More Taxpayers Money Wasted On Liberty Square.

Taxpayers money continues to be wasted on Liberty Square, Thurles, Co. Tipperary, with brand new signage positioned too close to the kerb; already demonstrating to so called engineers the serious error of their designs.

Street lanes have been designed too narrow and as we already forecast, high sided vehicles will continue to end up with long scratches on their bodywork. The days of slow moving donkey and cart transport finished a long time ago here in rural Ireland.

Meanwhile, up in the Parnell Car-park are continuing to support Tipperary County Council. [Due to Covid 19 restrictions and staff shortages, they would like to apologize for any delay in their container Pods being serviced.]
Once again, this week the clothes pods were packed to overflowing yesterday; resulting in the mess in the picture shown above.

In one case clothing has been pulled out, obviously someone was looking for brand items labelled; Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, or even an accidentally discarded Versace and not necessarily in their size.

Once again proof, as if proof was needed, Thurles citizens are getting no benefit from their compulsory property tax.

Where is Thurles town’s expensive CCTV setup?

The waste of taxpayers’ money continues.


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