Poetry Day Ireland – Poetry Packs for Schools.

Poetry Day Ireland 2021 takes place on Thursday, April 29th. Given our nations rich poetic heritage, it is wonderful to see Poetry Ireland actively supporting schools to bring the joy and power of poetry into the lives of our pupils. This year’s Poetry Day Ireland theme is ‘New Directions: Maps and Journeys’ and Poetry Ireland have produced some excellent resources for both primary and secondary school teachers and pupils.

Primary School Resources for Poetry Day Ireland 2021.

Packed with 41 pages of poems and fun activities, this informative and engaging online resource encourages teachers and pupils to read, write, listen to, illustrate, perform, share and above all enjoy poetry. This Poetry Day Ireland resource is available to access HERE.

For pupils and teachers celebrating Poetry Day 2021 through Irish, aims to provide teachers, parents and children with digital resources to support them in the teaching and learning of Irish. You can access their digital resources for poetry by clicking HERE.

Secondary School Resources for Poetry Day Ireland 2021

For secondary school pupils, Poetry Ireland, and Irish Aid Worldwise Global Schools, have a development education creative writing pack. The pack provides a series of lesson plans that aim to enable secondary school pupils to explore numerous global issues. The pack is available to download HERE.

Why not share a favourite poem?
No matter what class your child or pupil is in, why not take some time to share your favourite rhymes and poems using your chosen social media platform, on Poetry Day April 29th?
There are so many great poems to choose from, and here shown above, on, I share the poem, ‘Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening’, written and read by that late, great American poet Robert Lee Frost, (1874 – 1963).


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