Twenty In South West Twenty.

Twenty In South West Twenty.

Courtesy of Thurles Author & Poet, Tom Ryan ©

Hearty with the ale and the hell of it,
And punch drunk on Dylan, the poet of Wales,
The excitable Scot and myself, Mad Paddy,
Surged barefoot through the nocturnal summer rain,
By a railway embankment in Raynes Park,
London South West Twenty.
For we were twenty too.
And oh we forged our dreams
Of high almighty art,
And I would pen the world’s soul,
And he would paint the eternal condition of man.
We sat with a tramp by the railway and envied him,
And bottles of Guinness in hand,
We toasted the thunder
And celebrated the living storm,
And feared not a whit the world,
For we were twenty in South West Twenty
All of many years
And many dreams ago

Tom Ryan “Iona” Rahealty, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.


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