Tipperary Co. Council Engineers Continue To Waste Tax Payers Money.

Work on the new R-660 Abbey Road Roundabout, first hailed in press releases by Councillors on February 1st, 2019, (Just before the local elections) eventually got underway in August 2021; some 2.5 years later; all paid for, having been extracted from the deep pockets of the Irish taxpayer, supposedly costing €75,000.

Last August here on Thurles.Info, we spoke about how unhappy agricultural contractors; members of the farming community travelling to Thurles Mart and indeed the general public were, with the overall upgrade. They claimed the roundabout centre area itself was too large, thus restricting the towing of trailers and other large machinery.

Ordinary motorists were condemning the use of motorway signage used in the roundabout’s construction, claiming that the eight massive signs then introduced, blocked driving visibility; particularly when facing west into late evening blinding sun light. This they claimed, endangered pedestrians using the newly constructed pedestrian crossing.

The work was for the most part completed some 6 days ago and as we forecast, already one set of the large motorway signs has been struck by what appears to be some high sided vehicle, forced to mount the kerbing in order to traverse the narrow road surface circuit.

It seems engineers did not take into consideration that the basic diameter of a 16 wheeler truck measures at least 3.8m wide x 9.8m in length; difficult enough to manoeuvrer, especially if you are towing a trailer, on a narrow road surface.

But, sure look at it this way, thankfully no one was killed or injured and if asked maybe the taxpayer won’t mind paying a second or even a third time. Then again, it’s rare that the taxpayer is ever asked about anything in Tipperary.

Of course we could rip it all up again and do it properly, like we did with the junction of Clongower Road and Slievenamon Road; taxpayers won’t mind.

Remember, our report on September 24th last, regarding a street light cover dangling dangerously overhead, close to the Town House Deli, on Slievenamon Road, Thurles. Six days later it is still dangling dangerously overhead, but hopefully the promised gusty southerly winds may dislodge it.

Watch your heads.


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