Flying Car Confirmed Fit To Fly, Following European Certification.

Before rushing out to buy your electric car or vehicle fitted with self-driving car technology, first take note that a flying car has at last completed over 70 hours of meticulous testing to receive an official certificate of airworthiness.

The vehicle, which received the certificate from the Transport Authority of Slovakia, in central Europe, has completed more than 200 take-offs and landings, deeming it fit to fly.

Questions Being Asked Locally Here In Thurles.

  • Is this the reason Mr Jackie Cahill TD and Mr Michael Lowry TD, never bothered, over the last 25 year period, to ask the governments to support and implement the Thurles Ring-Road?
  • Will this address the issue of local elected councillors failing to fill potholes in our streets?
  • Will we have to pay Air Tax as well as Road Tax?
  • Will Ryan Air and Aer Lingus now become redundant?
  • Will fuel tanks be big enough to get us to Lanzarote for the weekend?
  • Are passports, Covid certificates and Passenger locator forms now obsolete?
  • How will public private partnerships collect [through Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII], their motorway tolls?
  • What new carbon taxes will the Green Party introduce to halt diesel engine exhaust contaminants/emissions?
  • Will Gardaí now be given fighter planes instead of squad cars, to intercept drunken and drug addicted drivers?

It took some 8 specialists over 100,000 hours to metamorphose the final mathematical specs into a fully functioning prototype.

The AirCar’s recent accreditation means it is now one step closer to becoming mass produced across Europe.

In development since 2017 and boasting a 1.6L BMW engine, the certified model is now officially in line with the standards of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Sure as my Granny, Eliza Jane, used to say; “You don’t need a parachute to skydive. You only need a parachute if you intend to skydive twice.”


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