Warning Re. Automated 086 Spam Phone Messaging.

We learn from several of our readers here in Co. Tipperary this morning that they are receiving automated spam phone calls from 086 telephone numbers which also bear the first 4 digits of their very own personal telephone numbers, before ending in the three digits either 994 or 666 or 752 or 791.

In all cases the automated calls made by the fraudsters to mobile phones claim to be from the Department of Social Protection.

The automated message informs the recipient that their PPS number has been fraudulently compromised and requests the recipient to Press 1 to speak with a department official.

When 1 is pressed, we understand the caller is then asked to provide personal data. In some cases, a second call is received from a different person to attempt to reassure the victim that the incident is “above board”.

Advice from An Garda Síochána:
If anyone receives such similar calls:-
(1) Do not attempt to engage with the caller.
(2) Do not follow any automated instructions.
(3) Do not press 1 etc.
(4) Never disclose personal or financial information.

Meanwhile, other automated spam phone calls, demanding payments of €97.99 from Amazon Prime members are also being made to landline and mobile phones.

One wonders what action is being taken by the Department of Communications, these days, with regards to this issue and the even bigger issue of rip-off internet service providers, such as Eircom and Virgin Media, latter who are openly stealing from its customers.


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