Covid-19 Cases On Irish Mainland Rise Again.

The Department of Health in the Republic of Ireland has confirmed 1,459 new cases of Covid-19, within the past 24 hours; up 124 based on yesterdays reported figures.

Currently there are 296 people in our hospitals, latter figure up 14 on Saturday’s reported count.

There remain 65 patients in ICU, same figure unchanged since yesterday.

Possible Future Hope:

Professor Luke O’Neill (Professor of biochemistry at Trinity College Dublin) has stated that 100 immunologists who attended a recent conference in Munich, at which he attended, were speculating that the spring of 2022, could be a turning point in the fight to stamp out the current virus.
He further explained; “What that means is the virus has gone endemic and if you do catch it you’d have symptoms like the common cold. There’s a reasonable chance that it might get more benign. Other viruses become less troublesome as they spread and maybe this one will be more like that, so that’s a reasonable thing to say, but it’s an unknown to be honest.”

Meanwhile, the Department of Health in Northern Ireland has confirmed another 1,020 positive cases of the virus within the same 24 hour period.

Sadly, a further 6 patients, latter who had previously tested positive for Covid-19, have died.

Both figures north and south bring to 2,479 the number of coronavirus cases confirmed on the mainland of Ireland; latter figure up 24 in total on yesterdays reported figures.

Vaccination continues to offer the best protection against the most severe effects of COVID-19, including hospitalisation and death.


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