Tipperary Council Engineers Continue To Waste Taxpayers Money.

Rhythmic, gymnastic flapping motions of blue and gold ribbon, awaiting the scissors of one or other idle Tipperary politician (rarely observed in Dáil Éireann these days), has not yet been stretched across the ever narrowing expanse of Liberty Square here in Thurles Town central; and already high sided vehicles have begun contorting our new street signs. This is the second bent sign on Liberty Square in just 5 weeks, due to be paid for by the taxpayer.

We won’t mention the new Thurles R-660 Abbey Road Roundabout.

It would appear that Tipperary council engineers are incapable of learning from their past, costly mistakes. Because of the now formed acute bend linking Liberty Square and Slievenamon Road, large long trucks are forced to enter and encroach into oncoming traffic, (Well some do & some don’t. See picture above) in order to make their necessary exit.


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