much to contend with, traffic from Butler Avnue, traffic from Holycross Road and Friar Street, he didn’t notice her sudden change of direction.
    Mr Duffy should be required to exit the station road and turn up to the bridge without mounting the pavement or crossing into the opposite lane of traffic. I’ll accept best of three attempts.

  • George Willoughby

    Totally agree John, the consultants and designers will have questions to answer, not to mention supporting Councillors, when someone gets killed in this area.

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