Thurles Municipal District Continuing To Waste Taxpayers LPT

You will be aware of that large crater which appeared and was reported by Thurles.Info on December 14th, 2020 last.

Well as you know, Councillor Jim Ryan claims he had it eventually repaired on Monday February 8th 2021.

Yes, actually it was repaired. Then three days later, February 11th 2021, same having been filled with a few shovels of cold tarmac, (view the result hereunder). Could this 3 day repair be rightly headlined “Money Wasting”?

Junction of Mill Road and N62 west of the Archerstown Industrial Estate
and south of Thurles Golf Club.
Photo: G. Willoughby.

Meanwhile, attention all Councillors, one other little job that needs doing, (sure anytime before Xmas 2024, no rush!)

Trying to save on cement. Photo: G. Willoughby

While your electorate fully understand that you must neglect salaried council work, due to extreme pressure from your main occupations, e.g., teaching online, furniture sales, refrigeration repairs, accountancy, refuse collection, Facebook updating and God knows what else, etc. etc.; please see image above, captured near Thurles Cattle Mart, Cabragh Road, Thurles.

This heavy kerb collapse came about on February 12th last, following the snowfall.


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