River Suir Walk, Thurles To Close, Effective From Oct. 5th.

The River Suir walkway here in Thurles will be closed to all pedestrians; starting from the “Swinging Gates” at the junction of Thomond Road and Emmet Street, through to the junction of Slievenamon Road and Clongour Road.

Same comes into effect from 7:00am on tomorrow morning, Tuesday October 5th to 7:00pm on Tuesday October 19th 2021.

The closure is required to facilitate resurfacing work, which has greatly angered local residents and those who over the years had freely volunteered, offered their servives to keep the area clean of litter, beer cans, wine bottles and syringes.

Sadly, none of the aforementioned volunteers were consulted about the resurfacing work and feel that the funding acquired should have been better spent on the river itself, now an embarrassing, foul-smelling eyesore, rather than spent on widening the existing walkway with tarmac.


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  • Catherine Fogarty

    It is a pretty scary way to see this council operate. Someone seems to have selected this area as a cycling route, has the power to spend money and plans to introduce 3 m of tarmac and ducting for lighting. We live in an era of water and bio diversity crisis. The linear woodland seems to hold zero value for the council – each end has been hacked, the risk of a roadway across it still persists and now 3 metres of tarmac on its surface. Paths, cycle lanes and lighting all provided on the Lidl site and the inner relief road. A larger protection put out to tender for design, planning permission and construction – but this project being undertaken first. Larger project starting at Thomond road – ignoring the river between Pheasant Island and the Pedestrian Bridge. I contacted all the Councillors last Wednesday – not one of the 5 in Thurles responded. All seem to be fine with this use of funds and the treatment of the environment. No one providing any explanation for this project.

  • Michael


  • George Willoughby

    Catherine & Michael. Refusal to communicate, on their part, is a self-handicapping strategy. It may give these 5 councillors a sense of power temporally, but in the long run, come the next local elections it will badly burn bridges. In some cases the refusal by these elected representatives, is really a refusal to be educated. I have said in the past and reiterate that Tipperary Co.Co officials, TD’s and councillors have destroyed every aspect of volunteerism in Thurles. They are unable to take responsibility themselves and refuse to allow or support anyone else. It will be interesting to see in the future who will remove the tinfoil/syringes, cans and other litter from this area. Still thankfully I trust Councillor M. Lowry did not ask you, “Who the do you think you are”. Time to name the 5 and shame.

  • Ursula Paine

    Apart from anything else Catherine, it is ignorance to not reply to a constituent, on any matter they may raise. I’m disappointed in the extreme.

  • Catherine Fogarty

    *project not protection

  • Chris

    They have completely neglected the river and the river bank at Emmet Street. Thurles Town Council ALWAYS kept this area clean and tidy. Has become wild and a dumping ground behind the stone wall. Pulling up perfectly good paving bricks on West Gate and Parnell Street and laying inferior concrete. Amalgamation was just a cash grab on Thurles Town Councils money. Restoration of town councils bill has stagnated in the Dail. We need our town council back.

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