Promised €200 Energy Rebate To Be Paid From April Next.

Last month, the Irish government announced a range of measures to help with the rising cost of living. One of these measures agreed was a once-off payment of €100, later doubled to €200; same to be deducted from all electricity bills, over the next billing period.

Around 2.25 million account holders will now benefit from this scheme, the decision having been officially signed into legislation by Irish President Mr Michael D Higgins.

Following this, a once-off payment of €200, now due, will be automatically deducted from all electricity bills, including Pay-As-You-Go customers, within the Irish Republic.

Households do not need to apply for the payment and account holders will see the money automatically taken off their bill. From next month consumers will see €200, (exclusive of VAT €176.22), as a credit line item on their twice monthly bill charges.

With regards to Pay-As-You-Go customers, this €200 electricity credit will be applied over the course of three separate top-ups, in the form of €90, €90 and €20; since meters have a €300 credit limit. Customers will be advised only to pay €10 on each occasion to receive their credit, and to allow one day between each payment.

Anyone with multiple electricity accounts will get the payment for each house.

You can view your supplier’s website to obtain further information if required.


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